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Metcalf suspended 4 games for violation of steroids policy

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Veteran guard Terrence Metcalf has been suspended four games without pay for violation of the league's policy on steroids and related substances.

Metcalf will be eligible to rejoin the Bears' active roster on Monday, Nov. 17.

This will give the Bears an open roster spot. It's expected Dan Buenning will take his place on the gameday roster. We'll see what they do to fill the spot.

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It's not juice. It's a protein shake!

Whoa, this came out of nowhere. Can't really see how it's going to hurt us though.

Can i assume that this is the end for Metcalf's time here in Chicago? He got hurt in the preseason and never took his job back from Beekman. I think that Buenning has the most talent on the roster at the guard posistion.

Can he take Tommie Harris with him? By the way, is it too late to trade Tommie? What a bag of hot air! Tell me how good you used to be, Tommie! Babich Patch can go too. This whole defensive unit is overpaid, out of shape, and big headed. I'm glad they lost. Now come back down, boys! Kyle is all-pro!!!

Good. Metcalf has been nothing but deadweight and personal foul penalties. Sayonara clown.

After the game yesterday nothing should surprise us...Bad loss to Falcons 0-3 against the NFC South means we are in trouble if it comes to a tie break for a playoff spot....Have to win the division and still have two games a piece against both Vikes and Pack...way Defense is playing that does not bode well...Where the hell is the pass rush letting a rookie QB have that much time is out of order...Ogunleye and Anderson have disappeared....Tillman's a warrior playing with two bumb shoulders, got to love the guy for the effort....Offesne has steeped up this could still be a solid season but we need to run off a 3-4 game win streak to create some space and put pressure on other NFC teams who have advantage on us with tie-breakers....Kevin A, Da Coach, Creighton, WF Donald what you guys got to say about this mess from yesterday and prospects for playoff spot........

chitownbear, extreme disappointment is all I really got to say about the game. I agree with you on Charles Tillman, he is a warrior, but the injuries...again. That goes for the entire secondary, heck, the only player staying healthy, is Mike Brown?? Hopefully Tillman can go the entire season. I love this Corey Graham kid, he is really strong against the run, I think he is gonna be a good one. I think when it was all said and done sunday, the Bears went in with the sole intent to stop Turner the Burner, which they did. What they didn't bank on was how good Matt Ryan is. Chicago played the run, which left a receiver in single coverage, and Matt Ryan found this receiver EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! The lack of a pass rush along with a banged up secondary is what ultimately killed the Bears. But as far as the lack of pass rush goes, this stems back on the game plan to stop Turner, instead of the ends going after the QB, their job was to contain, I think this was the biggest reason Chicagos pass rush seemed nonexistent. The good of this game is, Kyle Orton is really starting to come on, and so are the Bear receivers. Orton almost became a legend, so close, oh well there will be other games. Yes chitownbear, I still think the Bears will make the playoffs, they should still win the NFC north. As far as Metcalf goes, maybe this will give Chicago the excuse to..well you know GO BEARS!!

Amen Hadji....Im with you. Ditch Harris and Metcalf. Steroids? Are they high in fat and calories? Looks like it. You havent heard the last drama from Tommie Harris. Mark my word!!!!

Wow, Metcalf is on steroids and still sucks out loud. I would hope Chicago would finally get rid of this guy but you know they won't. They had the chance year in and year out to jettison this guy but kept hoping against hope that he'd develop into a starter. Maybe this is a last straw but Metcalf is a rare diamond ... an actual Jerry Angelo first day pick who's still in the league.


As for yesterday's game I was working on my response to post on my blog but kept banging my head against the keyboard wondering why I love the Bears so much. A couple of thoughts:

- Ron Turner should be kicked repeatedly in the nuts if he ever give Jason McKie the ball or - gulp - tries to pass to him on a critical 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1.
- Bob Babich should be fired though you know I've been saying this for a long time. We've gone from a Super Bowl defense to a team that can't hold onto a lead for 11 seconds.
- Tommie Harris needs to STFU and GBTW. I had predicted his return to the lineup would be subtraction by addition and it was. 42 plays, 1 tackle, and a bonehead play that would embarass Leon Lett. Pathetic.
- If Chicago has hopes of post season play, they will have to sweep the division and that's not bloody likely. Unless Green Bay and Minnesota go on unforeseen losing streaks, our tie-breaker is in the toilet.
- That being said, I do have some optimism over the fact that Chicago has 6 home games left and, aside from their two divisional away games, will travel to St. Louis and Houston: both winnable venues.
- Also after what should have been a game-winning drive, I've still seen people blame the loss on Kyle Orton. Rex must have a user account over at the Trib message forums.

