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No pretty way to go about breaking this loss down

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There is not going to be any pretty way for the Bears to paint this one when they open the doors to the media at Halas Hall a little later on today.

The familiar coaching refrain is that after reviewing game film, it's never as good as you thought it was going to be and it's never as bad as you thought it was going to be.

What didn't stink about the 37-3 loss to Green Bay Sunday at Halas Hall?

We'll let coach Lovie Smith fill us in on that later on.

First, a few tidbits:

*** The awful defensive effort dropped the Bears to 19th overall in the league on defense pending the outcome of the Monday night tilt in Buffalo with Cleveland. The Bears fell to sixth vs. the run after being trampled for 200 yards rushing, and remained 30th vs. the pass.

You say points is the ultimate statistics, and I say you're right. The Bears are now 21st overall. That's not what they're paying for.

*** We'll see if we can get an indication for how injured linebacker Darrell McClover is. The second-leading tackler on special teams suffered a pulled hamstring. With six games to go, they may want to seek help if he will not return soon. With six other linebackers on the roster, the move doesn't have to be for another linebacker. The Bears could add help at about any position.

*** Look for guard Terrence Metcalf to rejoin the active roster after serving his four-game suspension for violation of the league's policy on steroids and related substances. Someone needs to go to make room for Metcalf. If it's not McClover, and we have no idea how his injury is, it could be Fred Miller, who has been inactive the last few weeks as Chris Williams as taken his place.

*** Speaking of Williams, the first-round pick from Vanderbilt, he got his first action on offense of the season at Lambeau Field in the final two minutes, long after many viewers had walked away. Green Bay defensive end Aaron Kampman blew by Williams on his first snap and would have had a sack had Rex Grossman not managed to spin out of it.

We'll check in with more from Halas Hall later on.

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I think the Rams game will be telling:

IF the Bears are embarrassed by this loss, they will pummell the Rams for 60 minutes.

IF, on the other hand, they show the same disdain for Lovie/Babich on the defense and are handed such a plain vanilla offensive game plan to execute, the Rams v. Bears game could set a record for futility, ugliness and ineptitude.

I thought we had this long rivalry with the Packers. That this was one of those match ups that gave the Central Division its "Black & Blue" moniker. There was no emotion and no interest in this game from the coaching staff on down.

If you are going to play Orton why not at least give him a decent gameplan to execute?

Except for our tight ends, our receivers were exposed for their limited capabilities. Hester needs to make some plays as a receiver, otherwise we got robbed. He looks completely lost on punt and KO returns and can't seem to make plays unless the ball is thrown perfectly and he has no one around him.

Any way you look at it, slice it, dice it, poke at it, prd it, the Bears D-line is attrocious.

We are getting ZERO production accross the board. GB just took our wee-men D-line and shoved them in our LB's laps (5) yards downfield on almost every single run play.

To be honest, I am not at all surprised because the Bears probably have the smallest front (4) in the league. Ogunleye and Brown wiegh in at 260 pounds, Harris is 295 and Dusty is a hair over 300 at 303. GB's O-line out weighed our D-line by (446) pounds, factor out the 5'th blocker on the O-line and the remaining (4) still out weighed us by (136+) pounds. We had no answer for the mauling they gave us yesterday.

Lovies penchant for smaller / faster D-lineman is really killing us this year. We generate next to nothing with the front four all year long and now the D-line cant even hold the LOS. No wonder our defense is falling like a rock !!

Babbich is having to roll up a safety and blitz LB's just to try and stop the blood letting our front line is allowing, now, one less safety and LB's not in coverage is the real culperate as to why our defense is failing to defend the pass. If our front (4) could do their jobs, we wouldn't need to load up the box with (8) players constantly and we would be in better position in coverage as a result, plus a little pressure on the opposing QB goes a long way in forcing turnovers by creating errant throws and forced plays !!

Bomb Babbich, Lovie, Turner all you want. The D-line is pathetic and until that line gets fixed, this defense will contiue to get killed each and every week....

