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All Day? Vikes' Peterson a concern all week

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Alex Brown had it right on Monday at Halas Hall when he was asked about the resurgent pass rush the Bears broke out in St. Louis.

It's not about the pass rush this week and getting to statuesque quarterback Gus Frerotte. It's about Adrian Peterson and stopping Minnesota's talented running back. Peterson has wasted no time in his short career becoming the thorn in the Bears' side that Randy Moss used to be. He's run for at least two touchdowns in all three meetings with the Bears and the numbers are a little staggering:

Adrian Peterson in three games vs. the Bears

*** 423 yards (141 per game)
*** 6.8 yards per carry
*** 7 touchdowns

"I think it's different,'' Brown said. "I think St. Louis throws the ball a little more, they don't have Adrian Peterson. When you've got Adrian Peterson in the backfield, you're going to run the ball, when you have an offensive line like they have, as big as they are, they're going to run the ball. We've got to stop the run first and foremost.

"[Peterson] is a monster. He's good. He runs hard. His offensive line, I don't think they get enough credit. They play really well and he runs off the blocks from them and then they got play action off of it. We have to do our job. I believe that the defense starts with the defensive line. If we can have a pretty good day, then we should have a chance to win."

If you missed Peterson's first encounter with the Bears last season, or you want to relive it, the NFL Network will show Peterson's 224-yard effort from last season on Friday. The Oct. 14, 2007, game will be shown in its entirety in HD on Friday at 8 p.m. on NFL Network. The Bears made a furious rally with Devin Hester hauling in an 81-yard touchdown catch but eventually fell on Ryan Longwell's 55-yard field goal as time expired.

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This will remain a fear for me until either A) Peterson leaves the Vikes (unlikely) or B) our D steps up with a great front D line AND a great secondary. I personally beleive we need a strong D overall and right now it is like a picking shed out there (who knows what will be available when you need it). I love my team, but with everything you love you must possess some fear for it. In our case our D is the product of my fear. The Vikes are no joke, Lovie and angelo need to realize this and once (not if, like the two are treating it) they get a successful QB we are SOOOOOOO screwed. The bottom line is is that we need some Obamanomics in our team and CHANGE many things around. Then again that is my opinion I could be wrong. GO BEARS!!!!!

Adrian Peterson does worry me, but Kyle Orton's bum ankle worries me a little more. Chicago beat the Vikes in a shoot out back in week 7, question is, could they do it again? I don't think the Bears could now that Orton has the bum ankle. That ankle problem is killing Orton's game, Orton can no longer effectively execute a seven step drop, so there goes all the deep timing routes. Now its all three step and get the ball out quickly, which can work, but the Bears running game must be effective, this will be key sunday night. Also, the Bears defense simply must show up to win this game, especially the front four. Chicago is going to have to play the run, the corner play is going to also have to be on par, Chicago might want to start Corey Graham. Bottom line, the Bears front four must get off their blocks and make plays to win this game, hopefully they can. GO BEARS!!
P. S. Packerbacker, how about them Packers last night, 50 points are you kidding me, and on Monday night?? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha GO BEARS!!

PackerBacker, where you at kid? You gonna make some noise this week? No? What's wrong? Oh that's right, the Monday night game. You know, I made some gumbo last night in support of New Orleans. Tasted great. Just like the taste of victory. Oh, you wouldn't know, would you?

Well, can't say we'll miss you! Go Bears!

I will no longer bother you Bear fans anymore!! I am now a Jets fan!! Oh how I miss you, Mr. Favre!! Worse move in the history of sports!! GO BEARS!!!!

I agree that Adrian Peterson is a pain, but I am really wondering why the "Williams Wall" isn't going to be sitting at home watching this game. The Bears have two games coming up against two teams that have cheated. The Viqueens and the Saints have a total of 5 players who violated the leagues substance abuse policy and the league has done nothing about it. Why do these teams get special treatment because they are in the playoff hunt? They cheated, they should be suspended. This is ridiculous. If the Bears had to play these teams without these players, they would be odds on favorite to win the division and make the playoffs, but now they have to wait and see what the league decides to do. These clowns should have been suspended two weeks ago, but instead, they are getting a free pass and getting to play. This league is turning into a joke. Go Bears!!!

The Bears will need all the help they can get to stop A.P. The eight man front should work most of the time if the secondary does not get burned,and to insure that, the defense has to pessure the quarterback.I'd rather take my chances with Frerotte's passing than A.P.'s runnimg. If Urlacher covers the middle for those killing slant passes the way he used to do rather than the ay he has lately, the Bears should do fine. it would help if those Mitchell monsters were out for the Vikings.

The tackles must play well for it to work Ferotte is not nimble pressure in his face and contain on Peterson are the way to go. On offense we need to trap and stretch those tackles and wear them down the longer the drives the better. Hey cheeshead boy [ie. PackerBacker] were ya at [LOL]

Brad Biggs - "statuesque" means tall. Is Frerotte unusually tall?

An interesting statement provided by the Bears website ( about the artificial turf scenario: The Bears defense has performed much better on artificial turf than grass this season. The unit has allowed an average of 265.2 total yards and 49.0 rushing yards in four games on turf compared to 359 total yards and 98.9 rushing yards in seven contests on grass. Admittedly, that stat might be a bit skewed by the fact that two of the opponents the Bears have played on turf, the Rams (2-9) and Lions (0-11), are among the NFL's worst teams.

“I don’t want to knock Soldier Field in the winter, but our field sometimes gets a little rough,” Ogunleye said. “The footing is not as good when the weather gets bad. It does [affect] both sides of the ball, so I guess it balances out. But with the speed of the defense, I think that turf is something that we play better on.