It dosent matter the bears coaching staff is gonna lead them to the bottom anyway.c'mon really a squibb kick? and that cover-2 def that has done no good at the end of four games?maybe the injured player they got in the draft will help ...yeah right.Mckaskeys ,get rid of the coaching staff!!

Really pathetic loss. Bears shouldn't have been in the game in the first place, but because of the D, they were only down 9-3.

I watched the whole game, and it was played pretty darn even overall. Both teams missed opportunities. The Falcons couldn't get into the end zone once in 3 trips deep in the first half, and the Bears whiffed on numerous issues. Passing D, missed turnovers for dumb reasons, and a stagnant first half offense. Both teams played good too, at different times. The Falcons Matt Ryan was awesome, and they limited our run game. The Bear's offense came to life with 17 points in the final 15 minutes, and the Bears SHUT DOWN the league's leading rusher.

However, this game down to one final play before the field goal, and not with the squib kick (like so many point to). The Falcons were at thier own 44 with 6 seconds to goal. reports that the play took between 4.62 - 4.73 seconds from snap to out of bounds. The play went for 26 yards on a 3 step drop. It was a good throw.

Here is where this all lies on the defensive players (not coaches). There are 6 seconds left, as a defender in the NFL, you know that the only thing that can hurt you is a pass anywhere from 20 - 35 yards downfield on a 3 step drop. Any less than 20, and the field goal is too long, and any more than 35 and time runs out. Plus they have to get out of bounds. Yes the Falcons had a timeout, but if caught and tackled in bounds, it takes up more time to fall than to just step out of bounds. Woulda been game over under any of those options.

So as a defense you knew the play they were running, and you still weren;t in position? Poor, stupid, lazy, arrogant all come to mind when thinking of the excuses for the lack of execution on that play. The guy was wide open!!!! Unbelievable! What were you thinking?! They weren't and Bears got burned.

This team has serious flaws right now 6 games in.
1. The O-line is average at best. They are bad at run blocking, and get 4 penalties a game at least. This a physical weakness, that probably will not be helped this season.

2. The defense down NOT get pressure with out blitzes anymore. For whatever reason, they don't get pressure w/o doing something special.
- This can be solved. Bring 5 man rushes everytime they are in max protect schemes. That is the main formation that kills us. Bring 5 instead of 4. Try it at least. Right now we can't hold a lead b/c we can't stop a passing game.

3. The whole team, for whatever reasons, comes out with a vanilla attitude. Why can't the offense play with the urgency that it had when they needed 10 points in 5 minutes? Why couldn't the D coordinator come up with blitz pressures like he did in the 4th when it was still earlier in the game? Why do special teams coverage guys stay in their lanes on most plays, but not all?
- This has to be done. This team is talented. They WOULD be 6-0 if it weren't for this deal here. Coming out with the "it just Atlanta, and we got Viqueens next week" attitude killed in each of their 3 losses. But they had the sense of urgency for the Indy game and for the whole Philly game (offense then defense). Detroit just sucks. Playing not to lose against CAR, and TB is not playing with urgency. Why do we want to allow them to get back up? Why not step on the throat.

This team needs that "KILLER INSTINCT", but it has none.

I hope the Bears win next week, but they just might not feel like it.

Go Bears! I guess.

Our team has the skills but for some reason the heart and love isn't there. Our defense is terrible while our ofense is finally showing some life. I beleive that we as fans were jipped by the recent few coaching calls that have cost some vital games. many people beleive that we should be 6-0, but with the latest coaching strategies have put me on the questionable list on confidence. I have no idea what is going on with the team and why there cant be a successful balance between the O and the D. It feels that there has to be an alignment of the planets for that to occur. These next few games will determine if the coaches should be on the chopping block and so far I beleive that Babich either needs to shape up or have him fired. And lovie needs to start thinking of his options of plays rather than always acting on instinct. Go Bears.

Thanks for the follow up guys, good take on the schedule Da Coach, I don't see them sweeping the division, but I do think they must go no less then 4-2 in the division to have real shot a title, the games against the Rams and Texans could be trap games, if they are not focused, the one thing about this BEARS team is we rarely blow anyone out, teams stay close and are always in the game against these teams that could be dangerous...5-1 and we will win the division for sure....Kevin A...orton has really stepped up I agree he is improving week by week and all BEAR fan must be happy with his progress, he might be able to bring back the competency to the position we had when McMahon was in charge, I agree on Graham becoming a valuable playmaker on defense also....still once they shut down the run pressure on the QB should have been turned up, hinesight is 20-20 and this game leaves a bad taste in my mouth for sure, read Bowen's take on the last play of the game regarding criticism of Brown and agree, too bad for Hamilton who did not look too bad getting thrown into the mix that way...Too game this week against a rejuvenated Viking team, must shut down AP, and get some hits on Ferotte, also have to get Forte to the edges and not let him tank a pounding from the bemouths the Vikes have in the middle of the line and chip and hold...yes, hold allen off the edge, can't afford to let him get a bead on Kyle........