A suggestion for Coach Lovie:

Try a new alignment, sonce our D-line can't fight their way out of a wet paper bag right now you should test this against the Rams next week.

Remove onr of the LB's (Roach) and add a fith D-lineman, preferably an extra DT. The opposing O-line won't be able to double team anyone and Babbich won't need to have the LB's crowd the line or roll up Mike Brown. You should be able to get some mismatches and thus some pressure out of the D-line, the LB's would be able to drop back into coverage and we would actually have bith safeties back deep so the CB's would be able to man up more often and take some chances on the ball when in flite !!!

Against the Rams you could afford to experimant and see how it works, like a trial run before playing the bigger boys remaining on the schedule.

GO Bears !!

Three hours of pure pain to watch. The D line was pathetic, simply put. Pass rush, what pash rush and then add in poor gap play and tackling that reminded me of pop warner football... The Bears truly embarrassed themselves, the city of Chicago and any Bear fan that still is alive today. And even some like Papa Bear Halas is lucky to have not watched this disaster.

The high priced big stars like Harris, Vasher, Ogunleye played without emotion and poorly, Urlacher showed up sometimes. Mike Brown was his usual hard hitting self but a defense can't exist on 5 or so of the D playing well.

If the team does not make the playoffs and if the D doesn't somehow pull their heads out of their collective ARSes, it porbably would be a good idea to start to trade some of the dead weight that currently exists on the Defense and at least start to rebuild what once was what Chicago Bear football has been all about a ferocious D, these Bears did not play with a growl rather a little purr!!!!!!!

Can someone please tell me who are these Bears? Where is Ogunleye and Anderson? Hester is horrible, is he ever going to have a decent return this season? Why has Ron Turner not been blasted more for his terrible play calling? Are we going to get any help from our DT's? Only player worth anything on defense is Briggs. Forte keeps being the only bright spot, but a go to receiver is no where to be found. Orton should be healthy this week but Turner is still calling the plays. The only time the offense is good is during the no huddle, I wonder why?

So again, who are these Bears?

With the schedule in our favor with 3 games in a row at home in December, I sure hope a Christmas miracle happens and we win the division.

Still screaming Go BEARS.

Well, Williams was welcomed to the NFL by a Pro Bowl Defensive End in Aaron Kampmann, so we should not be surprised that he was beaten on his first play. We do not have anyone on the roster who has the same combination of size and speed that Kampmann possesses, so he hasn't seen that kind of power/speed combo. I would like to see Williams get some extra work in practice, along with another guy who could use it in Mark Anderson.

Put them one on one for individual drills for 10 minutes before practice, and 10 minutes after practice. Let them use each other to get better, and we will be better off in the long run. Anderson certainly needs work on his pass rush, as he hasn't put any pressure on since 2006. And Williams needs to work against the fastest pass rusher we have to get used to NFL game speed. Chris Long is up next week, and will be very similar to Kampmann in size, speed, tenacity, and technical soundness. Then it's Jared Allen again, Quentin Groves/Derrick Harvey, Will Smith, The Pack again, and Mario Williams to finish the year. John St. Clair has done an admirable job, but he isn't our LT of the future. He might be a less-expensive alternative to Tait for next year, or could compete for a guard spot, but we need to see what Williams can do. Especially considering St. Clair is a pending free agent, and Tait only has one year left on his deal.

I really do hope Fred Miller is the cut to make room for Metcalf. He obviously doesn't help us this year, and will not be here beyond that. I would hate to see a younger player sacrificed for an old fogey (speaking in NFL terms, as we are about the same age). I would still appreciate it if we got to see what Buenning can do, along with Williams. Next week against the Rams would be an interesting time to try it, especially considering Carriker and Long are both solid young players who will provide a challenge on the offensive left side, without a significant threat from the rest of the defense (Leonard Little used to be, but has not been healthy or effective for much of this year). If he can do the job at LG, it would be a chance to either move Beekman to the right side, or replace Garza with Metcalf. You put that kind of size on the line, and we should be able to hold our own against the Vikes DT tandem, and perhaps run the ball effectively the rest of the season. Either way, Garza has to go to the bench or further away. He does not have any ability to hold the point of attack, and hurts us in short yardage.

