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Urlacher fined 20 grand for verbal abuse of official

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Tommie Harris' fumble in the second quarter last Sunday proved to be more costly than originally thought.

Just ask Brian Urlacher, who was zapped by the NFL this week, fined $20,000 for abusive conduct toward a game official, a league spokesman said.

Urlacher drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after Harris had recovered Jerious Norwood's fumble at the Bears' 23-yard line and then inexplicably coughed the ball up, turning it back over to the Falcons. Replays showed Harris was attempting to lateral the ball to teammates. He claimed he was trying to get up and run with the ball.

The Bears called for a replay challenge, insisting Harris was down by contact, and lost. Urlacher said something to an official and was penalized. That moved the ball to the Bears' 12-yard line and helped lead to Jason Elam's 32-yard field goal that put Atlanta ahead 9-0.

It's not the first time Urlacher has been fined by the league. His most costly one came in April 2007 when he was docked $100,000 for unapproved headware at Media Day before Super Bowl XLI.

It's a big fine for just popping off to an official, larger than you get for a lot of physical actions on the field that draw fines. For instance, Tampa Bay right tackle Jeremy Trueblood was fined $5,000 for punching Adewale Ogunleye in the head after the Week 3 meeting at Soldier Field.

Urlacher isn't the only player to be fined for mouthing off on the field last week. St. Louis offensive lineman Richie Incognito was docked $25,000 for verbal abuse.

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How do you spell overrated and washed up? U-R-L-A-C-H-E-R

Well, that explains how the ball got moved that close to the goalline after the play ended, even the Fox commentators didn't know what happened on the play....That takes a little of his signing bonus away, maybe it will piss him off and he goes out and dominates the next few weeks.

One the othe hand I must send a shout out to Hiestand for his coaching and development of the o-line so far this season, they have done a credible job protecting Kyle and re-establish the run to a certain extent. I believe Forte will get better as the season goes on, but we must get some snaps for Jones earlier in the game, and he has to be productive to stay on the field and give the run game anohter option. Man 1/3 of the season is gone, wev'e had plenty to both get excited about and moan about, the BEARS are going to make all us fans have to have difibulators at home just to finish the games...
On a serious note fellows let's string together some wins.....Go BEARS

Scottevil, how's the weather up in Green Bay, or is it Minneapolis, Detroit perhaps?

I can understand why from the way the season has been going so far, But he need to use that energy on the teams that we are playing not the official they not the one who runing over him or passing over him the official are the wrong person to be going off on..

Brian just lost his cool. If he really wanted to be mad at someone, he should have spoken to his teammate, Tommie. No excuse for losing what could have been a momentum changer and at the very least, removed points that they received on that drive. With the way that the Bears offense was starting to click,who knows. I wish he would spend more time making plays and less time talking to officials. Besides, when has that ever helped him in the past or the team for that matter. Play hard Brian, we need it more than your opinion. GO BEARS, BEAR DOWN!!!!!

whew! Good thing the NFL can't hear what's being said in my living room about the officials. We'd be fined at least $200,000 weekly.

How come the officials never get fined? They are horrible! Everyone of them. They can screw up all game long, but if someone says something about one screw up and they get fined. Quit babying these losers and make them accountable for their mistakes. They are ruining a good game!!!

I still think Brian Urlacher is one of the leagues better linebackers. Yeah, his game has lost some bite, but this happens with age, football players are the opposite of wine, they don't get better with age. With that being said, I still think Urlacher is a good linebacker, Urlacher is still one of the Bears leading tacklers. A lot of you Bear fans, [I think???] that call Urlacher overrated, don't realize lach has been in the league for 9 seasons now, that is a long time for a football player, especially a linebacker, one of footballs more violent positions. Also take into consideration, before calling Urlacher overrated, that the scheme of Chicago's defense takes away a lot of the pretty stats [like sacks] that would make Urlacher look more appealing to certain members of the fan base. A lot of the time Urlacher is asked to drop back into coverage, this takes away a lot of tackle & sack opportunities. So I wouldn't go running ol number 54 out of Chicago just yet for petes sake???
As far as the fine goes, hey, nobody is above the rules, even NFL players have to be held accountable for their actions. Although, in Urlachers defense, sometimes its hard to hold back, especially during a game when the old adrenaline is running in overdrive. GO BEARS!!

