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Miller placed on IR, will undergo shoulder surgery

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Veteran offensive tackle Fred Miller will undergo shoulder surgery early next month. He was placed on season-ending injured reserve today, making space for wide receiver Brandon Rideau to be promoted from the practice squad. Miller injured his shoulder last season and it flared up recently. Team medical personnel recommended that he have it cleaned up.

Miller was signed Sept. 10 to act as the backup tackle. The Bears pursued him for about a month following Chris Williams' back surgery and he fielded offers from other teams before deciding to come back for the minimum-salary benefit. Miller appeared in six games on special teams but was inactive for the last three after Williams returned.

Rideau is expected to play Sunday against St. Louis. Whether he has a role on offense or is primarily used on special teams, we'll see.

The Bears are expected to make another roster move Monday when guard Terrence Metcalf's one-week roster exemption expires. It's expected the club will evaluate any injuries coming out of the game or place linebacker Darrell McClover, who has a pulled hamstring, on injured reserve.

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Miller must have known that the 'C' on the Bears logo stood for "chump." Having this knowledge, he decided it was best for him to come back here, injury and all, and collect a pay check for doing diddly squat.

Well, roll out the red carpet! Sound the trumpets! Everyone, move out of the way, please! Prince Metcalf is due to arrive any moment now!

We've all been waiting what seems like eons for his Highness to return. Hurry up and get rid of STs ace McClover! Heck, why don't we also dump Forte, Olsen, Orton and Mike Brown?

Make room for Prince Metcalf!

Uh Mike? Lighten up a little, all that anger isn't good for you.

I feel your pain dude, but we are talking about dropping one backup OL who almost never played and bringing back another backup who almost never plays. We all feel last week was the pits, but try to keep this stuff in perspective.

While we are on the subject of backup OL, does anybody (Brad?) know the deal on Cheese Adams? Enough time has passed so he is eligible now and I saw or read someplace where the Bears were trying unsuccessfully to "lure" him back. Lure him from where?...the buffet line?

Ms fan, dude, I don't think you read the post right. They want to put McClover with a hammy on IR so Metcalf can comeback. Rideau was brought in after Miller went on IR.

No Mike I got it. Big picture, it was a package deal where Rideau is coming in for ST mainly because they lose McClover. Metcalf can play all the OL positions, so he made Miller expendable. (And yes, I am using the word "play" pretty loosely when refering to either Miller or Metcalf.)

I don't much like parking McClover either. He is a ST stud. But he can't do that on a sore hammy. They were probably thinking it will be the last week or two of the season, at best, before he could get back. They better be thinking about making something happen before then.

This is another illustration of "loyal to a fault" with this organization. It was clear that Miller played hurt for a lot of last year (which on a fundamental basis I disagree with, especially considering we were out of contention for several weeks, and should have taken the opportunity to try out some of the younger players on the line at RT or other spots). They signed him as insurance, knowing his shoulder was still a potential issue, with the understanding that if Williams was cleared to play, his days were numbered, and he would be put on IR for the season. I see this as a thank you for the effort and sacrifice of the last few years.

If McClover is capable of coming back this season, I would rather see Booker go on IR with his "knee injury." Rideau can play special teams, and we need to see if Bennett is capable of getting any playing time in the short term. No big deal if he can't, but we need to let the kid have a shot to take Booker's spot in the offense. Not like any of our WR are "no brainers at the position...

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