The attitude of Lovie Smith is the way the Bears play defense. Laid back, no passion, and BORING!!!! What do you fans think of when you hear the names Ditka and Buddy Ryan? Smashmouth, flying around like maniacs, fear in the oppositions eyes. Hell, teams were afraid to play us back then! Buddy would have had a heart attack if ANY QB did to his defense what that rookie did to the Bears sunday. SICKENING!!!

I want to complement you folks on having anything positive to say this week. That game was so disgusting I almost swore off the Bears for the year, and I'm usually a "glass half-full" kind of thinker.

Somebody's head needs to roll over that game. That final 11 seconds was horrible, and before that they needed to kick a field goal instead of going for it on 4th down. This is the NFL, not Friday nite lights. You don't make it up as you go in the NFL. Coaches should not be making sideline decisions with 11 seconds left, or in the 4th quarter of a close game. They should be asking one of the assistants to look up what they had already prepared to do for the scenerio they are facing. Atlanta obviously had done that, they had a completely different kickoff return team on the field to handle a squib kick. You can bet they had that sideline pass already planned ahead too. The Bears were reacting to the moment instead of working off a predetermined script. That is inescusable.

The Bears have been out-played in the 4th quarter in half their games this year. They are also having consistent problems getting off the field on 3rd down, even though they play pretty well on 1st and second down. That's coaching, pure and simple.

I would love to know where Bob Babich ends and Lovie Smith starts on the in-game defensive calls. We KNOW that Lovie Smith can coach and call defense. He has a super bowl ring to prove it. I personally think Babich either needs to go, or be demoted out of the coordinator position.

Everybody, including me, was worried about offense. Based on previous years, the offense is good enough to take the Bears into the playoffs. No, not right now, but they are decent now and are getting better every week. The passing game is surprisingly good. The running game needs to get better, even tho Forte is playing well. I would like to see Garrett Wolfe get a few touches against the Vikes. Nobody is going to run over the Vikes, but maybe his quickness would create some match-up problems?

OK, I feel a little better. Maybe 3-3 is not death row, but I still think a head needs to roll for last Sunday.

Does anyone really believe the NFL is not selective on who they target with the steroid tests/penalties?
Someone has to take the fall and it's never a Star? Right!

Ok last year injuries to the D was why we screwed up, now what is Babich defense??? Injuries again? hey we used alot of draft picks on D again!
Pressure on the QB just is not there, and without it the DB's will get burned every game injured or not.

The one thing I do not get is why they did not bring any pressure at a rookie QB. They were so predictable all day long, no pressure from the front four, no blitz except for one that worked by Hillenmeyer and the corners do not play close enough to the offensive wide receivers. How about throwing the wideouts off a little bit with a little contact at the line, the Bears DB's give a huge cushion and then promptly got burned the whole game.

Every third and long play was converted it seemed. the Bears blew the game at the end, but they also blew the game througout. The two runs on the goal line (what is with that call for the fullback). How about a QB sneek or something new for once.

The coaches lost the game as much as the players. Babich in my opinion is no Buddy Ryan and Lovie is not the sharpest pencil in the pack. How can you lose a game with 11 seconds left, unbelievable. A deep kick unless it is returned for a touchdown would have nost likely won the game.

Bears D is turning soft, where is there pride, Urlacher has disappeared, they are not what they once were lets face it. They need some man to man, some blitzing and kicking some ARS for once. They are not playing with the emotion the Bears D has been known for.

I have been a BEars fan for some 46 years and they drive me frickin nuts!!!!

ChitownBear, Da Coach...I wouldn't take any games for granted and say we should win against this team or that one. With Cleveland's win over NY yesterday, it quite frankly proved that there is no super team(s) this season and that everybody can beat anybody. Tampa was supposed to be Carolina's equal. Carolina only put up 3 points the whole game. Vikes beat Saints a week ago? Rams actually won a game????

As for the observation of Bears games being close, that falls solely on Ron Turner. He doesn't care to be aggresive enough on the first few drives. Everything for him and Lovie involves "establishing the run." We proved against the vaunted Eagles 'D' what we could do with a hurry up, pass-happy offense and ended up putting 3 TDs on the board in one half.

