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Hand surgery sidelines Vasher

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Cornerback Nathan Vasher is inactive for today's game vs. Detroit and will be replaced by Corey Graham in the lineup.

Other inactives include:

3rd QB Caleb Hanie
S Craig Steltz
G Dan Buenning
OT Chris Williams
DT Matt Toeaina
WR Brandon Lloyd

That means rookie WR Earl Bennett will be active for the first time and that newcomer CB Marcus Hamilton is ahead of Steltz in terms of special teams. Steltz has yet to be active.

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The fact Nathan Vasher was out today and Chicago didn't miss a beat as far as taking out the Lions receivers, shows one thing about the Bears, they have good depth. Vasher goes down, the Bears put in Corey Graham, Tommie Harris is out, the Bears have Israel Idonije & Marcus Harrison, this tells me something, Jerry Angelo has done a hell of a job drafting & signing free agents as starters and for depth.
Hopefully Tommie Harris can get his head on straight and this defense is only going to get better.
Also, congratulation Bear fans, you have a quarterback, one Mr. Kyle Orton. Orton is second to only the Jets Brett Favre as far as td passes the last two weeks, and Orton added two more this afternoon. Kyle Orton is coming on as an NFL QB. This is another great move by Angelo, the Bears use a first rounder on Rex, he doesn't work out, so Angelo drafts Orton in the fourth round in 05, just in case, and it has paid off for Chicago. Also, Chicago has done a great job developing Orton, as a Bear fan, it is exciting to watch Orton come on, especially the way the Bears have developed Orton, bringing him along slowly. If Orton can stay consistent, he might be something special. Today vs the Lions, Orton had his first 300 yarder, and completed 70% of his passes, awesome. Orton has 1100 yds on the season, he is on pace for over 3000 yds. This Chicago Bears team and their QB might not be so bad GO BEARS!!

Rex Grossman was player of the month in Sept. 2006. People are always trying to clown him now, because he made some bad mistakes. He did lead us to the SB. Orton hasn't even gotten us to the playoffs this year, he is still questionable(it's still early). If he leads the Bears to the SB, then I will call him as an up and coming QB. Not after a few games.

angelo has done well with his late round picks to shore up areas of depth for the defense, it has been his early round picks that have been the problem. It's nice to see some return on investment with guys like Graham & Harrison producing. Still have a long way to go this season, we need to see more production from Williams and Bennett when they finally take the field to get some heat off angelo in the blog, nice butt kicking today, hope they do not over look the Falcons next week, they got the pack today to help us out. We need that game so we have a chance to 2-2 against the NFC south, that could factor into a tie break later in the season. Idonje has been a monster at D-tackle the last few games, and both Brown's have been solid. Even Babich has done a better job game planning, team has a real chance for the playoffs, if they get win next week before the running AP comes to town!

Kevin you noticed still a ways to go and I still think the guards are not strong at point of attack. The blocking scheme seems not to fit the guards. They appear quick and pull well and screen fair but no real push on the line of scrimmage. Beekman has looked good but not real strong and Garza still gets blown up. Maybe soon when Williams can play and Bruenning is ready move St.Clair to the guard spot and could be a better power run line.

What happened to twitter? I really enjoyed those updates!

This gives some interesting roster flexibility. Having Graham and McBride play so well, along with Williams being available, means the Bears have some depth in places where I thought they were thin.

Hamilton was obviously a prospect they had on their watch list, so he will probably stay. In fact I don't see any moves on defense unless somebody gets hurt or they pick up another prospect at safety.

All of a sudden we have a lot of healthy offensive linemen that don't ever play. The line is improving, but we have still got to get younger and better there. I could see them dumping Miller or Metcalf and picking up another prospect to try to develop. Or maybe signing another fullback? Who is the backup center?

I sadly missed the game yesterday, but before yesterday have not been impressed with Orton. He couldn't hit a receiver in stride deep if his life depended on it. How many times has he missed a receiver deep or thrown it behind them. How many times has a sure TD turned into just a 15 yd gain because Lloyd has to make an acrobatic catch behind him giving the safety plenty of time to tackle him. Did Orton play that much better yesterday? I know he can hit a TD in the red zone every once in a while, but he's left a lot of points on the field. He's been doing a serviceable job, but I'm not convinced just yet.

