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Bears receive 1-week roster exemption for Metcalf

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Terrence Metcalf has rejoined the Bears and was at Halas Hall Monday, but he will not be eligible to take the playing field until the club makes room for him on the roster.

Metcalf was removed from the suspended list Monday and the Bears have received a one-week exemption for the veteran guard. That means he can practice and do everything else but he is not eligible for the game day roster until a move is made to create a roster space. The Bears currently have 54 players, including Metcalf.

The third-round pick from 2002 was suspended four games by the NFL for violation of the league's policy on anabolic steroids and related substances. That suspension ended with Sunday's game at Green Bay. No telling what kind of move the club makes to create room for Metcalf, who lost $211,765 through the suspension. Linebacker Darrell McClover has a hamstring injury that could put him in jeopardy with only six games remaining.

Offensive tackle Fred Miller has been inactive for three weeks now that first-round pick Chris Williams has been on the game day roster. Miller has a shoulder injury that kept him out of practice last week and an MRI revealed he has a partial tear in his shoulder. We'll see where that goes.

The Bears could make a move before Sunday but as of now they have until Monday to free up space for Metcalf, meaning they could wait and see if any injuries occur in the St. Louis game before deciding to how to shape the roster. That might be the best plan because you don't want to get rid of a player you could have need for, and Dan Buenning will clearly be the No. 3 guard this week.

Stay tuned.

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Brad, what is the deal with Dan Buenning anyway ??

When Angelo traded the (Greise draft pick) for him I thought for sure he would spend about a month learning the playbook and line calls ect..... then find his way to the starting line up. He was a solid Gaurd for Tampa, he did have a knee injury that sidelined him for an extended period of time which played a prominant role in Tampa's decision to trade him, but, he is healthy now and was an above average run blocker in college and with Tampa.

I guess I'm just surprised he hasn't been able to or given the chance to beat out Beekman or Garza at this point.

What gives ??

I've been wondering why Miller has been on the injury report despite not setting foot on the field. This is why. They don't need Miller any more, but won't just cut him. He came back and gave them a "hometown" deal when they needed a backup tackle. Now that Williams and Mecalf are back, they find a reason to put him on IR so he can draw a check the rest of the year without taking up a roster spot. Smart. It's almost like one of those NBA deals like McDyess.

I would like a answer to that question too BPZ both Beekman and Garza are weak at point of attack. I was hoping Williams would pan out and move St.Clair to guard and play Buenning at the other and maybe get some push. If Forte had a line like AP he would have 1,000 yrds right now also. What ever happened to Bears type linemen this light is better is terrible all good lines are tough in the middle even Kreutz looks on the down side.

After further review.......THE BEARS STILL SUCK!!!!!!

"Terrence Metcalf has rejoined the Bears..."

Ok, anyone have doubts now that we can make the playoffs?

PackerBacker, umm, you guys lost to Minne-so-so. Also I'm sure you've been told this many times, but relationships between farm animals and humans are simply not meant to be. Sorry.

after further review, the Bears are still in first place nub !!

Packerbacker stay off our site, keep your molded cheese azz comments off here. We got beat after kickin your tail in your house 4 games in a row, with more to come my friend.....we'll see you all in chicago at the end of the year, and I'm saying right now our BEARS willshow up this time, the butt whippin is coming get ready to take it !

By the way we still lead the series, and will do so at the end of this year also '
The PACK sucks now and always....GO BEARS.....

Aw don't spoil it for the guy. I bet the other kids never let him play cause he was a puny little runt who kept running home crying to mama. Now he is having flashbacks watching this year's Pack. His team was 13-3 last year. Now they have just played way over their head get to 5-5. He knows it won't last.

Last week was probably IT for him and now he has to freeze his ascot off watching his team lose out. Have a little compassion.

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