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'85 Flashback: NFL Network to re-air classic Bears-Packers meeting

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NFL Network will air the classic William "Refrigerator" Perry game at Lambeau Field from the 1985 season this evening at 8 p.m.

This is the game in which the Fridge came out of the backfield as a fullback to catch a touchdown pass from Jim McMahon. Walter Payton rushes for 192 yards in the game.

The game will re-air on NFL Network at 2 a.m. and then again Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m.

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Brad, please stop! You're bringing up a team with players who had talent AND passion while we're stuck waching the current squad self-implode.

You're bringing up memories of Da Coach, Buddy Ryan and the 46-Defense while we're witnessing Snooze-button Smith, yes-man Boob Babich and (sigh) the "bend but don't break" Cover-2.

You're bringing up legends like SB MVP Richard Dent and Samurai Mike, while the likes of Tommie "Hallelujah" Harris and Urslacker get teary-eyed and defensive when the media questions why they've been sucking.

Please Brad, no more reminiscing...


I hope you took the time to see how defense is played. I think you forgot how its done. If you missed it last night, please catch it a 2:00pm today. You might learn something. You had an opportunity to have such a defense but you threw it away when you showed the door to Ron Rivera. Now there is no one to blame but yourself.
Last years excuse was injuries and this years excuse it execution.
I think that the only one that is not executing is you. Most fans think the same. If you don't put it together soon, you will have an opportunity to see what that door looks like from the other side.
This is just a warning....and more "Rex is our quarterback". I can only hope that Virginia is watching your moves this year so she can show you the door at the end of the year, along with you buddy, Babich. ...oh...and you can take little rex with you.

Uhhhh... "the classic William 'Refrigerator' Perry game"??? Did you actually SEE that game??? It should simply be described as the best game in the latter part of Walter Payton's career... putting the team on his back and winning one single handedly the way he did through most of his career.

I'd be willing to accept it being described as an all time classic flare-up in the Bear/Packer rivalry. But letting one trick play take billing over all that? Sounds like the way the bandwagon jumpers of the 85 season would remember it. A fan of the game and the team since the 60's begs to differ.

How over-rated was Jimmy Mac? Man he looked it that game.

This game and many of the Bears games from 1984-1985 should be manditory viewing for all current Bears and the whole coaching staff. Now that was how the game should be played!!! This Bears squad is a joke from top to bottom!!!!!

I'd take the '85 Jim McMahon to QB any team, any time. And we'd win it all again.

I just purchased the 1985 bears dvd box set from the NFL via Amazon.
Mcmahon wasn't great in the above GB vs Bears (Which BTW is not on the box should be)
Mcmahon was great when he played for most of that season. Especially the famous Vikings Thur Night game that year.
But I was watching the first Tampa game that year and Mcmahon threw some amazing passes/Tds

If you want to watch the Bears D from that year, The Super Bowl or the Dallas 44-0 game are the first that come to mind that support their reputation.

I was reminded yet again why I will argue every time the conversation comes up that Walter was the greatest running back of all time. There was not a single run where he did not deliver a blow, and every time, he gets up looking stronger, and the defenders that got hit by him were not in as good of shape.

Every Bears player should be required to watch Pure Payton, or every game he ever played, to see what it means to have heart! My first Bears game was Walter's first home game as a rookie, and I have never in my life seen a better football player take the field, nor have I seen anyone who embodied the spirit of the city of Chicago in athletics like he did. Some of these whiny millionaire primadonnas need to get a lesson in how to be a real man on the football field, and they can get it by watching 34...or 50, or 51, if they want to know how to play defense. The difference is imposing your will on the opponent, no matter what they do. There is no fire, no passion, and outside of Mike Brown, Kyle Orton, and Matt Forte, nobody was out there playing like it mattered. And Danieal Manning on kick returns.

I am taking it on the chin today from all the cheeseheads at work, and I have no response other than that we were manhandled, in every aspect of the game

Ditka brought entertainment to the game. The NFL is now boring by comparision with expression-less coaches acting dumber than dirt after the games.

Back then the tackle dummies (the push stands) were smarter than the coaches we have now. Ditka and Ryan have forgotten more football than Smith will ever know.

Watching this confirms how low the organization sank despite the 2006 season.

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