chitownbear, it was unfortunate Chris Williams had to go down, but the good out of all of this is the Bears caught the injury early in his career, and Chris Williams is still young. From what I've been reading, we should be getting production from Williams in the near future, I like his size and athleticism. Chris Williams should be a good left tackle for the Bears. As far as Earl Bennett, most rookie receivers don't produce as rookies, yeah, you have your Anquan Boldins & your Randy Moss's come on as rookies, but most of the time with receivers, its usually year 2-3 till they really contribute. I could name a dozen of the leagues better receivers who didn't come on until year 2 or 3, check out a lot of their career stats. I think Earl Bennett will eventually be a good receiver for the Bears.
DeputyDawg, I agree, our guards don't exactly blow anyone off the line, but they do get the job done. I also would like to see big Dan Buenning in the lineup, he could give us some push. But in all fairness to our current guards, teams are stacking the box, making it harder to run. Teams like the Lions on sunday, are moving the safety up in the box, and making Orton beat them, which he did. I think the more in sync Orton gets with his receivers & tight ends, the better Orton will be, as far as stretching the field. Teams will continue to play the run, Orton will get better with the long ball and make them pay. If this happens, teams will have to respect Orton, and drop the safety back, which will open up the running game. This will make the o-line look better. DeputyDawg, I like John St.Clair, but I like him better as a swing tackle. St.Clair has 9 plus seasons under his belt, Josh Beekman is only a second year player, I say leave Beekman at left guard, the Bears have more of a future with him, St.Clair would only be another stop gap with almost ten seasons. I think with Orton getting better with the long ball, and maybe Dan Buenning in at guard for some push, the run game will get better. I like the direction this offense is heading in.
Guy's, I know it is a long season, but you guys do realize the Bears have beat a Colts & Eagles team they weren't suppose to beat, and blew out a Lions team, in Detroit, with two key members Harris & Vasher of the defense out....come on. Where are all my glass is half full buddies at...Brando help me out here GO BEARS!!

to Chuck, you are a another pitiful WRECKS GROSSMAN lover that is wrong as usual. WRECKS didn't take us to the SB, it was a monster defense, a very good RB and great special teams That clown had his chance and now that KYLE is coming into his own and doing something that WRECKS never did, improve every week, you idiots have to try to drag him down. Maybe if you are lucky WRECKS will get a job at the walmart in your town as agreeter so you can talk about how great he was. Now WRECKS IS A legend in two minds

Kev: You don't need any help man, that was a solid post, I just wanted to say that although I agree with your assessment, we still have a ways to go in the season. I actually like our GM and staff, they are not perfect, but as I said before in the blog they made us relevant again in the league. Our franchise is the flagship of the league we should always be competitive, Angelo and Lovie have restored that back for us. You are also right about orton, I know you were on his bandwagon with me and others in the blog early, so far he's making us look good. Need this win this week against ATL, a loss would screw up everything they accomplished so far..I know you'll be watching and so will I....GO BEARS

Too bad Roach went down with the shoulder, he will be needed against team with TE's who can run, Hunter does not have the speed anymore, but he's still solid against the run.

The weakness on this team remains the offensive line, but we can get better in a hurry. One of the things I was very happy about is that Olin got some rest on Sunday, and Beekman played at center. That gave Metcalf a chance to get some time in the game. I did not notice any bad plays on his part, but the truth of the matter is that we have gotten worse at running the ball every week since the opener, and our pass protection could cause significant problems down the road. Tait and St. Clair are consistently being beaten, which is why so many short drops for Orton. Thankfully he is tall enough to see over the line on those drops. That is really one of the key weaknesses we had with Grossman in the game. he needed a 5 or 7 step drop to open up the field and see the passing lanes. By then, we had lost contain on the edges, and there was no way Rex could step upand still see the field. But when you add in that Garza is getting owned at the point of attack, and we need some help. Tait I think will get better as he gets more time at RT, and if we get Garza out of there for either Metcalf or Buenning, we will have a strong right side of the line, running especially. Williams can do some good things because of his athleticism on the edge, so hopefully he will be up to speed quickly and can start playing next month.

So far, we have done fairly well, and have done it without Hester winning games for us with his special teams play. Offense and defense are making this happen, and sooner or later, the special teams will hit its stride as well. But we have a long way to go before we are legit playoff contenders, especially on the OL and DL. We need to get to the QB and protect our QB, and we aren't doing either well enough to handle a good team with regularity.

Nah, you're not alone Kevin. This is a very good team. So far we beat some teams we weren't expected to, completely dominated a lesser team like the Lions which very good teams should do, and lost to two pretty decent teams in the final minutes when, might I add, Kyle Orton and his receivers were still gelling.

I think a few guys finally clicking are Ron Turner and Danieal Manning. Turner showed some definite smarts against the Eagles. They like to blitz and can stop the run. So, why don't we attack with the no huddle? Three TDs in the first half. And Manning looks to be doing alright in his nickel role. His speed and athleticism are assets in the blitz.

And I am very pleased to see Dusty and Mike Brown still healthy. I really, really am. It can't be taken for granted to have those guys on the field along with the regulars like Alex Brown, Briggs, Urlacher, Wale, Tillman etc. Speaking of Tillman, he's had a hand in a turnover in all but one game. Does he finally get the pro-bowl recognition he deserves this season?