I understand continuity is important on the offensive line, but it doesn't matter how well they work together if they are getting pushed around on the inside. Beekman is doing ok, but Garza as usual is getting manhandled. If we want to help Kyle as much as possible, we need to be able to run on everyone, and getting Buenning and Metcalf inside could be an interesting way to start that pattern.

Lovie Quotes:

“Last week, we won as a football team and everything went right for us. Today, it felt like the total opposite.”

“We continue to talk about getting the ball to the tight end. And that's the plan each week. Some weeks are easier than others.”

“We talk a lot about their defense, and I'm going to continue to talk a lot about our defense,”

“We just want to play good football. We don't want to beat ourselves.”

“Stability is so important,”

“It's important to have your leader there, just like having a defensive leader or having a coaching staff in place for a while. All of these things add up.”

“Cedric is a good football player,”

“We had a lot of guys step up today.”

“Our defense is about four-man pressure and now we feel like we have a 'bell cow' at defensive end,”

“If someone makes us an offer you can't refuse, you have to listen, and that's what we're doing.”

“I think six games into our season you see the type of defense we are, ... This is the position we want to be in, going up to Detroit in first place.”

“How about those Bears?!”

“We get off the plane running the ball. Cedric Benson, Thomas Jones, Adrian Peterson all did a good job ... What can I say about the offensive line I haven't said?”

I must emphasize at the out start that the Honorable Old School is not a politician. So I'm not here this afternoon as a Republican, nor as a Democrat; not as a Mason, nor as an Elk; not as a Protestant, nor a Catholic; not as a Christian, nor a Jew; not as a Baptist, nor a Methodist;

So I have to stand here today as what I was when I was born: A Bear fan.

Before there was any such thing as a Republican or a Democrat, we were Bears Fans.

Before there was any such thing as a Mason or an Elk, we were Bears fans.

Before there was any such thing as a Jew or a Christian, we were Bears Fans!

In fact, before there was any such place as Soldier Field, we were Bear Fans!

And after Lovie has long passed from the scene, there will still Bear Fans.

I'm gonna tell you like it really is. Every season these coaches are sent up here to pacify us! They're sent here and setup here by the McCaskey Family !

This is what they do!

They send jerseys down here to pacify us!

They send alcohol down here to pacify us!

They send cheerleaders down here to pacify us!

Why you can't even get tickets for a game in Soldiers Field without the McCaskey's permission!

You can't get Cheerleaders at soldier field without the McCaskey's permission!

Oh, I say and I say it again, ya been had!

Ya been took!

Ya been hoodwinked!


Led astray!

Run amok!

This is what they do....

Oh no oh on oh no

We didn't land on Greenbay!

Greenbay landed on us!


I don't understand what is going on. The team looks as though it is loaded with highschool players who have never played a day in their lives. I would take great pleasure in blaming the coaching staff in this case, I would also take great pride in blaming the players, but the reality is is that the entire organization isn't working on the same wave. I don't know whay Babich is still the D coordinator, I don't understand why Turner is still the O-coordinator, and if this keeps up I must question as to why Lovie is still to be the head coach? We have a slew of talent out on that field, but for some morbid reason it's like the blind leading the blind in a barren waistland. My buddy who is a Charger fan even said that he would be greatful to give Rivera back b/c to him and the Chargers fans he knows they beleive Rivera is a failure. Hell give him back to us and maybe he can get our D back on track. One thing I do know: we can all brood, complain, piss and moan about the issues, but the reality of it is, the organization will ultimately do what it wants for its own purposes without regards to those who truly create the organization: THE FANS. I guess go Bears.

