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Harris returns to practice with new enthusiasm for spirituality

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Tommie Harris returned to practice Wednesday for the first time since serving his one-game suspension for a violation of team rules--being repeatedly late to team functions.

He was limited in practice because of his left knee and was asked if his physical contraints led to his frustration.

"No, it's vice versa,'' Harris said. "I think spiritually, that's what led to all that. My conviction is terrible. I carry a lot of stuff. I carry a lot of stress, different things that I know I shouldn't. That's what happens when you disconnect with your source and I feel like I'm going back to what's worked for me since the beginning. That's where I'm at. I look forward to seeing you guys Sunday. Just pray for me. Don't talk about me. Just pray for me. Trust me, it works.

*** Wide receiver Brandon Lloyd remained sidelined with the sprained posterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. DT Anthony Adams (ankle) and LB Nick Roach (left shoulder) were also held out.

CB Nathan Vasher (right wrist) and CB Charles Tillman (right shoulder) were limited.

OT Chris Williams is not listed on the inury report.

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OK Tommie, I can do that.

Hopefully we can get out of the gate this Sunday. Atlanta is better than anybody thought they would be. Power runners like Turner sometimes are trouble for the Bears defense. It would be an excellent week for the defense to dominate early and the offense to get a quick lead. That Ryan kid for the Falcons is playing pretty well, but I don't think he is quite ready to try a comeback against a team like the Bears.

On the other hand, if the Bears let them stay in the game, it could be massive doses of Turner mixed with play action passes, and that could be trouble.

Sounds like Tommie needs a hug. Is Dr. Phil around?

Good one Seedy. Tommie should hug Isreal Idonije, because he has played his butt off. Jerry should hug Tommie since it his only first round pick on the squad to do something. Lets face it Tommie Harris is overated!! He is always hurt. He was hurt before his contract extension, and McLovie, and Angeloose knew it!! He will not be 100% all year.

Well, Lord willing, with Tommies new found faith and the Lords power he and the Bears will create a huge winning streak and if blessed enough can make at least the playoffs. Go Bears!!!!

Head case. He's done

I think the Bears should trade for Roy Williams of the Lions. Then they would have a number 1 reciever and Kyle Orton would look even better. Give up next year's first round pick who cares the Bears are horrible at picking in the first round anyways.

First off Seedy and Brats, you guys must be atheist's since comments like those make you look out of touch with God. Secondly the poll taken on this same web site sure make's a lot of you look pretty pathetic considering 51% of you so far believe Tommie getting closer to the Lord had nothing beneficial to add to his life or football. And Brats it sure sounds like your the head case considering that the majority of americans would agree with Tommie in the fact that maintaining a great prayer life is instrumental to a person's well being, as well as their behavior, which the latter got him into trouble with. By the way everybody this isn't a new found faith for Tommie, he just strayed from what all of us should know is our most important relationship, the one with Jesus.


Naw. I don't personally agree with your diagnosis, but even if he is a head case it doesn't mean he's done. This is exactly how he sounded for the first year or two. That's when he was playing good, so going back to there is good. The problems started when he was getting quoted as an expert on everything from the locker room to the cost of tea in China.

Look at the alternatives: "I'm fine with it"-Burress who basically said "so what" he could afford a nice week off. Or he could go home and shoot some hoops in the driveway like TO. Or do a Pacman and just hit another strip club.

Lets try to remember that Tommie Harris has produced well enough in the past to earn three all pro selections. Lets give the guy a break, I believe he will have a great game this week and will dominate next week against Minnesota. I think his head is back into the game and the Bears success.

Hey Bears fans, yes, all I need is your prayers because I have found Jesus. Hallelujah! The good Lord has led me on the right path. I just wanted to say...oh, hey there. My name's Tommie. I'm a football player. What's your name sweet stuff? Say, you've got some nice legs. How old did you say you were? Alright. You know, I own a yacht. You can see it off Lake Shore Drive, it's huge, around 50 ft. What's that? Protection? Oh sure baby, I have a helmet and pads. Get it? Ha ha ha!

So umm, yeah, whatever. Pray for me and stuff. This multi-millionaire needs all your support because times are rough and nobody understands how hard life is for #91.

Hey sugar...I'm Tommie. Say, you're a pretty girl...

Get off your rock Holland. Not everyone here follows your religion which apparently is the ONLY religion in the world according to you. I for one am a diest (look it up if you don't know what it means) and even if Seedy and Brats are atheists, so what? This is a football blog not Bill Holland's version of the 700 Club.

If T. Harris plays well this weekend, then the Bears will win 30-7.

He is that good, that he will make the whole D go to another level when he plays well. Think about it.

There are 5 base lineman that always protect. You can pretty much add a FB and TE as almost automatic blockers in max protect schemes. That is 7 blockers in a standard max protect 3 receiver set. This is the most popular formation for teams to use against the Bears this year. It has been effective for the opposing team every game sans Detroit.

The Bears will stack to stop the run first, and make the Rookie make plays. Eventually, the Falcons will use this set. It works well so far b/c Harris either isn't making plays or he is injured. There is no push from the interior pocket, and the QB can step up for that extra 2-3 seconds (very critical).

If Harris plays like we know he can this weekend, then there will be nothing the Falcons can do. There will be a massive push in the interior pocket.

Bears should win regardless, if they do what they do. They should be able to run the ball. Like 150 yards rushing. That would ensure a Bear's win by 2 scores. If Harris plays well, then it should be no contest.

Go Bears!!