Brad, I sent a comment a few days ago and it wasn't posted. May I ask why? If you have some rules or guidelines to follow then by all means, list them, and I'll respect them. Otherwise, what gives?

Hey Chuck do you realize that only 2 teams a year get the SuperBowl. How many QBs in recent years have been up comming QBs that had never made it to the SuperBowl. Alot!! Some Bad mistakes with Rex well in 2006 there were 25 mistake throwing the ball and how many others did he drop the ball for mistakes. In 2007 he had 7 mistakes and how many other droped balls did he have. He is injury prone not only with his body but his Head is also injured.

Did anyone see the sideline shot of Grossman. He was alone and looking very very sad. Lovie must have took his candy away from him.

That tells me he wants nothing to do with this team. He isnt a team player this year. He only chooses to be a team player and thats not the player you would want on any team CHUCK!

I think Orton has been the real bright spot this year. Several of those passes on the back shoulder of Brandon Lloyd I believe were purposeful...that is when the corner is even or on top of the receiver he is supposed to throw it to the back shoulder...and he did. Many of Orton's strengths (accuracy and decision making) were Grossman's achilles heel and it shows. I expect Orton to finish a with a 62% plus completion ration and twice as many TD's as interceptions....if he approaches those numbers he is a keeper. One thing you can say about Orton, is he is consistant. If you go back to last year's games, preseason and this year he has had some games better than others but no train wrecks! (or train-rex that is). There is no good Orton/bad Orton. You can't win a championship if your QB is prone to 1 bad game in 3 because odds are that game will happen during a playoff run (or Superbowl).

It may be just me but if I have a concern it is with our rookie running back. He is just fine catching the ball and on blitz pick ups but I feel he is just not seeing the hole and adjusting to the blocking and his production is fact, if you take away the brilliant 50 yd run in Indianapolis, he is putting up pedestrian Benson like numbers. I would expect that from a rookie and I hope that the Halas Hall braintrust get Kevin Jones some more carries so we can compare and contrast.

The 5 games I have watched this year there is alot to be excited about. All of the 5 games the Bears were not playing catch-up. Positive #1.

Robbie Gould positive #2 as always. A Angelo pick up off the waiver wires.

Run D. It has been stout and aggrisive. Not to mention the sacks and pressure that have been generated by all 3 phases of the D.positive #3.

The patched up O-Line has done a fair job of protecting and making the slightest of holes for Forte. Positive #4.

Forte!!! The stats dont lie and there are some no stat plays that he has perfected i.e. PASS BLOCKING. positive #5.

Orton gotta give him credit for being poised and now being more then just a game manager. He has big play ability with home run hitting players. Positive #6.

I know Forte hasnt had the big numbers in the last 2 games but then again teams have keyed in on him. Thats where Kyle Orton comes into play. If teams keep keying on the run we the True Bears fan knows now that Orton can make all the throws. He showed that the past 2 weeks.

I expect that the Falcons will try to stop the run opening up the T.E. play. Not to mention the one on one play on the wide outs. Can Orton feist off the poor secondary of the Falcons.... I think so. Look for Orton to have a bigger game. Forte I see him getting his 100 yards total. He Creighton this is your game buddy bears vs. Micheal Turner put your thoughts up buddy or can you not handle the pressure of us true Bears fans finding holes in your post.

41 Bears 17 Falcons Orton player of the week for week 6

I wouldn't worry about Matt Forte's dip in production, as far as rushing yards are concerned. Like I said earlier, "teams are trying to stop the Bears run game" so basically they are keying in on Forte. This is not uncommon, take LaDainian Tomlinson in San Diego, he just got his first 100 yarder in x-amount of games, teams will key in on good runners. If Kyle Orton can continue to improve, [which he should] teams will have to honor the Bears pass game, this will open things up for Forte rushing yards wise.
As far as a Kevin Jones Matt Forte comparison, they both had around 10 carries, and 30 plus yards. Matt Forte is a better all around back than Kevin Jones, this is why Forte is so much better for the Bears offense, and the starter. Yeah, his rushing yards are down, but his blitz pickup and ability to run routes like a receiver make him valueable to the Bears.
It is a long season, so I was glad to see the Bears rest Forte in the second half of the Lions game, heck, I wouldn't mind seeing Jones get two or three series a game, to keep Forte fresh. GO BEARS!!

ok...i now its been awhile. and i bet you fellas are wundering, hey, where are your rants? i cant live without youre rants! because you are qalways right and you only give facts! well the truth is its been a bad week for youre old buddy crap-ton. i men, the packer slost TWICE...and the Bears won TWICE. naturaly, i was so depresssed i slid back under the toilet bowl cover from were i come fromn.
but dont wory. youre budddy crap-ton always has somerhtng to complane about. fors instane, did you guys se devon hester fumble? BZZZTT!!! a total BUST BYE ANGELO!!!! am ir right? of course, because i am always right! (man, iam always right) and look at fortes rushing numbers. he's worst and worse and what fo you now? BZZT!!! BUST-O!