McCaskeys gotta go!!
We all saw this coming before the season when Da did not sign any FA worth mentioning, I felt with Buening/Jones signing we would be helped but I felt the Booker signing was BS, We needed a big time WR and got a guy that already saw his best years, no knock on Marty we all get old, it's just the Bears are always penny pinchers....We coulda had Turner and used the Forte (who I like but still) pick on a better OL/DL/WR pick. It's just plain sick how the Bears are always the team that never signs big name Free Agents and we as fans have to pay the price for the McCaskeys to sit in their Bubble Seats laughing all the way to the bank. Yes we signed `our own' great job huh? Yes I really felt they did a good job with Buening/Jones but I guess not, somethings wrong here.
And yes Lovie likes his small DL, and they do get pushed around, I mean even a 4 man rush should get to the QB sometimes right?? This is just sick,

i dont think the defense played bad.I think it was just they werent use to playing like they use to with the 7 man fronts.I think they are trying to go back to the way they played when they made the Super Bowl.When They were giving up a little bit of run to keep the S back to play coverage.And thats how Urlacher made his plays in the past and u can now see it in this past game.They where going back to more cover 2 with just 7 men in the box and the corner close to stop the quick pass.Rememberwe didnt hear nothin from mike brown intil. the switch him back (give it sometime they will get use to it again)and then they are going to be back to being a dominant defense again.

@ mike in ft wayne

who cares?yea the bears mad a big mistake they would be doing alot better with dick jauron.1 question were you saying all this when the bears went to the Super Bowl 2 years ago?

I swear if it was up to you fans to be the GM.The bears would have a new coach every two weeks.

Terrence Metcalf? Holy Christmas Brad, it's bad enough the Bears lost on Sunday but now you gotta bring up Metcalf's return to the team? I tell, you must be a sadist.

Contrary to my posts on FullCourtPress, do realize that the playoff bound Packers got creamed by us too last season and went on to the NFC Championship. Just food for thought. These things happen.

Still, let's say goodbye to Lovie and Boob. Couldn't come any'd be just in time for X-mas.

Am I glad Fox took me out of my pain and switched the game when it got to 27-3. Didn't see the last touchdown until the Monday Night ESPN pregame show.

When did Tommie Harris get five tackles? If he actually did they occured a total of 40 yards down field. I saw more of him with his back to the O-line man in that game than I care to remember. If the Bears can get out of that contract extension it will be money saved. Almost as much money as they will be saving in bonus money not paid to Devin Hester for all those receptions.....

The worst thing about this is as Bear Fans we are used to bad and sometimes terrible offense but we used to be able to rely on the defense.

Yeah as a matter of fact DICE i was saying it.Ron turner is a horrible NFL coach and Bob Babich is horrible Period.And yes Ron Rivera was good and no i hated Dick Jauron.And its people with the i love the bears no matter what attitude that keeps owners like "THE McCASKEYS" where they are. but hey .......GO BEARS!

By Dice on November 17, 2008 3:02 PM
i dont think the defense played bad.

You do realize that by making this your opening statement everything you say after that has no support. They gave up over 400 yards of offense and a boat load of points, they were blown off the line all day against a team that can't run the football.

Also you said this: "this when the bears went to the Super Bowl 2 years ago?"

"I swear if it was up to you fans to be the GM.The bears would have a new coach every two weeks."

Yes they went two years ago and now look at them.

By Mike:

"Contrary to my posts on FullCourtPress, do realize that the playoff bound Packers got creamed by us too last season and went on to the NFC Championship. Just food for thought. These things happen."

You are correct, but could you remind me, had the Packers aleady made the playoffs when we creamed them and how many losses did they have last year? Cause I don't remember them having five lossees after 10 games or all season.

I am sure the Bears will rebound against the Rams next week with out much of a problem. However I think the rest of there games will be a problem for them. This team has deep problems.

Joe Felicelli

I believe it would be interesting to see Williams play but I would not start him. If the Bears have a large lead in a game I can see putting him in there to get some reps. Also if the Bears get knocked out of the playoff hunt, but in the Hunt for the playoffs I believe they should stay with there current line until they prove fully incapable of not holding there ground on a regular basis. Williams is young and is probably not up to full speed for the rest of the year after his surgery, there is no reason to push him right now.

