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Hit on Hester out of bounds draws no fine

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Colin Cole's price for toppling Devin Hester on the sideline after the returner was out of bounds last Sunday at Green Bay is apparently only 15 yards.

An NFL spokesman said Cole was not fined on the play for which he drew a penalty for unnecessary roughness. Cole was not involved in the play in which Hester was run out of bounds by Tramon Williams. The Bears had submitted the play to the league office for review and were confident Cole would be levied for the hit.

``I just know we're going to show it before we see them next time,'' special teams coordinator Dave Toub said earlier in the week. ``We've got to show it to the players. I was [mad] when I saw it on film. We didn't know what was going on from our sideline. What are you going to do?''

The Bears and Packers meet again Dec. 22 at Soldier Field.

Cole played the role of the good samaritan after the game.

"What it was is that I think they saw a little guy running toward the sideline who came to an abrupt halt,'' Cole said. "Namely me. I guess they just felt that it was too abrupt a halt and they wanted to call a flag.

"I think most anybody in here is going to say it's a bad flag. You know what? He was coming out of bounds. At the last moment I noticed he was going to run directly into me. He ran into me. He fell backwards. I don't know what they expect to happen. If I had jumped to the side, he could have run into somebody a little older than I am and caused somebody harm or something like that. It's best that I took it on and didn't let anybody else behind me get into danger.''

One Packer did come out of the game lighter in the wallet. Cornerback Al Harris was fined $7,500 for the facemask penalty he received in the third quarter when he attempted to tackle tight end Greg Olsen.

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Hey chitownbear, I may be a bum, but in six weeks I'll be gearing for playoffs. You'll be looking at receivers in the upcoming draft. All you so called Bear fans don't deserve a winning team the way you boo your own players (see REX). Any descent free agent will stay far away from Chicago. The fans SUCK!!!! Besides, Chicago is where players go to die!!! Receivers anyway.

"I may be a bum..."

You dolt, when someone calls you a name you don't admit to being it! Using that old Packer fan intelligence I see?

I just got one thing to say.......37-3!!!!! Nice effort, guys!!!

Mike thanks for having my back on this one my friend. I see you snuck back in packerbacker, easy to come in after a win, we'll see if you show up in a few weeks when we exact our revenge. If you are a real fan you know the history of the series very well, one butt kickin deserves another, we kicked you tail twice last year and will do it again soon, you just get your lousy team by the anit's thia weekend, I'm hoping my BEARS handle their business as well.....
As my man Toub says all we have to do is show the dirty hit for the next packer's on now... we get to line up again soon.......GO BEARS

PackerTroll, here are the results from the most recent games between the rivals:

GB 37-3
Bears 35-7
Bears 27-20
GB 26-7
Bears 26-0
Bears 24-17
Bears 19-7

2 of the past 7 games?? I wouldn't crow too much on here. The Bears won their home field NFC Championship Game. How did yours come out??

Hester got away with one during that very play anyways, Hester was grabbing Williams facemask before he was run out bounds, so the heck with the Pack.
As far as Packerbacker goes, what kind of idiot team trades away their franchise QB when he is still at the top of his game???? Mark my words, little Aaron Rodger Dodger will suffer a season ending injury before the years out, then who will be left holding the bag, probably a Packer...nice play on words huh??? BEAR DOWN!!

You could show the video to the team, but it won't matter because they have no fight. They have had the "whatever" or "we'll turn it on later" or who cares we got our money" attitudes all season.

It's too bad it is about the money.

1. Lovie Smith was considered a genius until the end of 06, then he got money and there have been questionable calls since then (including Babich).
2. T. Harris was dominant, but then he got money, and is injured, or too valuable to even practice.
3. Vasher used to make plays left and eight, but then he got money and now he is not making plays during the rare times he does play.
4. Tillman used to trash RB's out of the backfield, and stick on any receiver. But then he got money and now he is injured and missing assignments.
5. Jerry Angelo was doing decent with drafts, then he got money, and since has had very questionable drafts.

#5 is a big problem. I just looked at the top 25 rookies list on espn. Just the offensive lineman picked after the Willims would have been awesome on the Bears right now. Otah was the one that sticks out on the list. His history was great with injuries, and had a knack for being a "road grater" or a "trail blazer". He had a reputation for being an excellent run blocker. This has all proven true for Carolina. Imagine if that beast was at right tackle right now, and they still had Tait and St. Claire for left.

