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Rodgers' deal could pave the way for Orton

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It could be that the Bears just got an idea what the price will be for a longterm contract extension when it comes to Kyle Orton.

And Orton can thank Aaron Rodgers when he sees him in Green Bay in a little more than two weeks.

That is because the Packers just signed Brett Favre's replacement to a lucrative extension through 2014. Terms have not been disclosed yet but it's been reported that Rodgers received a deal in the range of the $67.5 million, six-year deal Dallas' Tony Romo bagged in the offseason. Significant, too, is the fact that Rodgers and Orton share the same agent, David Dunn.

UPDATING: NFL Network's Adam Schefter reports Rodgers' deal is six years for $65 million with $20 million guaranteed.

The Packers were able to make the move with more than $19 million available in salary-cap room this season. The deadline to write a contract and have it impact this year's cap is Monday. It's not believed the Bears have any business in the works. Rodgers, a first-round pick in 2005, was signed through next year. Orton is also signed through '09 after the one-year extension he signed in March which is worth as much as $4.5 million.

If any comparison between the quarterbacks is based on first-half statistics, you'll see why Orton's pay will be similar. His numbers closely mirror Rodgers.

Quarterback Completions-Attempts Pct. Yards TD-IN Rating

Kyle Orton 143-230 62.2 1,669 10-4 91.4

Aaron Rodgers 145-221 65.6 1,668 12-4 98.8

Orton has said he is not worried about a contract and knows that will work itself out in the offseason. Dunn was at the Minnesota game last month and visited with team officials.

A deal for Orton could also be based off what Jacksonville gave David Garrard. With 30 career starts, he received a $57.95 million, six-year extension in April. Then there is Cleveland's Derek Anderson, also a Dunn client, who bagged a deal worth $8 million annually.

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As an aside, you realize a quarterback ratings system is somewhat flawed when both Rodgers and Orton have nearly identical numbers except that Rodgers has thrown three more interceptions. Yet, his QB rating is 7 points higher than Orton's. Are there other factors at play not mentioned here?

Rogers has 4 int's not 7

Rodgers TD-INT ration is 12 to 4, not 10-7

I think it is becoming more and more obvious that Kyle Orton and Aaron Rodgers were the top two QB's to come out of the 2005 draft, only difference is, Chicago got their man in the fourth round, nice pick on Angelo's part. Also, its a weird coincidence that the Bears & Packers, the NFL's best rivalry, both ended up with the 2005 draft classes best signal callers. I think if Kyle Orton keeps up the good work, he will get his payday in the off-season, and yes, it will be around the same thing Rodgers got, as it should. Angelo has proved he will reward his own, which I strongly agree with. If you bring a player in and he proves himself, pay him, this is the way it should be. So you can bet a franchise like the Bears, who have been searching for a QB for some time now, will lock up Orton and pay him very well. This Orton & Rodgers thing is going to only add to the Bears Packers rivalry, you can bank on a rivalry between Orton & Rodgers also, it should be a nice one to watch. I know my opinion is bias, but I think Orton is the better QB, Aaron Rodgers seems to be very fragile, Orton seems like the stronger QB. GO BEARS!!

Rodgers has won all of what ... four games?

I think the Pack might have jumped the gun here. Perhaps a little seller's remorse due to their trading Farve for next to nothing?

Kevin, good call! I know there's some people out there that flat out hate Angelo and blame him for anything that goes wrong: from losing games, to making bad draft choices, to solar eclipses. (They shall remain nameless to preserve their dignity- oh what the hell, looking at you Creighton.) But like you said Angelo got Orton (Turner should get some credit for that as well) who has progressed and shown that he can win the game for the team. He picked up Forte who would make #34 proud (Not saying he is Walter but that with his passion for the game, willingness to learn and overall talent he would well, make him proud). And for not knowing much on how to build an offense, we have a pretty damn good one. Brandon Lloyd was a steal, Rashied Davis is a solid contributor, Booker has surprised a lot of people, as has the offensive line, the TEs are great and we have good depth at RB.

Things aren't looking so bad. It used to be that defense and STs won games for us, now it's offense and STs. Cool, whatever. I'll take a win any which way .

I hope that the Bears officials are infact going to support their own like angelo claims, and so far has done so, by signing orton to a long term deal. as a staunch orton supporter I hope we sign him because God only knows how long it has been that the Bears have been seeking for a successful QB. The Rogers v. Orton competition will only flourish if the org keeps Orton and the WR of Lloyd, Davis, Hester, and RB Forte, our offense will be fierce at last. Orton, like Urlacher, is born a cub, and should die as a Bear. Go Bears!

while Orton is looking very good behind center so far this year, it was only 2 years ago that Rexy was doing well until he started crapping the bed mid-season. Not comparing their styles of play, just that I presume the Bears front office would like to see a whole season of awesomeness before plunking down franchise qb money. Good god that seems crazy just to type that out...Bears franchise qb. weird.