This is the mentality the Bears need in every game from the beginning to the end. We have the personnel in Orton, Forte, Jones, Wolfe the TEs and Lloyd, Davis etc. Turner looked to be turning a corner in the Eagle game but then took a step back. 2007 seemed to reek of that same strategy as we couldn't get a score in the first quarter 'till half the seaon was over.

We need to march down the field, with urgency, and put up some points.

Good call Hadji, Tommie Harris is a wind bag !! I'm sick of all the talk and not showing up to play. Reguarding Lovie, his team is mentally weak,and teams reflect the attitude of their coach !!! That's why we loved Ditka, he showed fire, even after he became a charicature of himself. Perhaps the team should sit down and watch "The Untouchables". "They pull a knife, you pull a gun, they send one of yours to the hospital, you send one of their's to the mourge (figuritively speaking, of course) THAT'S THE CHICAGO WAY " I have to admit I was wrong about K.Orton,he's looking like the real thing.

Randy -what short memory you have.... Shaun Merriman from San Diego had to sit out the first four games last year. If he is not a star then there are not many in the league. The next roster move will be to cut Metcalf and with the way corner-backs are dropping it will happen ASAP.

We can all be glad at how wrong we were about the O-line. Beekman is getting prepared. In two to three years it could be his time to fill Olin's shoes.

As tough as it is to run against the Vikings the Bears are going to have to help the defense by controlling the clock on Sunday. The one ray of light - there have not been any negative posts about quarterback play! This is what makes the losses even more hard to take - the Bears appear to have a quarterback!

It will be interesting to see who the Bears use on kick and punt returns with Vasher coming off injury, Hester not really going full tilt and being used more at receiver. Wolfe or Bennett?


I have to disagree with you only in the sense that you do not need a screaming, emotional coach like Ryan and Ditka. I know my screen name and I am a passionate fan, but Lovie Smith does not bother me. This team respects him and I don't need to see guys out there playing on emotion. That does not carry you through a game. So I disagree with anyone who thinks the only way to coach is with "the passion and the fire".

I do agree Babich needs his arse cannned. And Lovie is the guy who said "trust me" when he let Rivera go and promoted Babich.

Its all about pressure in the cover 2 defense.It meant for the front 4 guys to rush the QB into making a bad pass,because in the cover 2 every ones eyes is on the QB more so than the WR.I would have to say that the front 4's poor play is forcing the bears to play out there game.Blitzing is leaving open zones.Not blitzing is leaving the secondary exposed to the big play, because there is no pressure.The year we went to the Super Bowl Mark Anderson had 12 sacks ,Harris had 6 sacks, Alex Brown 5 and Adwale had around 6.Its seem to me QBs playing against the bear front 4 this year could do an in zone dance and still have time to pass the ball off.Bears made Tampa bay and The Falcons O- line look like the Pro Bowl Line

No pressure, zero acks in (2) games vs Tampa and Atlanta. (98) pass attempts and zipola !!

It is obvious when we do blitz, more times then not we are late getting to the QB. Certainly the (3) step drop has a lot to do with it so what to do ??

Bob Babich, why don't you try to playing your CB's tight on the WR's with the safeties creeped up closer say (15) yards instead of twenty more often... The CB's bumping and running physical play would naturaly close some of those huge windows that Ryan feasted on at will while throwing those simple slant passes.

If we are not pressuring the QB early on in games without having to send the kitchen sink maybe you should try replacing Hunter in certain situations with another Lineman and give the opposing Offense a 5-2 look with some large men. It is too easy for Offensive lineman to tighten there gaps and block gap shooting LB's or DB's but a 300+ pound bull ruher will help generate more pressure just by nutering the Offensive linemans ability to double team all five pass rushers of that size.

Most downs Tommie Harris and Dusty get double teamed leaving Ogunleye and Brown rushing against single blockers, They are obviously not getting the job done so it's time to take more risks and use odd more and more alignments to confuse the Offense BOB.... I rarely see our front four Lineman stunt nowadays either, you should try blitzing by overloading one side and having the Four down lineman cross or slam down hard to one side thus taking a few O-lineman with in the prcoess, at least then you would see bigger gaps for the blitzers to shoot through ans maybe you would confuse the O-lineman enough to let miss afew more blocks per game.

When,if ever, will this team get a running game?

What makes it so bad is how JA took care of our players during the off season and ignored the Free Agents. Every single player he took care of has underproduced!!
How I wish we had a Jerry Jones owning this team, hey I will take a Pacman being dropped and picking up Roy Williams as opposed to having all, these underproducing players, at least Jerry Jones makes it interesting, all we have is Metcalf getting busted for steroids! And he can't play with steroids lol
Think if we woulda got Williams instead of Booker how much Williams or Berrian would stretch the field and open it up for Forte.