But the irony is is that the Bears have only won once in the last six appearences at the Vikes stadium, so in my opinion it will certainly be interesting to see how the turf "benefits" the Bears this time differently. Hopefully it will. GO BEARS!!!!!!

After watching the Saints dismantle the Packers I'm not sure how our offense will fair against the Vikes. We looked and played like crap against the Packers and then they go out and get embarrassed by the Saints. Now we take on the Vikes on their home turf against a much better defense. Yikes.

Again, I think the key is to find Olsen early and often. If the Vikes blitz and we can find Olsen quick enough to avoid Orton getting pummelled, perhaps we can get them back on their heals. I also think Turner has to use formations that put our offensive players (Olsen, Forte and Hester) in advantageous situations. Put Forte out wide. Put Hester in the slot. Put Olsen out wide. Create mismatches that force the Vikes to think more and react slower. However, do not run that stupid WO screen because it is a lame call and we don't seem to have the personnel to run it effectively.

I hope Orton's ankle is pretty much healed because he is going to need to be nimble.

On D, I think I would have Brown or Payne shadow AP. Hit him on every play, whether he has the ball or not. However, the key -- as always -- will be the play of our front four, particularly the D tackles. If Harris/Dvoracek et al can get a big push in the middle, tie up multiple blockers, get some knock downs on Ferotte, we might have a chance.

We never seem to play well in Minne-ha-ha. Maybe this is the game we can change that. Maybe.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. This week's game is big but not critical to our playoff hopes. Orton seems to be getting better and we have done fair in stopping AP since his breakout game last season. Can we score when given opportunities will be the key to the game. Ferrotte will make some mistakes, we must score every time he does, gap control will be critical also in stopping AP, the cutback lanes are what he kills people with, we must find a way to contain him from getting to the outside, stay in our lanes and converge on him when he runs out of room. hopefully the discipline will be there this week...Go BEARS, if we get this win I'll feel real good about our playoff chances, but won't be devestated with a loss

Kevin, good call on Corey Graham as a starting Corner, you called it even before Vasher was ruled out. It has seemed for awhile that Graham is more physical and plays a lot tighter in coverage, he probably should be starting anyway.

Its all about the D line, the D line has to control the line of scrimmage, pressure the QB and wrap up when tackling on the running game for the Bears to control the game. This will allow the the CB's and LB's to make plays.

The Bears offense should be able to do some quick drops and hit the underneath routes to the tightends and running backs to move the ball as the running game may be difficult against the front four of the Vikings.

I would love to see Orton get into the no huddle offense early and often in this game to wear down the fat slobs at DT for the Vikings.

Lets hope the Bears coaches don't blow the game, good play calling on both offense and defense, are able to appropriately manage the game and make some good halftime adjustments. To be fair the coaches, seem to be getting better and more agressive as we are moving into the last 1/3rd of the season, I hope that trend continues.

The Bears seem to play better when they are allowed to be aggressive in their style of play instead of the play it safe concept, the prevent defense, which just allows an offense to move down the field for a score on many occasions.

Here is to Hester and special teams to finally get the monkee off of their backs and get a big return for a TD!!

Go Bears!!!!

Does Hester break one? I am not sure - he's looked pretty timid out there on ST.
But Rex had him on 2 long bombs for TD's and overthrew him, imagine if Rex hada connected on those, we would be talking Hester the WR. I really feel Kyle can get him a long throw or enough to get him a decent RAC TD, which could get him going on ST, but I feel even Hester wants that WR spot. He does not seem as interested in ST now as he does WR. I am not sold on Kyle being 100% yet though either.
So what does the D do this week? Stop the run or stop the Pass? Berrian? or Peterson?
Berrian ESPN Fantasy Spin: Six fantasy points over the past three weeks: that's not good coming from a No. 1 wide receiver. We're hoping a familiar foe allows him to remember how good his was the last time these two teams met.
Peterson ESPN Fantasy Spin: The Bears have a good run defense, so perhaps the second time around, they'll have a better handle on how to stop Adrian Peterson, who rushed for 121 yards in the first meeting. We still like Peterson to score a few times, and even if we're wrong on that count, we're still not sitting him.

By Mac:

Brad Biggs - "statuesque" means tall. Is Frerotte unusually tall?

Not exactly Mac.


Statuesque: Suggestive of a statue, as in proportion, grace, or dignity; stately.

2nd Meaning: Suggestive of a statue.

A word can have more than one meaning, refering to a Man or a woman, or to an object. Slang, definitions also come into play.

Frerotte tends to stand still in the pocket. He does not move like a Statue. I do not not believe Biggs was refering to the shape or height of Frerotte, or maybe he was. Biggs is there anything you would like to tell your readers?

By Ish:

An interesting statement provided by the Bears website ( about the artificial turf scenario: The Bears defense has performed much better on artificial turf than grass this season. The unit has allowed an average of 265.2 total yards and 49.0 rushing yards in four games on turf compared to 359 total yards and 98.9 rushing yards in seven contests on grass. Admittedly, that stat might be a bit skewed by the fact that two of the opponents the Bears have played on turf, the Rams (2-9) and Lions (0-11), are among the NFL's worst teams.

You also forget the Colts were tore up pretty bad when the Bears played them with Manning fresh off back to back Knee surgery and 3 new starters on the O-line. and we lost to the Falcons. That said the Tampa 2 or Bear 2 always tends to be better on Turf, it's a speed based defense. That said we still have not done well there over the years. Besides thats not turf, it's green pavement.

People, please(!), give our Chicago Bears a break. It is cold outside and our Bears, naturally, are in their annual hibernation...

Go Bears!


for some reson I was anonymous,
I stand by what I write (unless I'm wrong)

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