Good stuff on Turner/Babich.

Yeah, 4 games is a little quick, I feel, Rogers looks like he understands the position though as does Orton, and yeah give JA Olsen/Forte as well, he's made some bad picks and good picks - heck the draft is a crap shoot, but overall I feel he's done a good job, we have maybe the best teams since 85 (of course only by dropping Babich)

wait a minute I'm sure the Pack evaluated ALL the games dude! Not just the wins, and yes it's not based on wins thats a Teams responsibility, it's based on what he showed in all the games, and I feel he showed enough leadership/poise etc.. to get a contract. As Orton has done as well. Orton as mentioned has alot to learn, but he impresses me with the Audibles, knowledge of the game.

Detroit - Win

Ten - Win !!!

Don't do it. It's been Jerry Angelo's philosophy not to do business in the middle of the season. He leaves that for the off-season and that's the wise move.

Let Orton finish what he started first. When the weather gets colder and the opponents get tougher, Orton will have to prove the first half was no fluke. I certainly hope he does it because I'm tired of the quarterback carousel.

But let's let him finish what he started first and take the Bears to the playoffs and let him win a playoff game before we reward him.

Wrong Tim. Orton and Grossman's respective seasons in 08 and 06 may be similar in some stats, but their patterns of play are very different.

Orton started average to solid for the better part of the first 4 games. He has exploded the last 3 games, with the only bad play was the first half in Atlanta. Grossman started off hot in 06 against GB and Det, but then had a bad game at Minn (even though they won). Then he did great against Seattle and OK against Buffalo. Then he did terrible against Arizona, good against SF, and terrible against Miami.

Grossman was inconsistent throughout. Orton has been getting better and better. And it doesn't seem to matter which defense he plays.

So I guess you aren't really wrong Tim. We are nearing midseason, but Orton has upward momentum on his side, and Detroit as a warm-up coming out of break. I hope Orton doesn't hit the crapper, ever, as Grossman did too often. But again, this looks better.

If they fix the defensive line and schemes, they should not lose the rest of the season.

Go Bears. 13-3

Haha! nice one Tim, yeah, the phrase "Bears franchise QB" does sound weird..but in a good way. Good point though about Grossman's 2nd half collapse. I'll be the first to admit that I didn't think Orton could do the job. I'm certainly more than happy to have Orton make me eat my words so far this season! But as Tim mentioned, we need to see consistency from the position. At LEAST 1 full season of good play (obviously preferrably more). It makes sense that the front office would want to wait to see Orton close the season as strongly as he's opened it before dishing out the big money. Here's to hoping Orton can keep his level of play this high for a long time to come. GO BEARS!!!

Biggs nailed it when he pointed out that there is a deadline of Monday to make the contract start counting against this year's cap. If they aren't in negotiations now (granted, if Kyle's agent has half an ounce of talent, he will have been on the phone with Cliff Stein from the second after Rodgers' deal was announced). I think the Bears will sit back, enjoy the ride, and call the game so that Kyle can max out his incentives on the current deal he has.

As soon as the season ends, as long as he doesn't have a Rex-like collapse, they start working on a long-term plan.

I don't see the collapse coming, because not only has he been improving week after week, but he does things that Rex did not and could not, and those things help prevent mistakes. Kyle will still make a few, but what QB doesn't? But he slides in the pocket to buy time, and he steps up in the pocket to deliver the ball. Rex hung in there tough, but (and I hate to harp on his size yet again) he couldn't step up unless there was a wide open throwing lane for him to step into. That is why they blitzed him so much. His escape plan was straight back, because he had nowhere else to go. Kyle is using what he has learned from Joe Tiller, Ron Turner, and Brian Griese, and using the strong arm he has to make it all work.

Dare I say it? We have a quarterback who is getting better every week. When was the last time we could say that? Grossman may still have more physical talent than Orton, but what is between the ears has prevented Rex from getting better, and has allowed Orton to progress to the point where most football pundits are dining on a giant plate of crow....

If I remember correctly, the knocks on Orton were:

weak arm
limited throws he can make
Not good at reading the field

So it looks like a dinner of crow, a side of foot, and a dessert of humble pie...ESPN, FOX, CBS, NFLN...

This is way too soon to call Orton the long term answer. As far as I'm concerned, he's not proven anything more than Grossman. You guys are delusional. The papers made a big deal about signing Hester, but now that we did, what has he really done?

Do NOT overpay.

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