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Orton back on the practice field

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Kyle Orton looked OK on the Halas Hall fields Wednesday afternoon until it came time to drop back on a few warmup passes. Then, he looked a little gimpy on his right ankle, and he was limited in his participation in practice. There are four days until the Bears face the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, and the quarterback remains confident he will be able to return in time to start.

"I'm preparing like I am,'' he said. "Just going to go from there."

He said he feels better than he did Sunday when he missed a game because of injury for the first time in his career. He's yet to face the Packers in Green Bay.

"This is what you play for, play Green Bay, play your division rivals in November," Orton said. "We're in first place. These are huge games from here on out. This is what I put the effort in for so I am going to do everything I can to be out there."

Meanwhile, Rex Grossman, who is 3-0 at Lambeau Field, was preparing as if he will make his second consecutive start.

"I've got to go out there and prepare like I'm going to play the whole game," he said. "Obviously, I don't know what's going on, so that's how I'm going to approach it."

Defensive tackle Tommie Harris (left knee) and safety Mike Brown (rest) were held out of practice. We'll have a more complete update later on.

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Oh, well as long as he doesn't have to drop back to pass we'll be fine. Ron Turner can just tweak the game plan a little to avoid having to do that.

Sounds like another week of "game time decision" and then Sunday all you Rex haters get another day of fun.

I hope to God Orton will be set and medically good to go for sunday, because we cannot afford to risk any more games with Rex. I am tired of sitting on the edge of my seat watching Rex and praying that he simply doesnt throw an interception let alone a completion. I hope that Orton will ultitimately be alright and we can get back on a winning streak and as fans start to worry about our D rather than born.

I am sad to hear that Kyle's gimpy, but I guess that's to be expected with that kind of injury. Are there are any past cases of an NFL QB, with a similar injury, that looked gimpy on a Wednesday and started the following Sunday? I wish we had a sports med doc to tell us what this all means.

Go Kyle!! I have the fix for our defense! Switch to a 3-4 with Dusty (Harrison) at the nose, Izzy and Alex (Wale) as ends, Urlacher and Jamar as middle linebackers, Briggs and Roche on the outside. Graham and Peanut on the corners. Mike Brown and Paine as safeties. Why not try it!!!! Fire Babich first and trade Tommie Harris for a wide receiver!!!

Hopefully Kyle is ready, he's a huge part of our offense and it's clearly not the same without him.

Hey let weird beard get out there work up a quick lead str8 bombs to hester and wolfe. Bunch up the left side with WR'S and greg olson line up on right side...Get a 3 score lead and let Hanie drop back and dink and dunk and run the bootleg! Go for the wild cat with hester or wolfe! Defense just go ahead blitz every down! Go head give it a try shock some people it just might work...otherwise we can execute the gameplan do everything right and still lose. All arrows point to bad coaching when the most you lose by is 7 points and you have a chance to win the game in the 4th quarter...PLEASE STOP CALLING THE HIKE AND AND THROW THE ROCK TO THE GUY ON THE NUMBERS IT NEVER HAS WORKED AND NEVER WILL ...Might aswell Go head and take a nee with that type of mentality.

Hadji, you must be smoking some good stuff my friend to want to totally revamp a defense in the middle of the year, that is really out there. This team is inconsistent for sure on the defensive side of the ball, but switching is not the answer. They are playing the run well, if you remember last year we stunk against the run, this year its the pass, which is a combination of factors. Most people are focused on the soft coverage on the wide receivers, teams respect the BEARS pass rush that why most of the passes are of the three step variety, which when given a cushion give the receivers an advnatage, the ohther issue is with the mug up look which puts the middle of the field open to the tight end, which now is being exploited, we need an LB who is good covering the TE to take some of this advantage away, did you see how the Titans used Roach on the influence play to get the 1st down on Sunday's biggest play; obvious running down to everyone watching and they pass the play goes for an 8 yr gain and the game. Look guys we have some issues, but don't go and declare mission accomplished with some of these hair brain ideas, teams in the NFL always adapt, it all comes down to playmakers, and on the d-line that guy is coming back from two major injuries,and embarassing moment in his life, and double-teams mostly every down, more pressure from the front four is the answer, and you don't get that from a 3-4 defense....
We have one advantage this week and it's that we play the hated PACK, they will be coming off the ball no doubt this week, still we need to find a way to win, any way to stay in 1st place, look for the Vikes to upset Tampa this week, we don't want to go up there in that lousy skating rink behind in the standings...Go BEARS

Wow "we can't risk anymore games with Rex". Hmmm! Wasn't Orton losing 23-13 when Rex came in against the Lions. Rex lost a game 21-14 against the best team in football when the offensive and defensive play calling sucked? Does Orton maybe win against Carolina and Tampa if he can get a damned 1st down late in the games? You Rex haters just suck bigtime!

may I add thad i need to be kicked in the face a few times? oh and that i dated my cousin in high school? its true!

rhurley49--I'm not anti-Rex.

