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Singletary provides the low down on dropping his pants

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Mike Singletary's Hall of Fame roots are in Chicago with the Bears and that is where the story first broke about the new 49ers coach dropping his pants at halftime in the locker room last Sunday.

San Francisco was trailing Seattle 20-3 after two quarters at Candlestick Park en route to a 34-13 loss in Singletary's debut as the head coach after taking over for the ousted Mike Nolan.

Singletary sent tight end Vernon Davis to the dressing room during the third quarter after he came to the sideline following a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. That sideline exchange as well as Singletary's pointed remarks following the game drew national attention. But it wasn't until Sun-Times sportswriters Mike Mulligan and Brian Hanley reported Wednesday morning on WSCR-670 AM that Singletary had dropped his pants during a halftime speech to the team that perhaps the most embarrassing incident became public.

The 49ers acknowledged Thursday that indeed happened and Singletary discussed it earlier today with Singletary's former teammate Dan Hampton and Laurence Holmes on 670 AM. Listen for yourself and you'll see it's clear Singletary wasn't planning on his motivational wardrobe move seeing the light of day, so to speak.

"You know everything that happened during the game, after the game, whatever, that's pretty much me,'' Singletary said. ``That's kind of who I am."

The football team has suggested the move was to emphasize that the 49ers were being spanked by the Seahawks, but as Mulligan relayed on the airwaves that is not how the scene went down.

"The thing with the incident where you hear he dropped his pants at halftime or whatever, that is something that Dan knows well as I do, that the locker room is really sacred,'' Singletary told Hamp & Holmes. ``That what is said, what is done in the locker room should stay in the locker room.

"It's not like I didn't have anything on after I had my pants down. But the point I was trying to make at that particular time, you only have so much time at halftime to say something, it was just simply we're getting our tails kicked. `Guys, let's not go out there and lay an egg. Let's go out there and play football.' It's as simple as that.''

Singletary continued to address the team for about five minutes with his trousers at his feet.

``This week has been very interesting to say the least,'' Singletary said. ``I knew taking this job there would be a culture shock. I think I have the guys' attention, the coaches' attention, the organization. And we're ready to move forward.''

The 49ers are on their bye this week. They travel to Arizona on Nov. 10 for their next game.

So, anyone going as Samurai Mike for Halloween?

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Wouldnt it be great to see if SNL has some fun with this situation since it did bring national attention.

This is great and entertaining to watch and listen too. Singeltary is a great man, great player and now he at this point makes me want to watch the 49ers play just to see some side line action. The Cards are a good team that can put points up quick lets see if that bring out another Samuria moment.

Off Topic, Topic.

Kyle Orton and the teams confidence in his last 10 starts.

Points scored Team passing yards Tds Int
13L MIN 184 0 1
35W GBP 101 1 0
33W NOS 190 2 1
29W INDY 150 0 0
17L CAR 149 0 0
24L TBBUC 208 2 2
24W PHI 199 3 2
34W LIONS 334 2 0
20L ATL 286 1 0
48W MIN 283 2 0

14TDs 7INTs
6 Wins 4 Losses

Not to bad at all. Good reason why Kyle is a Caption as well as turning the corner of being a Franchise QB.

Mike Singletary has inherited a really bad situation and I'll be very surprised if he can make any difference to this sorry franchise. Ownership and management are the problems in San Francisco. That said, as an ex-Bear, and one from the great Ditka years and the '85 team, I'll be rooting for him, even though I hate the Whiners (Go Raiders!).

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