Metcalf is Angelo's boy toy if he is on the team after this.

Chi: Give Atlanta credit they played really well the whole game and the Bears didn't.

Here is some food for thought.

If someone was to tell you at the end of last season the the Bears would:

Have Orton looking like a Pro Bowl QB
The Oline would be holding up well
A rookie running back who is top 5 in the league in total yards
A legit passing game and a legit running game
A defense who is ranked 7th in points allowed
A defense who is ranked 5th against the run
A offense ranked 11th in points
And that the Bears would have played
The Colts who would start 3 rookie olinmen and that Manning would still be recovering from surgery and look just brutal
Carolina without Smith
Tampa with Griese at QB
The Eagles without Westbrook, there starting LG, there starting TE and there number 1 reciever
A detroit team that is the worst team in football and has zero wins
And the Falcons in there first 6 games and where 3 and 3 to show for it you would have said that person was nuts.

Problem with the bears:
Defense can only commit to one thing at a time. If the Bears play there mug up single saftie, they can shut down the run game but are weak to the pass, teams just go max protect and this opens the bears up. If they play there tampa 2 they get no pressure on the QB and get picked apart as well, if they play the pass they actually open up against the run. Pick your poison. The best idea of what the bears defense suffers from can be seen in the Tampa and Atlanta games. Big Olines give them problems. In the three games they have lost the 3 teams who beat them all had big lines.

The Bears offense has looked good against Atlanta ranked 22 or 23rd in total D, Detroit who has the honor of having the worst defense in football, so I am not sold on the offense yet. But they are better than expected.

The team is 3-3 and that is what they deserve to be. As Mike Brown said "we play like a 3-3 team."

The north is weak and so is the NFC while no game is a give me the bears should still be able to handle the Vikes who can't pass, Detroit who is bad, the Rams who are almost as bad as detroit, and the Texans. Thats 5 wins right there. They should a least split with the Pak depending on weather those games may become shoot outs. The Titans are not gods and there offense is brutal, could be an upset for the Bears, the Saints will give they problems this year and the Jags are problem.

The Bears have a weak schedule and should easily make the playoffs. Heck a 7-9 team could win the north. This of course is not taking in any future injuries. If Orton goes down or Forte this team is done. Key stat, the Bears are 27th against the pass. WTF.

I'm an East Coast Bears fan. Used to live in the Midwest in the 80's but couldn't stand being so far away from the ocean. Anyhow...I love to read comments from the bloggers. I get more real insight from you then I do from the official propaganda machines.

I've said it before on one of these blogs and I’ll say it again - Although there have been great advances in medicine there still....currently and unfortunately is no cure for STOOPID! Did Lovie allow himself to be over ruled by Kyle Orton on that 4th down? Take the points MAN.....! A squib capped-off with a horribly played cover 2. Common now. Are you serious!

Is it just me or did the defensive line look like fish caught in a net all day long while rushing the QB.

The cardboard cut-out coaching staff has got to go. Get out...and take Jerry while you're at it.

Remember when Uncle Mike was fired and Wanny was brought in? Same defensive scheme and attitude. The Defense was ferocious for the first few years under Dallas Dave.

I'm starting it right here...right now...I'm going to throw this on out there and if you don't like it you can throw it right on back...I got 2 words for you


Is Buddy still out there? Can we consult with Buddy as to how to attack a QB?
I totally agree Teams were SCARED to play our D, I remember watching Danny White of the Boys getting killed and actually feeling sorry for the Cowboys QB cause we were hurtin the guy now rook QB's throw at will WITH SECONDS LEFT IN THE GAME!
Something has to be done with this Defense attitude adjustment!

Hopefully, with our offense now pulling together and Orton proving my point and helping me shut my friends up that they claimed he was no good. I hope we ultimately sign him to a long-term deal after this season, get rid of rex, possibly one of the running backs, and do something with Tommie Harris, and I believe that we can have a solid team. And especially rid the team of Babich. That fella has done nothing to gain our faith in him as fans. We the fans should, in my opinion, do more complaining and standing up for what we believe in so that the organization realizes that it is ultimately the fans that matter, and what we say counts. We should complain about the lagging D. We should complain about the coaches decisions, about the lack of enthusiam by the D, etc. I'm sure if we are truly heard, there will be some change (hoepfully for the better) made. GO BEARS!!!

Hey Creighton, good to see you back. It's interesting how we haven't heard from you during the Bears' 2 game win streak.

And then they lose.

Not saying anything pal, just, you know, an honest observation!

7-9 is a pretty good prediction. If the coaches didn't have brain cramps during the most crucial moments of the game that could very well be a 13-3 prediction. See Lovie's interview in Full Court Press under "Squib kick, why?" In my opinion, it says it ALL! Oh, and it's very well written by some kind of genius.