I wonder how come nobody has mentioned that Orton should not have started this game. With limited practice this week do to a still gimpy ankle the Coaching staff made a huge mistake in starting him. It was obvious he was not up to speed. Rex on the other hand has an excellent record against the Packers and may have done better in this situation. I am not saying take away the starting Job from Orton, I am just saying they should have let him heal a little longer. The Rams would have been the ideal game for his return. The coaching staff made another bad choice this week by starting him over Rex, he was just not prepared to play. "My coach always said if you can't practice, you can't play." Perhaps Lovie should consider these words.

Wow. What an awful showing. Disturbing truths:

1. For a match up with a long time bitter rival, you'd figure the Bears would come out and meet some intensity. No intensity, and that is Lovie's fault. Bad Lovie, just bad.

2. If the D-line sucks this much with T. Harris, then why not cut him. They couldn't be any worse with out him. They would still get pushed around, and they might even save some money. McCaskey would love me.

3. The secondary failed to be in proper position or to make plays the whole game. They continued to give up the same (THE SAME) damn plays they have all year. They were crushed in blocking by GB's wide outs. 2 things with this scenario.
A. They are not as ready physically because they don't hit in any of their practices. Therefore they are never as ready as teams that do hit in practice physically. This is Lovie's fault. Make them hit. This is football. Screw McCaskey. If he is worried about his investments, Lovie should tell him to mind his own business, and let him run the team.
B. The Corners and Safeties were out of place all game (as they have been all season), and that is Babich's fault. FIRE HIM!!!!

4. The weakness of the O-line is starting to show up later into the season as teams have each other figured out. The O-line has shown good technique and seems to know schemes well. The problem is they lose their one on one match ups, and get overpowered if they cannot employ some form of trickery (like a play action). Now teams are just starting to play us straight up and beating the S#()T out of them at the line.

It would be a nightmare in disguise if this Bear's team actually makes the playoffs. That could actually happen. GB and Minnesota have a tough schedule left. And neither is that great either. If so, then Lovie will get a pass, Babich might get a pass, and there would be less done to change the players. If they finish 2-4 (which I expect), then changes will be made. And they need to be made.

I suggest:
1. Fire Babich
2. Cut Harris, Hillenmeyer, Jones, Metcalf, Tait, and that rookie TE
3. Let St. Claire, Anderson, and Ogunleye leave with out renewing contracts.
4. Replace them all with beasts!!!

I like the Bears, but I kinda hope they lose the rest of their games to get a freak DE, or a monster truck of a DT or OT.

Bear football is being strong in the trenches. Bear football is about pounding the other team physically. Bear football is about playing punishing and attacking defense.


Look guys we took one on the Chin last weekend versus the Pack ! All the complaining in the world will not change that, we had beaten them 4 straight times at home, they wanted the game badder than the BEARS did and it showed, the only good thing that came from this game is that we play them again and the stench of this performance will not be lost on the BEARS. We will find out who the Real BEARS are then, I expect to see some HARD HITS and perhaps a personal foul or two in the game the rivalry is back on for sure now after that Azz kicking...Brad when is the last time we lost that badly in the series.....
Defense has 6 games left to make a run, BEARS do not seem to be running any stunts up front to bring pressure from the d-line and confuse the o-linemen looks as if everyone is going one on one and no one is beating their man. We know that Anderson has been disapointing and everyone still rails about a recovering Tommy Harris who has played better of late, to me its Ogunleye who has been lacking all year, I think he may be hurt, or missing Gabrielle Union, sheeedid who wouldn't....but Wale has got to get it going, we need his production to have a shot this season....6 games to go fellows, let's see what we can do...and who really is a BEARS fan, need to go 4-2 down the stretch and split the remaining Division games to get in ! Pack schedule is in our favor from what I can see and the Vikes are as incocnsistent as we are....Go BEARS


If you want to see "Bears" football, watch the NY football Giants. That's what we hope to become some day.

