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Hass, Atterberry depart as Bears make two practice squad moves

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Based on a pair of practice squad moves Saturday, you can draw conclusions that the Bears are getting healthier.

Punter Zac Atterberry and wide receiver Mike Hass were released from the practice squad, creating two openings.

Atterberry took the place of Brad Maynard in practice this week but anything that was ailing Maynard must be fine as Atterberry flew home to Texas. Maynard was listed on the injury report on Friday as probable and the team did not disclose an injury, calling it "rest." Maynard's typical days to punt in practice are Wednesdays and Fridays. Maynard missed a game last season with a pulled groin muscle and has had hamstring issues in the past as well.

Hass departs two weeks are returning to the club, a sign that Brandon Lloyd may be able to return to the practice field some time this coming week. Lloyd will miss his second game at Atlanta as he has sprained the posterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. If the Bears want, they could rest Lloyd two more weeks by having him sit out next week against Minnesota because the club's bye week follows that division game.

It is expected that the Bears will at least consider re-signing guard Tyler Reed to the practice squad. The sixth-round pick from 2006 has spent the last 2 1/2 years there and was let go to make room for Atterberry.

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Its nice to see the Bears are getting healthier, especially Brandon Lloyd, he was really starting to become Kyle Orton's go to guy. Hopefully Lloyd can go the rest of the way healthy, his return will only make the Bears offense that much better.
Maybe these cuts were made because the Bears are getting healthier, or maybe there is someone out there Chicago likes, maybe a Mr. Mark Levoir? If Levoir is still on the street, it wouldn't hurt to bring him back in, Chicago needs another right tackle prospect. John Tait's contract is up at the end of the 2009 season, maybe Chicago will extend him, I think it all depends on how healthy he can stay. Im not saying Levoir would be the answer, Id personally like to see Chicago draft a right tackle on the first day this april, but having Levoir back won't hurt anything. As far as Tyler Reed, I think the signing of Dan Buenning also had something to do with his release, Buenning probably made Reed expendable, but it wouldnt hurt to have Reed back either GO BEARS!!

Why have we heard so much about Mike Hass' potential and yet he's never given a chance?

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