Hey, boys and girls! Time to list the accolades!!!

Urlacher: 6x pro bowler and 4x All-Pro. 2000 defensive rookie of the year, 2005 defensive player of the year... (to name a few)

drumroll please!!!!!!!!

Scottevil: Brainless Bandwagon all-star, Stridex zit-popper of the week, big-gut-armchair-know-it-all man of the year, and 3 straight Boy-ain't-I-Jealous? nominations.


-one post n done. aint comin back to read replies. never do. -

Hey, I would of probly done the same thing if I was on the field!! I dont blame him...U rock Brian!!!!!! GO BEARS!!!!!!!

Urlacher just lost his temper a bit. NFL just using him as an example. I pay attention when I hear something tied to Urlacher; not so much to the other typical showboaters. Urlacher Rocks!! GO BEARS!!

The jerks who run this league have no sense of decency. Players get fined a lot more for saying something than for punching other players?

cersei, I could care less if you come back or not
I am replying to everyone that read your post - not your d___a__
Dude, I appreciatte all Brian has done for Da, except if we went on past accomplishments then why not bring back Mike Singletary?? Or Danimal??
I had URL on my fantasy team at the beginning of the year, and I dropped his but cause he isn't doing anything this year! This lst game was the first time I saw him actually do anything except stand there next to the pile AFTER the tackle was made, he made a couple good stops this weekend against the yikes.
Call it like it is instead of bringing up PAST GLORY to say a guy should be on the field and put a blogger down for bein real!! That is not what NFL players are on the field for, now don't get me wrong I love URL Da Bear! But I am calling it real not dream land past glory. i ACTUALLY SAW hARRIS MAKE A COUPLE PLAYS THIS WEEK AS WELL, MAYBE....
as far as the officiating I agree the refs are terrible - but let your playin do the talkin not your big lazy mouth!
oh yeah, when I dropped URL off my Fantasy Team - not even the worst team in our league picked him up! Tell you anything? He aint worth squat for past accomplishments on the field, now if you want to talk past glory then lets talk Covert/McMahon/Wilson etc..dude. I am rooting for URL - I feel he has still not worked out enough after his neck injury but for real he needs to play better!

Kevin I am not saying run him out of Chicago, but he is not playing like the URL of old, could be scheme, except he looks weaker to me, believe me I studied his play before dropping him from my fantasy team, I don't think he is really over that inj. yet, next year maybe he will be his old self, I am willing to wait on him due to past history!, except lets not say he should be given a pass this year because of prior years accomplishments. Sad but true the NFL does not work like that, we are trying to win and if their is a better LB on this team then field him now, and let URL workout and get bettter.
Also I am not sold on this D scheme either.

`One the othe hand I must send a shout out to Hiestand for his coaching and development of the o-line so far this season, they have done a credible job protecting Kyle and re-establish the run to a certain extent. '
Copy that chitown!!
Wow, I never thought the Oline would be getting the accolades and the D would be getting crap this year but wow!
Yeah, Forte has slowed down but thats fine as Orton, Oline, WR have picked it up, maybe the D is scared of Forte just a little bit?
And we used our TE right this week huh!!! Took us long enough, but finally the TE are getting the ball. We have a couple of the best tight ends in the NFL guy'sa and they should be doin even more than this.
Orton is doing great with the audibles in my opinion.