This season all I ask for is that we at least beat Minne-so-so once (should be twice given how bad they are), sweep the Packs again, and beat New Orleans. Is that too much to ask for?

And oh yeah, the Bears need to sit Tommie Harris until he has another revelation. A revelation where he re-learns how to play football. Idonije has always had heart and given his all, and Anthony Adams does a better than average job but now has extra motivation with his papa watching. So, give the playing time to those who will play the best.

viera bearsaholic: "When,if ever, will this team get a running game?"

Crack is a helluva drug!

We have one of the most versatile backs we've seen in years and you complain about the run game? Chicago had nothing but question marks heading into the season at every offensive position except TE and we actually have an NFL offense. It's some terrible 3 & 1 and 4th & 1 calls from being something to contend with ...

And you ask about the running game?!? The running game is alive and well. If it weren't for Forte and the running game I doubt Kyle Orton and the receiving corp would be finding as much success. Granted success is a relative term but if you figure the offense has scored enough to have a 4th-quarter lead in EVERY GAME THIS SEASON, I look at the defensive side of the ball for answers as to why we're 3-3. Not 100% on defense mind you but 65-70%.

Nice thought Muster. Bill Cowher would be awesome! Intense, tough, strong character will build the same type of team.

A coaching change will only be needed (in my opinion) if these factors keep them from the playoffs.
1. Bears continue to pile up STUPID PENALTIES
2. Defense continues to not adapt to the game
3. The offense continues to start slow
4. Seemingly questionable play calling from fans, and announcers, and "experts" thruout the country in critical times
5. Continue to miss good to great opportunities (dropped balls, and turnovers).
6. Inconsistencies with coverage on special teams

All in all, this means they should be more focused. Concentration by the players would help, and more "creative" tendencies on defense and offense by the coaches would help. These are all things related to attitude, and that should be led by the coach. He should reprimand an assistant (or at least talk to him) about what the logic was there. Lovie needs to make this team play with more fire, focus, and concentration the rest of the way, or he might be replaced if a "Bill Cowher" is available.

Reasoning is that Cowher is a proven great head coach. WHich means McCaskey would have to pay him minimum 5 million a year.

These Bears are losing because of bad habits and attitudes Lovie! Fix it or you might be gone.

Go Bears!

ahhhh!!! its good too be back mike! i now that sense the bears were wining i had nohting toe do but sit in my buckett of slime....but now crap-ton is back and better then ever!!!!!! i hear al you looser bears fans complane abot lovie/turner/babich/angelo...ooh iyts like mothers milk too mee! my freinds i now ive been right all along (man i am always right) and now im back and raedy to leed the charge!! angelo, babick, turner, lovie, philipss, mcaskeey........they al need to bee thrown of a cliff! droped in assid! flown into space! sent to the CHAIR! pokked in the eyes! i now you feelasa are thinking, man crap-ton, we dont want to harm these people, where just a little upset. its only a game clam down. is not a big deal. only i game is say?!!?!?!?!!? let me tel you looser bears fans something. wen you dont have a girlfreind, you dont have a job, you live with youre parents, you weigh 400 pounds..........every game is a BIG DEAL!!!!!!

but oyu guys now me, old crap-ton. just trying to be posative...

So the Sun Times has a story out about how Bernie was complaining about the QB carousel that we were going through. Anyone else find if funny that his present team has a QB carousel. He also pretty much said that Chicago is where WR die, ironically how many of our receivers have been productive, compared to there's? And it also seems that our passing game seems to produce more success and in my opinion comfort than theres. Hopefully we can continue our swell passing game including the one with Forte. And with any luck we can beat the Vikings sunday. Go Bears.

Hate to rain on your parade, but you can forget about Cowher. There is absolutely no way the Bears will pay the kind of money for a football coach that Cowher would be able to get on the open market. You can chisel it in stone, he won't be the Chicago coach ever.

I did have a good thought. Does anybody remember when Urlacher woke up last year? If I remember last year he was like the invisible man for about 1/3 of the year and then, POOF, he reappeared. Isn't it about time for him to come out of hybernation? Some big plays out of the Mike position would surely help this defense.

Both Harris and URL have played bad so far, they both suffered injuries last year, I am thinking they are not fully `muscled up' from those injuries, see the Title of this Blog for definition of `muscled up'
Either that or it's the scheme, and really when Buddy left, does everyone remember the players griping about Tobins Defensive schemes? The scheme can have alot to do with it as well.
Whatever, the Coach needs to bring in a different scheme as something is not working, and that's what he gets paid to do.
The Yikes only scored 12 against the Lions so maybe a cure coming.