Tommie Harris is not overrated, when healthy, he is the leagues best defensive tackle. Its easy to get all over Tommie Harris right now because of the position he plays, defensive tackle. What Im getting at is the position is not a very pretty one, like defensive end. Defensive ends get all the sacks [a pretty stat] so fans hold them in higher regard. What a defensive tackle like Tommie Harris does is not always seen on tape, Harris ability to be disruptive opens a lot of things up for the Bears defense, the ends & linebackers. The fact Harris doesn't always get a lot of sacks and is still voted to the pro bowl is proof of this. Remember, the other players in the NFL, including the offensive linemen Harris goes against every sunday, have voted Harris to three straight pro bowls, and I think they would know best that Tommie Harris is not overrated. As far as Tommie Harris being a head case, he is not the first NFL player to be one, and not the last. Tommie Harris likes to clown around a lot, remember the Rex comments last summer, so who knows how much of a head case Harris really is, and how much of it isn't just the media having a field day with an NFL star like Harris. I think a lot of the time a player like Tommie Harris actually sits himself up for media scrutiny, so who really know? I think Tommie Harris will be fine, the bum knee has slowed him down, but the Bears have great depth at the position. I wouldn't go throwing Tommie Harris off the team just because he is going through a bad stretch, give the guy a chance, he is to good not to GO BEARS!!

Hey Bill,

I'm glad you were able to take the time away from preparing your weekly sermon to enlighten us all.

Harris was/is percieved as a headcase because his interaction with the press over the last few weeks has gone from no communcation, to only speaking about himself in the third person, to asking people to pray for him.

He sounds like a screwball to me.

But then again, aren't we all?

Ps. I can't tell if you were being sarcastic. My sarcasm meter is still not tuned to Web 2.0, if you were, my apoligies.

Why do you guys kiss Tommies butt. He making mor in one game than all of us put together. Do we get second chances in our jobs. What would happen if you ditched your job for awhile? See what I mean. He is never healthy. Yes he is good when he is healthy. Do you remeber a few years ago the article how he changed himself to total dedication to football? This isnt the last headache for Tommie Harris. Please....I hope Im wrong, but mark my word.

Mike, this has nothing to do with religion. And as far as being a deist I certainly do know what it is. The only thing I would tell you is that the idea that we'll all just let God worry about what happens to our bodies when we die, which is what diest's believe, makes no sense since God answered that question already when he gave his son Jesus to die for us. And really Mike, whatever someone wants to tag themselves as, it is this fact that Christ is the "only' way which will continue to be the most relevant+important fact in ANYONE'S life. What did you think would happen Mike, you'de get to heaven one day and God would put us in different lines based on what our beliefs or denominations were, NO, it all comes back to Christ who died so that we could live, PERIOD!!! END OF STORY!!


I see your point, but.......Well, yes most people usually do occasionally need and get a second chance at their job. Actually almost everyone I know who has worked for the same employer for years has received some sort of wake-up call at least once. The fact is that almost everybody can identify with someone who has let a personal problem affect their performance at work. I doubt making a lot of money really has much bearing on it. That said, making a lot of money probably does give one a shorter leash.

It's also a fact that most employers can't afford to lose a good employee without at least trying give them a wake up call. It's a lot better to do that than to wait till the situation has gone so far it can't be fixed. It's simply too hard to find and train up good people. The NFL hires people who are elite athletes. They certainly don't grow on trees.

Now, if the wake up call doesn't work................

You are right JOBO. Because he has an ordinary job just like the rest of us.

Get this. If an NFL player plays 10 years in the league, the average life expectency is 66 years old. That is short by today's standards. I didn't look it up, but my guess is that the average life expectancy in the U.S. right now is 75 ish.

Also, most NFL players that retire suffer from post head injury problems/syndromes, and/or massive degeneration of their joints.

Their jobs are extremely dangerous, and usually shorter (average career lasts just 5 years). They might earn a lot year to year compared to us, but they might only do that for 4 or 5 years of their entire life.

Sorry JOBO, but I can't side with you on this one. The NFL is physical suicide for the long term, and these guys deserve to get every penny they can while they can for the most part (sans Benson or other examples like him).

Harris will start this week, and dominate. Bears win 30-7.

Some of you are sick I hope the blasphemy was worth it. This player made a confession on his belief and that is his right to do so as it is you right as non-believers to dis-believe but neither belongs on a football blog, that is a different page in the paper. You who ridicule will find the truth out later as we all will but keep your snide ignorant comments to yourself. The country you live in was founded on the principle of free worship and free speech, and since we practice neither the way it was intended now look at it. So what ya think smart guys.

Bill "Holier than thou" Holland: "And really Mike, whatever someone wants to tag themselves as, it is this fact that Christ is the "only' way which will continue to be the most relevant+important fact in ANYONE'S life."

You see Bill, thinking like this is why cults, terrorists, and the Republican party exist. Instead of keeping your mind open you sermonize to anyone who will listen and proclaim your way of thinking is the only thing that matters. You follow the bible in every way except TOLERANCE because you "know" better than everyone else. There is a word you may want to look up: "hypocrite" ... oh, and as long as the dictionary is open, look up "douchebag" as well.

If Tommy Harris can pray to his invisible man and turns back into a Pro-Bowler then I'm all for it. But let's keep this into perspective. This is a football message board and not the gospel according to Bill Holland.

Oh and full disclosure, I am Roman Catholic and my invisible would kick the crap out of your invisible man!

From what I am hearing Tommie is having a wed lock kid. You had to wonder why Tommie was physicsly able to practice but Lovie said Tommie was in no shape to practice. Please pray for Tommie Harris, his words and lets hope he knocks both Ryans and Turners dinkie in the dirt!

I rest my case......just lay on the ball Tommie. We sure dominated didnt we....30-7.

Oh yeah Coach, well I am the Walrus coo coo ca-choo. I think Harris and Young over on the Titans should get together and go bowling.

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