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Hochuli to work Bears-Titans game Sunday

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Veteran NFL referee Ed Hochuli and his crew will work a Bears game for the first time this season Sunday when Tennessee comes to town.

Hochuli came under intense scrutiny after a blown call in the San Diego-Denver meeting in Week 2 that led to the Broncos winning 39-38.

There have been a number of high-profile mistakes by the league's officiating crews this season but none has gotten more attention that the gaffe by Hochuli that he quickly admitted to making. The league, however, says officiating is as good as it has been in recent history.

"There were a couple early [major issues early]," said Tennessee coach Jeff Fisher, a member of the league's competition committee. "There was one that was rightfully admitted to early if you're talking about the Ed Hochuli issue. I am very excited we have Ed doing our game this week. He has been one of the best referees, I think, in the history of this game.

"That's the human element in the game. That's the thing we should learn to aceept and understand there are going to be mistakes, we don't agree with them, and sometimes they're hard. That's just part of our game. I think that's what makes our game great, still to a certain extent we are allowing the human element to have an impact on it."

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Great. Can't wait to see the flag fest sunday from this crew. They call a ridiculous amount of penalties every game they officiate. Look for over 10 flags a piece on each team.

Great. Can't wait to see the flag fest sunday from this crew. They call a ridiculous amount of penalties every game they officiate. Look for over 10 flags a piece on each team.

Speaking of referees, I'm wondering why no one is talking about the cause of Orton's injury. It seems pretty clear that the hit was late and should have been flagged. Replays show Orton down and out of bounds when the second defender piles on top and twists Orton's leg. Even if officials missed the call, a fine seems in order. What am I missing?

Until they invent cyborgs, we will just have to put up with human officials I guess, and humans are prone to make mistakes. All joking aside, I really think the Bears have a chance against the Titans. If the Bears defense can carry over from the second half of the Lions game, and the Bears can continue to run the ball with success, they should win. I can't wait to see if Kyle Orton can play or not, I think he will, I just hope he doesn't rush himself back. It sounds like its just soreness in his ankle, Im just glad nothing was broken or torn. Kyle Orton is becoming one of the NFL's best, Id hate to see anything side track his developement, like an injury from a cheap shot of a player on the leagues worst team. GO BEARS!!

This game will be a long one. Thank god I don't have work =)

I think if orton starts we have a damn good shot

The hit on Orton wasn't late. It's football, people get tackled, landed on, injured. If a ref starts calling hits like that late, then players are going to stop being aggressive. Might as well be playing two hand touch.

Its nice to hear Kyle Orton won't be down as long as originally feared, he may even play this sunday. If not, I say "go Grossman" and strongly recommend not booing Rex for petes sake if your at the game. Grossman is doing his best, I say cut the guy some slack. Not to get to sentimental, but I have a three year old son of my own, if he ever makes it to the NFL [hey I can dream can't I?] I would not appreciate people booing him, especially fans of the team he plays for?? I know a lot of you fellow Bear fans have kids also, you have to realize when you heckle Grossman, thats someones baby boy out there, so maybe ease up just a little, just a thought GO BEARS!!

I think that the Bears need to start playing the song "Soldier Boy" before each kick-off and punt again. The last two years they had done so the majority if the time, this year I haven't heard it once.

We need the Hester Show this week

yea hope Hoculi doesnt goes hurcules like the ref in that college game a couple weeks ago if Rex is playing...put him on his back and spike the ball...ha ...Looks like a fixer upper game for the Titans since no one will care when the Bears get screwed on a Devin hester kick/punt return on some bogus block in the back on Garret Wolfe or something...

I expect a good, even game this Sunday. Kyle or not, we match up pretty well. Ron Turner definitely needs to dust off his book of tricks and use the wildhog formation, RB option pass plays, reverses, screens etc. The Titans have a solid front four so the QB can't wait too long in the pocket. They have to get the ball out and get it out fast. I also expect the defense to finally show up and do their thing. They can stop the run when they focus on it.

Just last season the Packers were on fire and everyone thought they would steamroll the Bears. Didn't happen. While our team seems unfocused or lazy in some games, I think they can pull it together when faced with a challenge. And even if the Titans are undefeated, the Lions haven't won a game and they're pretty tough. So records are deceiving. I've seen Tenn. play and they're very talented and well coached, but I'm going with the Bears on this one.

Hey, the last time we faced the Titans the game went into overtime and Wale sacked Billy Volek in the endzone for a safety that won the game. Prior to, the only TDs scored by that Bears squad were due to STs, on a kickoff return, and the defense on a fumble return. Anything can happen!

Did anyone see the Thursday game where Josh Cribbs got the direct snap and went for a 20 yard+ run?

I want to see that with Hester or Wolfe.

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