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Vasher out again

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Cornerback Nathan Vasher will miss his second consecutive game as he heads the list of inactives for the Bears.

Vasher had a pin inserted in his right wrist less than two weeks ago and the decision is curious because coach Lovie Smith said Friday that Vasher would be available to play. If that's the case, he was deemed not needed for this game. Vasher also said Friday he expected to play. Corey Graham will start in his place again.

Defensive tackle Anthony Adams is also inactive with Tommie Harris taking his place.

The other inactives:

3rd QB Caleb Hanie
LB Nick Roach
G Dan Buenning
OT Chris Williams
DT Matt Toeaina
WR Brandon Lloyd

This also means rookie safety Craig Steltz will be active for the first time this season.

For Atlanta, WR Roddy White will play. He missed most of practice this past week with a head injury.

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What about Payne?

A question for the peanut gallery--who would've thought at the beginning of this season that Kyle Orton would be the Bears' strength, and their pass defense their greatest weakness?

Two in a row don't make you invincible. The Bears need to focus more on defense. The offense is just starting to jell, but, the defense is resting on it's laurels.

WHERE IS OUR D?!!!! Is there some kind of imbalance in the universe if we get a TEAM that does good? Whe we have a defense our offense is horrible, when our offense is good our defense goes on vacation!!! We as fans deserve answeres for that horrible display of a defense by the team and foolish calls made by the coaches. A squib kick??!!! Seriously? A SQUIB KICK!!!!! Just because you spanked the local victim does not mean you can enter the next playground with arrogance and think that you own that one too! I as a fan am furious at the coaches terrible and thoughtless calls, and yet I am proud at our offense. At least there is something to be happy for. Tommie Harris, in my view has become a joke. He got his money and is now laughing his way to the bank, car dealership, etc. Idonje is making more heart-filled attempts than Harris, in my opinion. We have a chance here, and yet we are going to blow it by not thinking or acting rationally! Please smarten up and play with more skill, mind and heart or else........

Kyle is for real!!!!! Is it too late to trade Tommie Harris? What a waste! Trade him to Detroit for Roy Williams. Or better yet, trade him to KC so he can be with his buddie Mark Bradley. Maybe then he'll start to play again.

Really pathetic loss. Bears shouldn't have been in the game in the first place, but because of the D, they were only down 9-3.

I watched the whole game, and it was played pretty darn even overall. Both teams missed opportunities. The Falcons couldn't get into the end zone once in 3 trips deep in the first half, and the Bears whiffed on numerous issues. Passing D, missed turnovers for dumb reasons, and a stagnant first half offense. Both teams played good too, at different times. The Falcons Matt Ryan was awesome, and they limited our run game. The Bear's offense came to life with 17 points in the final 15 minutes, and the Bears SHUT DOWN the league's leading rusher.

However, this game down to one final play before the field goal, and not with the squib kick (like so many point to). The Falcons were at thier own 44 with 6 seconds to goal. reports that the play took between 4.62 - 4.73 seconds from snap to out of bounds. The play went for 26 yards on a 3 step drop. It was a good throw.

Here is where this all lies on the defensive players (not coaches). There are 6 seconds left, as a defender in the NFL, you know that the only thing that can hurt you is a pass anywhere from 20 - 35 yards downfield on a 3 step drop. Any less than 20, and the field goal is too long, and any more than 35 and time runs out. Plus they have to get out of bounds. Yes the Falcons had a timeout, but if caught and tackled in bounds, it takes up more time to fall than to just step out of bounds. Woulda been game over under any of those options.

So as a defense you knew the play they were running, and you still weren;t in position? Poor, stupid, lazy, arrogant all come to mind when thinking of the excuses for the lack of execution on that play. The guy was wide open!!!! Unbelievable! What were you thinking?! They weren't and Bears got burned.

This team has serious flaws right now 6 games in.
1. The O-line is average at best. They are bad at run blocking, and get 4 penalties a game at least. This a physical weakness, that probably will not be helped this season.

2. The defense down NOT get pressure with out blitzes anymore. For whatever reason, they don't get pressure w/o doing something special.
- This can be solved. Bring 5 man rushes everytime they are in max protect schemes. That is the main formation that kills us. Bring 5 instead of 4. Try it at least. Right now we can't hold a lead b/c we can't stop a passing game.

3. The whole team, for whatever reasons, comes out with a vanilla attitude. Why can't the offense play with the urgency that it had when they needed 10 points in 5 minutes? Why couldn't the D coordinator come up with blitz pressures like he did in the 4th when it was still earlier in the game? Why do special teams coverage guys stay in their lanes on most plays, but not all?
- This has to be done. This team is talented. They WOULD be 6-0 if it weren't for this deal here. Coming out with the "it just Atlanta, and we got Viqueens next week" attitude killed in each of their 3 losses. But they had the sense of urgency for the Indy game and for the whole Philly game (offense then defense). Detroit just sucks. Playing not to lose against CAR, and TB is not playing with urgency. Why do we want to allow them to get back up? Why not step on the throat.

This team needs that "KILLER INSTINCT", but it has none.

I hope the Bears win next week, but they just might not feel like it.

Go Bears! I guess.

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