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Top pick Williams cleared for full participation in practice

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Just more than eight weeks after surgery, Chris Williams was cleared for full participation in practice.

The first-round pick from Vanderbilt took part in all of practice Friday for the first time. It was the next step in his return to the field which could come before November at this point.

"It's real encouraging,'' Williams said. "I'm ready to play, know what I mean?"

Williams had surgery to repair a herniated disc in his back Aug. 6. He returned to practice on a limited basis two weeks ago and now it's a matter of just getting him game ready, something offensive coordinator Ron Turner admitted isn't the easiest thing with a lineman in practice. Afterward Friday, Williams was running sprints that were timed by trainer Bobby Slater.

"I feel a lot better," Williams said. "Whenever they say, `Chris, you can go,' I'm going. Until then, I'm just doing what they tell me, basically. I need the doctor to be comfortable. He knows what's going on. To me it's just a matter of when he says I'm ready, I'm ready. They know the surgery and the process better than I do."

For what it's worth, Williams is questionable on the injury report. He's expected to be inactive Sunday at Detroit.

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Good. Great. The Bears need some more talent on the O-line.

But he will need at least 2 weeks to get into shape, and 3 weeks to learn the playbook physically. It needs to become muscle memory.

They should rest him till after the bye week, and break him in against detroit at home first game of November. He has to have more talent than St. Claire. And they will need him to play well down the stretch against the likes of Jax, Tenn, Hous, and Minn. All 4 teams will have top 10 numbers in sacks this year when all is said and done.

But the schedule is looking "winnable" for the other 5 games. NO, Det, GB, @GB, @St.L have bad run defenses. The Bears are really good when they get over 130 rushing yards in Lovie's tenure. Forte will easily get at least 90 yards against all 5 foes.

With GB having QB injury troubles (what a surprise), Minnesota having really bad QB's, and Detroit just being the worst of the worst, the Bears could steal this division with a 9-7 record. The Bears beat their NFC East opponent, and they beat the Colts. They can hang with anyone in the league if they don't play really stupid (see 3rd quarter against Philly). GB lost to their NFC East opponent, and have yet to play the Colts. Minn lost to the Colts, and have to play the Giants from the NFC East.

If Bears can go 4-2 in the division, then they should easily win with the above factors in mind.

Please be good Chris Williams.


This is great news. If Williams can get back in time for the Detriot game in Chicago, I believe the line is stronger for the stretch run.

Welcome back Brad! Where have you been all week?

Williams said, "I'm ready to play, know what I mean?"

Yes, we know what you mean. It's not real freakin hard to follow: I'm. Ready. To. Play.

We've got it.

Good to have you back Bigsey. I was having withdrawls. I don't blame you for taking some time from the blog. The baseball tragedy is tough.

What's the general opinion on Williams even being re-inserted as the starter at this point?

Game to game?

St. Clair isn't all that, but it looks like he's adequate at the position for now.

While we're on offensive lines, check out the Niners and the 19 sacks on JT OSullivan. Anyone want to place odds on him even being a football player after the Patriots, Eagles, and Giants back to back to back?

no need to rush him. at this point let the current o-line play, let this kid rehab, learn, maybe play a few series now and then if ready sometime down rhe road, but, he is not our saviour.

One post every five days?!? You must be the hardest working guy in the business.

This has to be the dumbest decision yet.

If Williams doesn't wait long enough for scar tissue to form over the area that was removed and strengthen the back and muscle groups in the stomach that area of the back will be unstable and the discv may blow out again. If that happens it's probably career over.

I think JA is worried about being held responsible for all his bad draft picks, but this is just dumb.

Well I think like everyone else i was really mad when I heard he was having the surgery. But knowing he can come back in a few weeks and contribute is really good. The team has played good and getting depth at O-Line will really help.

LMAO at Bears Fan.but anyway,we need him back as soon as possible.If u look at the film st.clair has been playing poorly.if it wasnt for chip blocks by forte and clark he would look alot worst right now.but it still not best to rush williams in to soon i give 3 weeks be4 hes ready

It was unfortunate Chris Williams had to go down, but hopefully this surgery will correct the problem with his back. It should, other players who have had the same surgery have come back strong and good to go. The good out of all of this is, Chris Williams is still young, and the problem was hopefully fixed early in his career. I myself wouldn't rush Williams back to soon, I say wait 3-4 more weeks, work with Williams and get him ready as far as the playbook, and hopefully Williams will be ready to go after the Bears bye week. John St.Clair has been adequate filling in at left tackle, but Chris Williams should be an instant upgrade at the position. Chris Williams has a nice combination of size and athleticism, this should only help the Bears passing game by simply giving Orton a little more time in the pocket GO BEARS!!

Don't rush him. Let him heal and learn. We don't need to be in any hurry to get him back. Who we need to get back, and back on track is Tommie "head case" Harris. Too hurt to practice and/or rehab, but well enough to play poorly and cash a check. Figure it out Tommie and get back to dominating inside or you'll be the next Angelo blunder. Also, learn to shut up or put up. The next third person interview you do will be the last time I have a modicum of respect for you.

We are ahead of the game at this point, with St. Clair getting in reps and Forte learning how to chip and winning a couple in a row, it's all good! Although I feel those chips will still be needed as Williams learns the real game of football.
Good to see you (back)Brad.

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