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3rd round pick Bennett inactive again

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How far behind is third-round draft pick Earl Bennett?

The wide receiver is inactive for today's game with the St. Louis Rams, losing a roster spot to Brandon Rideau, who was officially promoted from the practice squad on Saturday.

Bennett has dressed for five games this season but has yet to have a reception. The Bears need another wide receiver today with veteran Marty Booker sidelined with a bone bruise in his knee.

In other moves, running back Kevin Jones is inactive for the second consecutive game to make room for more special teams help. Defensive tackle Anthony Adams is active for the first time in four games and is expected to be in the rotation on the line.

The Bears other inactives:

3rd QB Caleb Hanie
CB Marcus Hamilton
LB Darrell McClover
DT Matt Toeaina
DE Ervin Baldwin

The Rams inactives:

3rd QB Brock Berlin
CB Tye Hill
RB Steven Jackson
LB Chris Draft
G Roy Schuening
OT Anthony Davis
OT Orlando Pace
DE Eric Moore

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Thats just crazy, to select a player that high in the draft and not even get him in a game, hopefully it's an injury and not the Bears being stupid about players again.
Look at Brad's article on how the WR the Bears let go are productive, not stars by any means but productive, heck they weren't even productive in Chicago. That speaks volumes about the Bears and their philosophy on WR players. Speaking of which I saw Devin make a nice catch today, huh, do you think he could be productive (or maybe even No. 1) if the Bears would actually throw the ball his way every now and then?
MOOSE WAS RIGHT like it or not WR come here to die. Thats a fact. Look it up.
Olsen is the best catching TE I have seen in a while Dez is no where his equal at catching the ball but does Olsen even get the ball thrown his way on a consistent basis? nuff said.
You can be the best and it doesn't matter if the ball isn't thrown to you, Do you feel TO would have better numbers lately if Johnson could have gotten him the ball?

It is inexcusable to select a guy in the 3rd round of the draft, a round in which you should be selecting players who can compete for a starting job, and this guy can't even make the active roster as a WR. The Bears have one of the worst WRs corps in the entire league and a guy whom Angelo felt good enough to draft in the 3rd can't even dress? How awful must he be? And now a practice squad reciever is a better option? This is beyond ridiculous. So in the last couple years the Bears have drafted a 3rd RB who is nothing but a special teams player, a 3rd round WR who can't make the active roster, a 2nd Rd DE who isn't even in the NFL anymore and another 3rd Rd LB who is also no longer on the team. How is this even possible with all of the resources the Bears have to evaluate players? Regardless of how this season goes, it's time to blow it up at the top and re-build this front office. Way too many draft picks wasted on stupidity.

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