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Bears-Vikings staying put in prime time

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NBC will not opt for another game on Nov. 30.

The Bears and Vikings will play on NBC at 7:15 p.m. The NFC North rivals are tied for first place and it's an attractive game for the network because Chicago is the league's second-largest media market and NBC believes Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is an attractive player to showcase.

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And I believe in the tooth fairy.

Thats great! we'll get torn apart by peterson on national tv. Loose the game and ill still be saying fire babich and turner oh yeah and that wont do anygood cause the McCaskeys still own the team.and this Whole organazation is not in sync. But good luck bears youll have to pass the ball alot and stop the run.Score early or yur done!!!

Great, now the whole nation will see how bad we are!! How many times will we be outcoached before something is done? I'm the biggest Bear fan there is but deep down I hope we keep losing so maybe things will change. We need change!!!! Top to bottom!!!!!

"NBC will not opt for another game on Nov. 30."

Boy, are they going to be sorry!

Great, now I have to listen to that freaking moron Olberman try to rip of Berman. Let's playa drinking game, everyone drink each time Olberman compares Lovie to obama and mentions that obama is from Chicago.

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