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McKie questionable with quad injury

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Fullback Jason McKie suffered a quad injury in practice this afternoon and will be listed as questionable for Sunday's game at Minnesota.

That could create some issues as the Bears do not have another fullback on the roster.

Other than that, coach Lovie Smith said everyone else should be ready to go with the exception of cornerback Nathan Vasher, who had his right hand/wrist in a hard cast.

The official injury report will not be released until later, but the club is expected to list tight end Desmond Clark and wide receiver Marty Booker as questionable. Both had limited participation in practice for the second consecutive day.

Strong safety Mike Brown (calf) and linebacker Jamar Williams (groin) will be probable.

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Hopefully Jason McKie's quad injury isn't that serious, if it is, this does create a small problem for Chicago. Chicago runs a lot of two tight end sets now, but they still use a fullback and still need one. Its to late in the week to promote 2nd year fullback Jason Davis to the 53 man roster, it would probably take at least a week for Davis to get acclimated to the Bears passing game, as far as pass protection and what routes he would have to run out of the backfield from his fullback position. Chicago must really like Jason Davis to place him back on their practice squad for the second time. But again, this does the Bears no good this sunday, hopefully they have a backup plan, maybe one of their tight ends can sub in at fullback, we shall see sunday night? Chicago should have kept another fullback on the 53 man roster, its a good idea to have a backup at every position, even if the Bears go back and fourth from the two tight end set to using a fullback. I really liked Lousaka Polite the fullback the Bears let go back during the pre-season, Chicago should have kept him over one of their three backup runningbacks. Im sure Polite could have filled in on special teams, I just think it would have been a good idea to keep another fullback vs four running backs. Hopefully McKies injury isn't that serious.
Oh yeah, I don't know about you guy's, but Im glad FOX isn't calling this game, I got sick of sitting there like I was watching the Vikings tv network, and how many times do we have to hear how good the Williams combo is inside for the Vikes....I get it, their fat and they can stop the run, no need to go over it all game...oh well GO BEARS!!

Well, I feel bad for McKie and hope he heals soon. Maybe this will be a blessing in disguise and open the door to a fullback who can actually block. Let's hope the practice squad guy is good--can't be much worse.

Cool, I must have been wrong about 2nd year fullback Jason Davis, Chicago placed him on the 53 man roster, so maybe he is a little more game ready than I thought he would be. I guess we will find out tonight GO BEARS!!

It says Davis was let go by the Raiders,hmm. I have not been impressed with Mckie myself, I mean not enough to worry about trying someone else, game experience does mean alot though.
I just watched Jones break one for the Jets, you wonder what was going through JA mind when he drafted Benson with that high pick. I really liked the Jones/Benson combo but thats not the reason he picked Benson 4th - He picked him to give Jones the boot. amazing. Jones (I like Forte alot) could still be here with that 4th pick playing and the Forte pick being Jones/Forte combo rb or Forte pick could be another good player playing, it was like a domino effect......I have always liked JA he did bring us back to some respectibility but with Benson/Jones (BOTH) fuddled and now Bennet a 3rd round pick Sometimes I do wonder.

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