But you can't knock Kyle for 13 points in the first half of the Detroit game. The offense scored on 3 of 5 drives, and he went out with a QB rating over 80.

Kurt Warner and Arizona only scored 13 points in the first half of the San Fran game Monday. Gee--Warner, Boldin, and Ftizgerald must really be a bunch of bums. How do Arizona fans put up with such a bad offense?

It sounds like a game time decision to me, hopefully Orton will be ready. Kyle Orton was starting to develope into a good QB for the Bears, this injury has been very frustrating to me as a fan, again, hopefully he is ready for the Pack. I think if Orton does play, the Pack will try and bring the heat, Chicago should go into the game prepared to face a lot of blitzing from the cheese heads. What concerns me the most, is how the Bears defense will fair vs Aaron Rodgers, this could get interesting, hopefully their ready also GO BEARS!!

rhurleyfortynin needs to send more blogs. He is absolutely right on and correctly pointed out that everything Orton does wrong is ignored while even what Rex does right is still likely to get boos.Drives like the first one against the Titans are not likely with Orton. I think Kyle can become a solid,consistent quarterback, but Grossman can light up the scoreboard at any time and has some passion the Bear s need. Too bad he can't ignite a little passion on the defense, especially Urlacher.

rhurley. Rex is a good back-up QB. But he missed a lot of throws in the Tenn game. He made some good plays to win against Det, and also had a few good plays against Tenn. It never has been about the good plays Grossman can make. It is the inevitable couple of horrible plays in the game that make Orton clearly better than Grossman.

Orton does not have bad plays like that anymore. He had a bad one against Philly that was intercepted in the endzone. And he had a horrible play against TB on the interception and return for TD by Gaines Adams.

So Orton has 2 bad plays this year in 7 and 1/2 games. Rex has that same amount in 1 and 1/2 games. That has been his pattern forever.

On to the Defense. The problem is pass defense, but the major problem is 3rd down and over 8 yards defense. McNabb, Matt Ryan, Orlovsky, Frerrotte, and Collins all torched the Bears repeatedly in this situation with slant and posts. Always to the same zone, and always with the same timing.

If they fix the 3rd and long defense they will make the playoffs. If they can't they will force Orton to keep up the torrid pace he has set so far this season to squeeze into the post season.

If they had better 3rd and long D against Car in the 2nd half, then Bears win.

If they did better in 3rd and long against TB in the 4th quarter, Bears win.

If they did the same against Atlanta in the 1st half and last play, Bears win.

Tenn won out right. They clearly were the better team the whole game. But that was not the case for the previous 3 losses. They are close to being a really good team. They just need to execute 3rd down defense better.

Go Bears this weekend. Huge Game!!

OK, I wonder why no one is screaming to our beloved team, that the main reason our pass defense is horrible is because B. Urlacher is perserving his Football career and the Coaches, Management, and Defence Cord is all going along with this investment. I/We've seen it time and time again when #54 pretends he's coming and then drops from line of scimmage back 10-15 yards and watches as everyone else get in on the play. I'm sorry but the majority of Brain's tackles are with his speed, hands, forearms... you rarely see him hitting with shoulders, back, lower body and crushing the opponents with any of the midway monster fiery at all! The scheme is protecting him and the BEARS are not letting him play football. Why can't you just blitz him every down?? We're getting beat all day in the pass any way and you barely notice him, unless NFL camera show #54 getting plowed over by OL or fB's, or the zebra's, hash marks, or the sloppy field, wind, etc! Let our WS LB worry about getting the RB and force #54 to earn the additional $$ he needed to have! Now I must also say N. Vasher and C. Tillman are being injury protected too and allowing for the plays to occur in front of them and hoping for a mistake or bad play to get them off the field. Have them play man, protect the inside or slant, or have our MLB pick a side and try to pick off the pass that happens all day long! The other team just might throw a few picks if the players that are playing hurt (54, 91, 33, 31)take it on their shoulders to get it done! I love how Mike Brown is playing... if he's going to get least he's going to bring it on every play! I not looking to throw them under the bus... I love Da Bears, but this stuff is so obvious. Play like it's your last play every play and not hope that in the last few minutes of the game you can get a stop to preserve a game! Go BEARS, and I'm praying Kyle is healed this week!