It's simple. This is a team that doesn't have much margin of error. If they play excited, heads in the game, all the time, they could win 7-8 more games. If they play LovieZombieBall, though, they'll win 3-4 games. It really is that close.

They don't have the raw talent some other teams have. Their big talent was on defense, and it has vanished.

Urlacher - ? Should we send out a search party?
Ogunleye/Brown/Anderson - Maybe they went to look for Brian?
Tommie Harris - Playing hurt or scared. The Bears need new doctors.
Vasher/Tillman - (they of the mighty contracts) - Hurt
Mike Brown - Killed in freak knee explosion

What? Mike Brown isn't hurt? Speak slowly, I can't understand you!

Seriously, the D got paid and sat down to count their cash, with the exception of Lance Briggs, Mike Brown and our hurt corners.

The offense blossomed, but then they had plenty of room to do so.

The upshot is that we are who they thought they were -- a 3-3 team that is headed for mediocrity. Hopefully some heads will roll.

My list:
The entire coaching staff
Jerry Angelo

There's still some talent here, but I have NO FAITH AT ALL in the coaching staff or its ability to coach that talent. Dump them ALL.


This next set of games, in the month of october thru december, are going to be interesting, as far as the great debate of Kyle vs Rex goes. If you compare Grossmans's numbers thru the first six games of 06, his breakout season, they compare very favorably. Grossman thru six was, att 189, comp 107, 56.6%, 1391 yds, 10 tds, and 7 ints. Kyle Orton thru six is, att 198, comp 122, 61.6%, 1386 yds, 8 tds, and 4 ints. Very neck in neck, Kyle Orton can end the debate, once in for all, by simply staying consistent, the one thing Grossman failed to do after his big month in september of 06. Kyle Orton just might do this, he seems to be getting better as the season goes on, all we can do is set back and see what happens. I have noticed on the blogs, your hearing less and less Orton bashing, if Orton can stay consistent, the only place you will hear Orton bashing will be on the Packers blogs, which should have been the only place you have ever heard Orton bashing. GO BEARS!!

Mike I made one comment after the Eagles win and one after the lions win. I also made one after the Atlanta win, the site was down for like a week so I can't see how me not posting during that time is my fault. It's interesting that several fans get mad at me when the Bears loose, somehow it's my fault for pointing out the obvious. Yes it was me that called for the squib. I however don't recall bashing them after this loss like some people. You have a team that could easily be 5-1 or 2-4. It's just a crazy NFL season as a whole look at he Giant's, Browns game. Or look at the Bears last year they couldn't stop the run but where great against the pass. This year they can't stop the pass but are great against the run. The offense used to be the problem but now it's the defense (who has all the money), It's crazy. I am not sold on the offense because they have not played well against good defenses, and I am not sold on the defense because they hate the fourth quarter. I said in April this defense had problems in the fourth quarter last year and it would have problems this year. I also said they would have injury issues again. Sorry it's not actually my fault that they have those problems or that Williams is hurt.Just cause I point something out doesn't mean I caused it. It's not like I did it after the fact, I predicted a lot of this stuff in April. Angelo Blowing a bunch of draft picks and cutting a bunch of players, I said that would happen a long time ago and it did. I didn't cause it to happen but it was easy to see it comming. Problem with a lot of fans in Chicago is that they never want to blame there team for loosing, believe it or not this is not that common in the rest of the country. NY fans will shred there teams for screwing up, it's probably the reason they have so many titles with the Yanks the fans cannot hadle it when the team looses and they make it known, this puts pressure on the organization to improve. Chicago has the Cubs where you can see how the Fans reward loosing and what the results have been. Which is why you have 100 years and counting. It's enough that teams in chicago make excuses for themselves, the fans don't need to do it to. Doesn't mean I don't love the Bears, but I do not like Lovie and Angelo and think they are doing a bad job and I let it be known. I hope Lovie and his staff get canned and Angelo gets sent packing with them.

As for me not blogging much of late, sorry but I do get busy, but I am sure Crap-ton will fill in for me and help keep you ladies entertained. I have to catch most games by Tivo so I don't see them till a few days later, usually when I have time to watch so I can't blog on it right away anyway and by then all the good stuff has been said already no point in me chimming in, I probably wouldn't have blogged this week but someone asked me a question and I thought I would be polite and answer.

Anyway enjoy the remainder of the season kids it should, at the very least be fun to watch. I'll try to chime in from time to time and try to be back for the draft next April. Sorry I can't entertain you chatty Patty's all the time but I do have better things to do. I do hear Brando is going to Debate Crap-ton, a true battle of two mental giants struggling to come to terms with there love affair over Jerry Angelo, that should be fun. Try not to keep this place to dull while I am away. Brando stop crying I am sure you will find someone else to bug, try Mike or Kevin A.

