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Graham remains at nickel

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After missing two games with a pulled hamstring, Danieal Manning has returned to action this week.

He has ntot returned to his role as the nickel back.

Corey Graham manned the position on the first third down of the game. He cut down Titans wide receiver Brandon Jones for a two-yard loss on the play, leading to a Tennessee punt.

We'll see what kind of role Manning has beyond special teams responsibilities.

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Rex Grossman is who we THOUGHT he was!

Our defense is pathetic on 3rd and long and I don't know if we should blame Babich or our d-line ... both are pathetic.

I was hoping to see Caleb Hanie when Tennessee went up 21-7. If Grossman is in a free agency period, that's the best he can do? Missing wide open receivers?

Any Grossman supporters who claimed "Rex + Forte = Ratings and Wins" needs to STFU and realize Orton is the only QB on this team that will get Chicago to the playoffs.

I expected a loss but if Orton was in there, I think Chicago runs away with this pathetic excuse for a game. Way to go Rex and Babich!!!

As bad as our pass rush has been, Manning has been about the only effective blitzer from the edge. I hope he gets to be used situationally to press the pocket and push the QB up into Izzy and Tommie.

Babich needs to be slapped upside the head for not doing anything differently as the game wore on. We have made a bunch average QBs look like Pro Bowlers....Just like last year when we made the worst OL in the league look like Pro Bowlers for giving up rushing yards by the dozens....

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