Tony Williams, I totally disagree, in Lovie Smiths defense the MLB is suppose to drop back into coverage, this is part of the overall scheme of Lovies defense. Urlacher will creep toward the line, then either blitz or drop back into coverage, so the fact Urlacher is back in coverage make it kind of hard to make play's at the line or all the time. Also, Urlacher is 30 yrs old now, you cannot expect him to barrel into every ball carrier nose first, so the fact he is making tackles with his hands, forearms, and speed is irrelevant, bottom line is he is still making tackles, Urlacher is currently third in tackles, this is all that really counts. What would be the sense in going all out on a tackle then being out the rest of the season, not much. As far as blitzing Urlacher every time, this would also only be asking for trouble, the opposing offense would simply keep a back in to block Urlacher, there by leaving someone in single coverage, also not good. The fact Urlacher is getting to be on the wrong side of 30, and the overall scheme of Chicago's defense are part of the reason Urlacher is probably not making a lot of high light plays like in years past. Think about this, Brian Urlacher drops back into coverage most of the time, we agree on this, Urlacher is still third in tackles, not bad for a 30 year old. I also hope Kyle Orton is ready to play this weekend GO BEARS!!

The way we're running the ball, we don't need Kyle in there! Please put Hanie in there if Kyle can't go! OBTW, crack is a wonderful drug. One hit produces the same effect as four simultaneous orgasms. Don't everyone leave the room at the same time!

It's 8:30 AM Friday morning, and it says Orton is good to go.

Great news. Orton makes this offense extrememly dangerous. At least 28 points this weekend if he plays. I just picked up B/ Lloyd on my fantasy team. Dare I play him?

I just have a feeling the defense will play better. I am convinced this team is very good. I believe they are 3 or 4 plays from 8-1, and if Orton played against Tennessee, maybe 9-0. All 3 or 4 of those plays was with the Bears ahead with the game on the line. Unfortunately they allowed all those plays to happen. Too bad Orton hurt his ankle.

Defense must get pressure at all costs. They have the guys, but they have yet to show a competent scheme to exploit match-ups. These are the same players as 05 and 06, and you could argue they are deeper at all positions now on defense than ever before. SO what gives? Need a better scheme. Lovie might be calling defensive plays this week. He must show some pride in his defense.

Oh, and stop saying put Caleb Hanie in place of Rex Grossman. That is just retarded. You might have seen Hanie by now if Orton had failed to play well. But Hanie can develop now. They don't need to draft a QB in the first 3 rounds. They can go for DE, OT/G, LB.

I know the chances are against it. But what if Baldwin could turn out to be the giant meat hammer at DE we have been waiting for. The Bears should play some of these unknowns when regulars are struggling. At least to see if the young ones can play. Like Graham and Payne, and Forte, and Orton! This team has a lot of young talent. I wonder what Jamer Williams would look like with extended time at strong side LB.

Wow, if they had a good DE they would be awesome. None of the ends can consistently beat their man one on one.

Or they could just sign Haynesworth in the offseason.

Don't do crack.

Go Bears. Huge game this Sunday.