Coach don't let the inmates run the asylum while I am gone. Make sure to slap Brando around every now and then, even if he hasn't done anything wrong, he seems to almost like it so don't feel bad about it.

Mike try not to get to bored, when I get bored I like to slap Brando around it helps to kill the time.

Kevin A no hard feelings hope your around come draft time, oh and sense I am not around and you won't be able to vent your anger on me, try focusing it on Brando, he does like it.

Joe F, keep trucking along man, and don't forget if it gets to quiet around here metaphorically poke the rabid howler Monkey that is Brando and watch him scream. It's very entertaining.

Final pick, Bears over the Queens, BB gets shut down by a depleted Bears Secondary, Bears get at least 3 sacks, 24-12 Bears. Peterson runs for under 65 yards. This should be an easy win for the Bears, the Queens almost got beat by the Lions.

Brando do Biggs a favor and stop latching onto his leg like a frisky Pitbull, it's embarrasing man, we all like Biggs but no need to drool over the man. Also it's called soap, it's your friend and you should use it often.

Final Movie quotes: "Mr. Madison, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."

Finnally quotes from the upcomming Brando vs. Crap-ton Debate:

" Shampoo is better. I go on first and clean the hair. Conditioner is better. I leave the hair silky and smooth. Oh, really, fool? Really."

Brando: Mortal Kombat, on Sega Genesis, is the best video game ever.
Crap-ton: I disagree, it's a very good game, but i think Donkey Kong is the best game ever.
Brando: Donkey Kong sucks.
Crap-ton: You know something? YOU SUCK!

Crap-ton: You remember that spelling bee you won in the 1st grade?
Brando: Oh no, you didn't.
Crap-ton: Rock? "r-o-k"?
Brando: Yea, so what's your point?
Crap-ton: r-o-C-k!
Brando: Ohh! The "C" is silent.

Most hilarious Crap-ton post ever. LMAO. It's fun to watch Sir Crapton bite his teeth and have to say something somewhat balanced and sensical. You almost feel sorry for the guy.

So what if we get Cowher....we still draft like a bunch of Dorks. I want accountability!!! I hope Chico Rivera is laughing his nads off. Doesnt Baditch the D Cordinator even look clueless. For five years McLovie talks about a pass rush. Sorry boys we aint got it. Drew Peterson should be our coach.

That squib kick and that prevent the win defense was a formula to lose. This staff is either incompetent or overwhelmed and could be both, at any rate it is time to take this show on the road and bring back Singletary because they are to cheap for a Bill Cowher. At least Singletary will bring some heart and some defensive game planning back. But Turnip, Lovie, Baditch and Angelo should be OUT OF HERE. P.S isn't it funny the players we could have gotten names show up in replays like Nicks, Baker and Brown during endzone celebrations, are you seeing Angelo?

Coaches coach the player that are drafted and signed by the front office. The front office signs the coaches that coach the players signed by the front office and the players play the plays that the coaches call.

Come on people this isnt just the coaches fault or the front office fault. The players also need to exacute the plays that are called.
Good example: The Bears came into the Atlanta game with 90+ blitzes. Most in the NFL but yet isnt producing in certain games.
Babich and Turner have been calling some good games its just the players need to perform. Good example: Run blocking! This team is horrible at run blocking. They seem like they do a good job at pass coverage but have stunk it up in the run game.


I hear what you are saying but when the Bears D gives up 41 to a very bad Vikings offense, then something has to be done. I do agree with you the players are not making plays but the coaches aren't dgetting the job done either, the BEars D is so predictable.

The D has not played at all as it is capable of playing the pass rush sucks right now, the coverage is weak and soft and the linebackers including Briggs and Urlacher are pathetic and out of position. When Adrian Peterson broke off the 54 yard TD run in the 3rd quarter I started having flashbacks to last years Adrian Peterson's beating of the Bears D.

I have to agree with the pundits that say maybe the cover two is either broken and needs to be fixed or maybe a whole scheme change is needed. If something does not happen soon things will not be pretty.

I am truly starting to wonder if Babich, the line coach and the Secondary coach should be around after the season if they can't get something good happening soon. The Bears do not scare anyone right now and like Mike Brown said they are playing bad defense, at least he admits it.

You're talking to a Bears fan here. I've had many parades rained on...

News flash - 'Bears boot Babich and hire Mike Nolan to coach Underachieving 'D'.

How's that for a headline!

If we can't get Cowher...maybe we can get Nolan. He was the D-coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens between '02 & '04, I believe...

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