In staying with Mr. Biggs' five things to change about the Bears in today's paper, here are my five:

1. Use Forte inside AND outside. Didn't see a lot of Forte getting any pitches and trying to make the corner. As bad as our receivers are, they should at least be able to block on sweeps, pitches, etc. Plus Forte can make people miss. Get him outside (on sweeps, swing passes, etc.) and let's see what he can do. Also, line Forte up 6-10 plays as a wide out. Create some mismatches. Create some confusion. Force the "D" to think, not just react. That's when they get in trouble.

2. Insert Garrett Wolfe into Hester's role on offense. Hester still doesn't seem to know the offense and he only can catch balls that are perfectly thrown and when he's not covered. Wolfe has something to prove -- to himself, the team and the league. He's got good hands, can make people miss, so let's give him a chance.

3. Find Olsen early and often. This guy is a mismatch for any "D." I can't believe Orton looked away from Olsen when he was being covered by the Packer's Harris one-on-one. Man, throw the ball up and let Olsen go get it. He should be able to out jump just about anyone and on a corner he can use his size to his advantage. Minimum number of throws to Olsen per game should be 10. If he gets the ball a lot, he can open up things for our WRs -- and trust me, our wideouts need all the help they can get.

4. Sit Tommie Harris. Hold auditions for his starting job this week. Put somebody in who will collapse the pocket or tie up two blockers or has a motor or seems mildly interested in playing D line, anything or anyone but Harris.

5. Re-insert Hillenmeyer. Not sure he is a difference maker, but with him out, we sure sucked. However, Nick Roach looked like he was burned a lot on Sunday. Hillenmeyer may not make "Briggs-like" plays, but he does seem to be in position when we need him to be.

Last thought, I would like to see more dirt stains on the front of our defensive unit's uniforms than on the back. During one break in the game, they had the Bears D in the TV frame and I was amazed at how few of them had dirt on the front of their uniforms. However, later in the game, they showed Urlacher heading to the sidelines and he had a lot of dirt and grass stains on the back side of his uniform.

That usually suggests you're getting knocked on your a** a lot -- "pancaked" in NFL parlance.

It's not the fact we lost it's how we lost. and yes, I agree Orton should not have started this game, he was gimpy.
Yes, find Olsen more often! I started Olsen on my fantasy team thinking the Bears would throw underneath to his hands and they did try (I guess)
I felt maybe Smith (not Babich) was in fact trying to get back to the old D as well, and we just aren't the old D anymore, not without some practice, I like to see the corners bump the WR, where is that?
They showed the 85 team on NFL Network the other night and it was like - who's going after the QB next? but the front 4 had the power to get there alone as well, we really do not have any passion on D at all! Did that leave with Ron? Was Tank important??
The 85 team would put red paint on their uniforms to symbolize a blood game (usually it was real), where is that passion with this team?

Actually Hester has not had many good throws, Rex leads him too much and Orton forgets about him. I know twice Rex overthrew him for possible TD's, He could be a real TD threat if we had a QB that could get him the ball, like Romo does TO.
and yes where has Ogunleye been?


Just a thought on the D line Brad but Harris is not drawing a lot of double teams and not getting much penitration. Is it possible that this is the reason for the drop off in production from Ogunleye? I seem to remember that whenever Sapp was injured or off his game in Tampa that the line suffered in terms of production. While I know Sapp didn't miss many games he did go through periods where he played with nagging injuries that slowed him down, during these periods I remember there line suffering big time. Seems similar to the Bears current problem at the line. Break a link in the chain and everything falls apart. I believe this is also a common problem with relying on a 4 man rush, if won doesn't perform it's almost impossible to make up the difference with three healthy guys. I am guessing that this is why Tampa brought in Rice and drafted Anthony McFarland, they needed a very elite line, I am not sure Brown, Dusty, Harris and Goon qualify as an elite four man line that can adjust to there best player not performing.

