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Kevin Jones inactive; Hillenmeyer back today

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Running back Kevin Jones, who has gotten just two carries the last two games, will not be active today. Jones is not injured although he did miss one practice this past week for personal reasons and was excused.

Linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer is active after missing two games following surgery on his right thumb. Wide receiver Brandon Lloyd will play for the first time since Sept. 28 when he injured his left knee.

Hillenmeyer will not have his starting job back though. Nick Roach starts on the strong side.

The Bears' remaining inactives:

3rd QB Caleb Hanie
CB Marcus Hamilton
OT Fred Miller
DT Matt Toeaina
DT Anthony Adams
DE Ervin Baldwin

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Who is the#2 RB Today.

WHY???? Did Lovie's brain freeze when he forget to wear a hat in Lambeau? Tell me, what happens if Forte gets injured? Sure we've got A.P. and Wolfe, but K.Jones is a good, solid running back. I just don't get it.

Brad, maybe you can shed some light on this.

Chris Williams got some time late in the game, which was good to see. He had to go against Aaron Kampmann from what it looked like, and did ok. He certainly did not set the world on fire, but to get some real game action is more than we thought we were going to get out of him.

Based on what we saw out of the defense, we certainly did not spend our money well in the last 3 years. Urlacher, Briggs, Harris, Brown, Tillman, Vasher, Hillenmeyer, Ogunleye all got pretty significant deals, and all are not coming anywhere close to earning them. They are all playing hard, but they simply are not getting the job done. A lot of the blame needs to fall on coaching, who not only do not devise a scheme to take away what the opponent does well, but doesn't make any in-game adjustments to react to what they are doing. This is no secret, and when announcers on TV are picking up on it, it is way beyond obvious.

But players have to have some pride as well, and getting 37 points hung on you by your biggest rival should be enough to make you question your effort, even if you went all-out on every down. Sure, one of the scores was defensive, but that's still 30 points. The defense was on the field for nearly 40 minutes, and deserves the lion's share of the blame for this poor outing.

Offensively, Ron Turner still calls a marginal game, but the execution was awful. Orton was not himself, the line was nothing to write home about, and the tight ends and receivers continued to not get open. Can we finally put the fork in Marty Booker as a starting receiver? He has gotten zero separation, and has dropped a few catchable balls. Devin Hester looks totally deflated, and appears to be suffering from a severe lack of confidence. His body language and facial expressions bear none of the swagger of the last 2 years. The Pack took a big risk covering Olsen and Clark with CBs, and our wideouts could not make them pay. Tramond Williams, Atari Bigby, and Nick Collins managed to cover our wideouts with no trouble. Davis had one nice play, but he should have been open all day. I say you get Earl Bennett in the game, and let Lloyd, Davis, Hester, and Bennett try to salvage something out of the passing game over the next 6 weeks. Marty is not in the long term plan, and he sure is not helping right now.

We also need to get Williams and Buenning on the field to see if they can offer anything in the run or pass protection that we are not getting today. Rotate them in, or just put them in, but when you have talented players on the roster, you have to find out what they can do. Buenning was one of the better young guards in the league a couple of years ago, and an injury caused that to derail a bit. But is Garza worth keeping on the field? He gets pushed around, and short yardage plays find him 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage. And St. Clair, while performing as best he can, is nothing special on the left side. He is better off as a guard or right tackle. Chris Williams is the future at LT, and we need to see if he can cut it.

While this seems like writing off the season, I am in no way conceding the division yet. But we need to get the best players we have on the field, and I don't think we are doing that. If they are our best players, then we aren't going to win anything unless they make a significant improvement in their execution on game day. If not, maybe an infusion of new blood will kick-start some of the weaker aspects of our performance. Lord knows we need something.

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