Scott Evil: Urlacher is overrated...
Dr. Evil: Sh!
Scott Evil: But...
Dr. Evil: Sh!
Scott Evil: I'm...
Dr. Evil: Sh!
Scott Evil: All I'm say...
Dr. Evil: Sh!
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Scott Evil: I'm just...
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Scott Evil: Would...
Dr. Evil: Sh!... Knock-knock.
Scott Evil: Who's there?
Dr. Evil: Sh!
Scott Evil: But...
Dr. Evil: Let me tell you a little story about a man named Sh! Sh! even before you start. That was a pre-emptive "sh!" Now, I have a whole bag of "sh!" with your name on it.

go bears

Randy: Thanks for the pick-up, the o-line has made Orton's transformation easier, they have done a solid job protecting him and aloowing him a chance to scan the field. This offense if it keeps developing could be something we have never seen in Chicago.
In taking a look at the defense I see us in transformation this season, I wouldn't have thought so earlier, but we have a limited amount of playmakers on that side of the ball right now, everyone is dogging Harris, but he is coming off two straight knee surgeries, anyone who has had the surgery knows it take a year to a year and half to recover, he is not at full strength yet. I'm concerned with Wale, he seems to have been quiet since the Trueblood incident, not sure if this is effecting his play, anderson has to bulk up simple as that teams are on to his speedrush technique now, and he can't seem to over power the tackle he's facing. If we shore up this side of the ball coming out the bye we can make a playoff run, if not we will be disappointed at the end of the season.

Biggs, I agree, it might be time to start thinking about giving Kyle Orton his pay day at the end of the season. As of right now, Orton is on pace to throw for 3581 yds and 26 td passes, if so, the Bears need to pay Orton. This franchise has been searching way to long for a QB....way to long. A lot of Orton bashers [funny you don't hear much from them anymore??] are quick to point out that Orton has had some potential interceptions dropped this season [give me a break], he even did in the Viking game on sunday, guess what, he had a couple of td passes dropped also, can you imagine Ortons numbers if them td passes were held on to??!! Since Im on the subject of interceptions, of the seven games this season, Orton has only thrown ints in two of them, week 3-4, vs the Bucs & Eagles. Also, Orton has not throw an int in the last three games, 109 pass attempts, not bad.
Seems to me on this board there were some Bear fans who thought Orton had a weak arm, doesn't look to weak now, does it?? Kyle Orton has demonstrated a number of times this season that he can make every throw, heck, I think Orton has one of the better arms in the NFL, heck, I think Kyle Orton is one of the better QB's in the NFL. This is why I say, "dont bash a player on your favorite team to loud," yeah, if the player ends up sucking you look right, but if he turns out to be pretty good, you look like a bandwagon riding idiot. GO ORTON!! GO BEARS!!

Link to NFC North Article
I also feel Briggs has been playing pretty decent, and yeah, why didn't Jones get on the field more?

Kevin .... correct. Orton has played extremely well, but (wait for it) remember the first 3 games? He is on pace for 3500 yards and 26 TD's with only 11 ints, BUT reality is he has 1700 yds, with 10 TD's and 4 ints.

He does not deserve a raise ..... YET.

The first 3 games were not bad, but nothing special. It didn't look like he could win the game yet. He did OK against Indy, but Forte did awesome that game, and the running game dominated. He had a horrible day against Carolina, and especially in the second half. He did bad in the first half against TB, and then couldn't win it in 3 tries late in 4th and OT. He had a coming out of sorts for most of the second half against TB with 2 TD passes. Then he had a tremendous first half against the Eagles, but the second half was the exact opposite of the first. Since then, he has been nothing short of awesome against Det and Minn. But he showed no sense of urgency against ATL in the first half. Kudos for him getting the team rolling in the second half, but he should show more leadership.

Orton has shown he is capable of even more as a leader of this team. He has the position, he is playing well, and he has earned the respect to be THE LEADER of this team. He has a team that will follow him too. Forte, and all the receivers and TE's will do w/e he wants b/c they are playing awesome right now.

I think that if he can become THE LEADER, the Bears will go 8-1 the rest of the season. I believe we have seen the worst this D will play all year.

All of a sudden, the sky is the potential limit for this team. The offense is top 10 minimum. Will continue to average at least 25 PPG. The defense will be healthy after essentially 2 bye weeks with the DET game. They will recover and finish in the top 10 in defense. What if Chris Williams comes in and is actually good? What happens when Hester gets into the inevitable groove of returning TD's. What happens when the D stops giving up big plays?