"You are correct[Mike], but could you remind me, had the Packers aleady made the playoffs when we creamed them and how many losses did they have last year? Cause I don't remember them having five lossees after 10 games or all season." - Thee Original

Dude, that's the point. Last season's Pack was way better than this season's Bears and they got demolished. For the NFC powerhouse that they were last season, it should be even more shocking that they got whupped. Get what I was saying? Good. Now ease up on the caffeine.


Im going to take the untraveled road and BLAME KYLE ORTON!!!!!!!

if Rex had started with the same result, there would be no hesitation, just outright calling for REX's head!!!!

If Kyle knew his ankle was only 75%, he should have known better and not played...his lack of mobility and timing was evident in the game...

It amazes me that when the Bears lose to the best team in the league by 7 points, 50% of the town blames REX, even though Kerry Collins was made to look like a ProBowler....whereas when the Bears get blown out in GB....everyone EXCEPT Kyle Orton is given the blame....

Just goes to show how far up the a** many Bears' fans heads are these days....just an observation....

and yes, I was being sarcastic when blaming Kyle...just wanted to see who responds to this.


Dude, that's the point. Last season's Pack was way better than this season's Bears and they got demolished. For the NFC powerhouse that they were last season, it should be even more shocking that they got whupped. Get what I was saying? Good. Now ease up on the caffeine.

Caffine??? I did not realize my post was so offensive. Gosh I am really sorry to offend your delicate nature. As for your point, I think you may have one, I don't think you have made it yet, but I think you have one floating around up stairs. First why compare last years teams to this years teams? They are both very different teams now with very different records than last year. Second the Bears did get beaten by the Pack last sunday. Third many a team who have been knocked out of the playoffs have played spoilers to many other teams. Forth last years Packers were a better team than last year and this years Bears, we all get that. But your point is that Because we Beat last years Packers with last years Bears that this years Bears could make the playoffs because we lost to this years Packers. I am not really sure that is such a sound theory to build on. I don't really see the logic. I do get that things happen my point was the Pack were already in the playoffs when the Bears beat them so the game didn't mean much. On the other hand this last game was a huge game and the Bears blew it. You seem to get very angry over very little Mike perhaps you should have a Red Bull to calm yourself. You must be a blast to drive with during Rush hour.

Babich has to go.

He hasn't proven he can coach these players or call an entire football game. Coordinators have to play chess. Babich CAN'T do it! It's that simple. The players have to take some blame too, but, no GM is going to re-tool a defensive line that has been a proven commodity in prior seasons. Especially not in the middle of the season. A new playcaller could be the spark this team needs.

There is one constant in all of this: The Bears D has been horribly inconsistent since Babich took over.

End of story. He has to go. He seems like a good guy but the players aren't responding and the defense is only getting worse.

Thee original, yes, I am very delicate. When it comes to idiots posting I simply fall to pieces. As you can imagine, you're last two posts have reduced me to a mound of sand.

The caffeine remark was aimed at your inability to read my post and understand it. It seems that a few words popped out at you and you drew your conclusions from there. My suggestion was simply for you to slow down before getting all worked up and firing back at delicate little me.

So, last years game between the Pack and the Bears didn't mean much? Really? Cuz I'm pretty sure the Packers were looking to wrestle away that 1st seed spot from the Cowboys and get homefield advantage in case they played them again. But what do I know?

And yeah, I am a blast to drive with during rush hour. You should see me. Tell you what, next time you're stuck in traffic, look for a guy that has one of his digits extended outwards in your direction.

That's me baby!

Good post Chris,
A couple of us have mentioned that Kyle should not have been in the game, he was not healthy, but I like your point of blaming Rex, Rex did lose the game for us, he shoulda pulled it out like he did before, lol

Actually see this article on Yahoo where they say Orton screwed up the game.

now I'm not blaming Orton but he didn't have the best game either, Coach should not have had him in there.
Although in that game QB was the least of our problems.

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