Angelo must stop taking these guys with injury histories. It seems like the Bears are the only team that does not get the memo on some players with injuries. Williams may still turn out to be good, but if Otah was at RT right now, they would definitely be better in run blocking right now. Imagine that, a running team getting a feared run blocker. They could have also taken FB Owen Schmidt in the 4th round instead of Craig Steltz (who is a poor man's John Lynch).

This team wants to be a running football team, it seems like Angelo half way goes for it with Forte, but then gets away from it with other picks because he thinks their upside is better or something. Whatever. Angelo, just do better. I know you won't get fired.

And as for the worthless cheesehead at the top of this blog. Your team is now tied for the lead in the NFL's weakest division. If you luck out and win the division with an 8-8 record, then you will get slaughtered in the wild card game by either Washington, Dallas, Tampa, or Atlanta, and the Bears will have a slightly better pick than you. You should ge choke on rotten deer meat for a while.

At all costs..... Go Bears!

By PackerBacker:

"I'll be gearing for playoffs"

You sure about that, after all you are 5-5 like three other teams in the Division. Tell me what was your record at this time last year, cause the Bears are not the only team going the wrond direction. Exactly what year are you gearing for cause I don't think it's this year.

"All you so called Bear fans don't deserve a winning team the way you boo your own players (see REX)"

You see FudgePacker there is something very wrong with this statement. First I don't know of any Packer fan that is concerned about what Bears fans say about there own player. Second, your franchise Just chased one of the all time great QB's out of there organization while he still playing better than the QB they replaced him with. We may not like Rex but Jesus at least were not the team to Dump Favre. By the way the Jets thank you, I believe they have gotten a lot Better and you have gotten a lot worse. Nice move and as a Bear fan thanks.

" Chicago is where players go to die!!!"

You should remember this statement cause your players are coming here pretty soon.

What kind of Packer are you? A very dumb Packer slacker with an IQ no larger than my shoe size of 11.

I truly think any team, GM or coach that gets rid of a franchise quarterback (Favre) and now relies on a unproven QB and rookies as a backup must truly be just plain stupid.

The best move the Packers could make would be to fire Thompson because he is a bigger idiot than you.

What's with all the fines and suspensions? Commish's way of creating an impression or is it part of a federal War On Rough Play?

Hey NFL (National Fine League), we're sick of it already.

That was an absurd call to begin with. All Cole did was put his arms up to defend himself. Hester could have drawn a flag for what he did BEFORE he went out of bounds. Hey, dahlilama! Worry about the Bears, they need the help. Rodgers did something Favre failed to do twice last year; beat the Bears. I'm sure you would like to get Thompson fired and have mediocrity return to Green Bay. All Favre is doing right now is padding his interception record. Check the stats, Rodgers is playing better than Favre.

Packer fans are the worst. They chased their hero/god out of town. They said Farve could be replaced. That's like Chicago saying we can replace Jordan. Packer-butt-backer, can you spell or is your education limited? You spelled "decent" wrong. It's not descent.

Hey Ron:

I hear ya, but truly it was not Rodgers that beat the Bears last week, it was that the Bears beat themselves. Favre lost two to the Bears last year but if you look at his record against the Bears overall it was pretty dam good, unfortunately.

Thompson is still an idiot for getting rid of Favre and having no real backup for Rodgers except rookies. I call it like I see it as it is good for the Bears that he made this move with Favre to the Jets.

Lets see where the Pack finishes this year with Mr. Rodgers as the leader, certainly not in the NFC Championship game or Super Bowl.

P.S. Packer Slacker has his head up his u know what.

You have to admire someone that can sit in the draft like that and sit behind Favre that long and not whine/complain, he took it on the chin and I do like that. I feel Rodgers will be a good QB, give him time. Yeah we have owned the Pack lately, :)
Lovie did do that, and Favre is no dummy he knew the Pack was goin no where, what do you think he really retired? He knew all along what he was doing, The Jets look good with Favre, Jones and a new Offensive line huh? Almost like the Bears shoulda looked with a couple FA Olinemen, Forte (or Turner) and Orten.

Hey Randy:

Actually, I do respect Rodgers but feel that Green bay was really stupid to let Favre go without a good backup for Rodgers. typically it does take some time to have rookies play well in the NFL.

My opinion is that there should have been a competition with Favre and Rodgers. You hve to admit that Thompson is an idiot for the whole fiasco with Favre and the manner it was handled.

The packer fans should realize how lucky they were to have the great QB play they have had for so many years, we Bear fans could only be so lucky, maybe the QB play for the Bears is finally starting to turn in a very positive direction and a franchise QB will emerge for the Bears. Maybe Orton will be that guy, lets hope.

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