It will all happen if Orton become THE LEADER of the team.

Go Bears.

Randy, I agree, wait till the end of the season to reward Orton, thats basically what I said in my above blog. I just meant it might be time to start working one out, also, its already the middle of the season and Orton is only getting better.
As far as the first three games of the season go, Kyle Orton had a disadvantage vs other NFL QB's coming into the season, Orton had to rotate in and out of the first team during the pre-season. This put Orton at a major disadvantage, because he did not have enough time to really get in sync with his receivers & tight ends. Now that he has, well, I think the results speak for themselves.
As for Kyle Orton becoming THE LEADER, I think he is ahead of you there also guy, if you remember in the pre-season, Orton was chosen, by his teammates, as one of the team captains, they don't just make anyone a team captain. The fact Orton was chosen as a team captain shows a couple of things. First off, Orton obviously has the respect of his teammates, secondly, Orton has had to displayed some form of leadership early on to have his teammates make him a team captain. I think the better Orton gets running Turners offense, the more obvious it will become.
I agree, skies the limit for this team, hopefully the corners can get healthy. I think Chris Williams is going to be a good one, and will only make Orton and the Bears offense better. GO BEARS!!

Kevin, you meant Ryan of course.

NFC North Article on Harris, he did look better this past week.

The thing I really like is the no-huddle/Audible I feel that is so intelligent of the Colts to do that and Da are having success with it as well, it helps that Kyle had experience with Audible at Purdue.
Yeah, I'd like to see Williams get some game time, but lets not mess up the chemistry right now, they may not be probowlers but it's working.
I feel Holt will help as well.

Yes, Kevin, you are right. He is THE LEADER right now. But I just want to see him do it for the rest of the year. He has played great for some spurts against Indy, TB, Philly first half, whole DET game, 2nd half against ATL, and the whole Minn game. But he has been less than average for rare parts against the Colts, whole CAR game, 1st half against TB, 2nd half against Philly, and the 1st half against ATL. He has been better as of late, so I agree he is currently, THE LEADER. But if he can do it the rest of the year, this team will finish 11-5 at the worst. A good QB is that important.

As for Chris WIlliams ruining chemistry, yes, that may be a small concern. But the main thing is that St. Claire does not possess many favorable attributes ( talents ).

Kreutz is still good, but not great. He physically can get the job done though.

Garza is not bad. He is athletic enough to be a good pulling guard.

Beekman is a good left guard. He physically has been good against every opponent so far. He still makes stupid mistakes though.

Tait is just OK now. He is no longer even good anymore. He gets beaten a lot by faster pass rushers than expose how slow he is out of his stance. Cutting Barton I think was stupid. This guy was younger, and not any worse than Tait.

Now St. Claire has been a back-up his whole career. He clearly is over matched most of the time when left one on one. The Bears constantly check/chip the rusher with a RB or TE. This makes what Orton is doing even more amazing. He has been awesome for the better part of 3 games.

Put in Chris Williams. He is more than likely more talented than St. Claire. He might even be good. You at least have DET as a warm-up to try him out after the bye. That makes the line deep, and effectively frees up a roster spot since Williams has taken one up while useless for the whole season so far. They could now drop one O-lineman since St. Claire can back-up guard and tackle. My bet is Metcalf gets canned (or did he already get canned?) for uselessness and stupidity. Beekman is better, and St. Claire is more valuable as a versatile back-up.

Hopefully, this will help the running game. Bears should be able to still get 3.5 yards per carry against an 8 man front. They did it for all of 2005. This year, the line needs to block better, and Kevin Jones needs to start producing on his carries.

The defense solely depends on if Babich can actually be inventive and creative and crazy all at the same time to come with ways to use all this talent we all know they have on defense. These are the same players that were ranked 2nd in 05 and 5th in 06. Last year and in 04 they were injured. They do not have that excuse right now. SO either that is player motivation (Lovie Smith's job), or failure to use talent in right way (Babich's job).

Go Bears!!

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