Kevin A., I'm sorry but your comments might rubbed real BEARS fans the wrong way. You mentioned that it's OK for the face of the franchise to play in a way that maybe Pop Warner or High Schooler's might play the game... Did you ever see Mike Singletary. or D. Butkus or any other LB'er in Bears history not going hard on every play or down! That's the prilvege of playing Football for the BEARS... you understand the position and you play it as if you own the field. Please take our MLB off of the breast milk cause he's 30... wrong side of 30 or not! My point was, the system in place is protecting him, dropping him back into coverage and allowing his speed to help or assist in on group tackle for a play that will always be in front of our defenders with a Deep cover 2 or 3 scheme...hence them not stopping the teams we've played so far. Thank God for an offense this year or we would really be watching games on Sunday and being sick Mon-Sat! I'm not saying he shouldn't protect himself but this is FOOTBALL. Monster of the Midway, BEARS Football!!!! I understand he's being cautious, just like your response to what we see every week! It's the Owners, Management, Coaches to see that... hey, Let field a team that will go hard and deliver another ring! Put 11 players on the field who'll go out all like Briggs, M. Brown, Payne, Graham, A. Brown get mean and dirty, hit somebody - Make the plays and kick some A&&... We would be 8-1 & looking sweet, if the entire organization was going after it, instead of wasting this oppurtunity on hopes and prayers. We finally have an OK offense to go with a steady but declining Defense. None of them are getting any younger! Tied for 3rd With 49 tackles and you don't Hear his name or number on Sunday??? Making 4 tackles a game is horrible( Period ) I hope we'll see better efforts from everyone, there's still hope that we get a few more guys to take on the attitude that the chance is right now! The O line is getting older and we'll be starting over soon, drafting out of the 1st round bcuz we don't want to spend money but get decent talent in the 3rd or 4th based on players picked because of Jerry A. evaluation process theories( please ) ! We have too many needs to think the BEARS are going to spend to money to bring in special talent to replace the team with have for players who are looking for a big payday and not to win trophy! Too much Greed and we don't have owners like the one in Washington. This isn't baseball, where you can field a team of below average players and expect to beat good teams like Patiots, Colts, Tenn, Carolina, & Pittburgs of the NFL.

Ryan: for the most part all of your comments make good sense. You only forgot the fact that Harris and Urlacher have not shown up this year.

I just finished watching on the NFL station the NFL Films 85 Bears and how inspiring is that, truly unbelievable! Those Bears had fun and were ferocious, they used to bet who could get to the QB first.

This years team seems to not play with the passion that the 85 Bears played with for the entire 60 minutes. This years team takes minutes if not quarters off.... this teams talent is definitely there but their heart and production is not.

I sugggest the Lovie pull the 85 Bears highlights out of the cellar and show it before the Packer game, or just show Payton highlights of what heart and soul is truly about. Maybe then Harris,Urlacher and a few others would develop into the Super Bowl winners they have the talent to become.

It is all about pressure to the QB and tight pass coverage and this team could go all the way, but they have not earned the moniker of Champion just yet.

Everyone keeps talking about the play of Tommy Harris, but no one is understanding why? The man is still nowhere near 100%, anyone who has had major joint surgery knows it takes a yr to a yr and half to get back to full strength, this guy just got scoped again prior to the season. I'm not saying he's playing well, but he is showing up and getting on the field and for that he deserves our respect not our disdain, now next year if his numbers are down I'll jump on this issue with you, but until then I won't especially after his improved play the last few weeks. I think the scheme versus the run game this year has been sound, but it creates a drastically different look to the base defense, and the adjustment of walking up the LB's needs to go to at least on corner also, that way the slant is not open to both sides of the field and would allow safety help on the opposite side, this is a subtle change that we may see especially if they bring the bigger Graham into the lineup. The concern I have is with Wale and Anderson, who have less than 5 sacks between them , both undersized ends depend on strength and speed to get to the QB, on three-step drop passes they do not have time to always loop around end and get to the QB. That's where it startes we need a big strong rush end that can overpower at the point of attack and get to the QB, that would help the pass defense unfortuanetely we might not get that until next year.

Tony Williams, first off, REAL BEAR fans don't bash their teams players when their out there playing banged up like Urlacher, Vasher, and Tillman. Here's something to think about, you mention Lance Briggs, swap Briggs and Urlacher, put Urlacher on the weak side and watch his stats inflate, big time. With Chicago's current scheme, this will not happen, because the MLB has to have the speed to drop back in coverage, like Urlacher. I agree, Lance Briggs is the best current linebacker the Bears have, and yes, Dick Butkus was the best MLB the game has every seen, but in Urlacher defense, Butkus never played past his 9th season like Urlacher is, a lot of linebackers don't play that long, at least Urlacher is still out there playing past the age of 30, so don't bash the guy because his stats aren't as pretty as when he was younger, give me a break with that sh#t. You can't really expect Urlacher to play like he did four or five seasons back. Remember one thing, when Urlacher is going into Canton, you don't want to be the one REAL BEAR fan who bashed the guy when he was playing hurt at the end of his career do you???? GO URLACHER!! GO BEARS!!

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