im not trying to be negitive feelas. the truth is i can only give facts. and im just trying to be a reelist. and im telling you guys now that the packers and vikings will both do better than the bears by the end of the seeson. its the truth fellas because i only give facts and am always right (man iam always right)

im crap-ton and i aprove this massage

Woo Hoo!! All is good now that the Bears are winning. The positives are abundant:
1. Defense is probably going to be top 5 unit if this keeps up.
2. The offense is flourishing because of the threat of the run game.
3. Forte is awesome in every way.
4. Orton can make the right decisions and has accuracy for the most part.
5. The Bears are mentally tough.
6. The rest of the NFC North is weak.
7. Bears have depth. Lots of depth!

Things to be excited about:
1. Bears still face Det, St.L, GB twice, Minn twice, Houston, Jax, Tenn, NO, and ATL. Bears should win at least 6.
2. GB faces Det, Minn, Bears twice, Indy, Tenn, Jax, Houston, Sea, NO, and Car. They should lose 5 at least.
3. Chris Williams will be here soon! I hope he is good.
4. The Bears have been short handed so far, wait till they are healthy.

Things to dread:
1. The strong part of Minn schedule is over. They are 2-3 with the miracle. The head to head matchup with the Bears will decide the division. This team matches up well with Chicago for some reason. Go Bears.
2. At some point they will need T. Harris to make plays, and he has shown to have a lingering issue with his knee, that rest (thus far) has not helped. Joints and muscles only get weaker with rest, not stronger. At some point he needs to practice and play regularly.
3. There is no way that a wild card will come out of the North. Period. They must beat Minn to win the division.
4. Hopefully Mike Brown stays healthy, but history suggests otherwise.

The Bears look good right now. They look more than capable of beating anyone. But they still must win the "winnable" games such as against ATL this weekend. They have a weak defense and a rookie QB. Bear's D forces QB's to win by making Offenses one dimensional. Consequently, they force a lot of TO's, and Ryan does not have the savy of Delhomme or Griese.

Anyways, go Bears!!

Hey Brando and Chris F(we know what the F is for)? What was Grossman's QB rating(something I still do not believe in) at the end of Sept. 2006? Was it better than Orton's? Orton has more 2 less fumbles, 14 less picks, and a lower overall QB rating in ten less games than Grossman. You people's argument that Grossman just fumbles the ball away is inaccurate, Orton has 17, Grossman has 19.

Orton will not lead us to a SB either Chris F. not with 7TD, and 4INT after week 5. It will be a monster Defense that scores occasionally, and a great ST, as well as a dependable, all around back in Forte. Did Grossman have a Forte' on his roster, hell no!
Neckbeard is a decent QB, Decent with a QB rating of 68.3, which was a few tenths of a percentage point off Grossman's rating in the SB. And this is with 5TD, 0int performances in the last 2 games, and I can recall at least 3 that were dropped by the defense in Carolina, and Indy. Let alone Tampa. Like I said, give the kid some time before you make him the be all that ends all, cuz you might end up eating those BOLD words you just spoke.

I see with my eyes, and check the stats before I make an assumption, I guess you two should do the same things. 17 fumbles in 23 games is almost 1 fumble a game.

If you really wanna know 17/23= 68/92= .73 fumble pct.

tI hink he has a case of fumblitis, too. A bigger case than Rex. Watch your stats.

Oh, and Brando, Rex was on one of them in 2006!! You haters can never take that away from the man, I am not greatest fan, but don't clown him for working hard and trying, if you don't like him, fine. But don't hate on him.

Hey Chuck (We know what vulgaity that rhymes with), maybe one thing you don't realize is Orton's actually progressing from game to game. The deep ball he's been missing? Well, he's finally making those long throws.

Not to mention he has a cool, calm demeanor during the game with confidence in his abilities.

And that's great Rex "got us to the Superbowl" because once we were there he laid a big, stinkin' egg.

Lastly, can you explain this sentence from your first post?

"Orton hasn't even gotten us to the playoffs this year"

Umm, we're in October. Unless Orton can manipulate time itself, no NFL QB will have gotten his team to the playoffs "this year."

Chuck, how are you gonna sit there and tell people not to hate on Rex Grossman, and then turn around and hate on Kyle Orton, the Chicago Bears current QB? Some of you guys get to wrapped up in the Rex vs Kyle dispute, Chuck, hate to tell ya, but this dispute was resolved in the pre-season. Make up all the excuses you want for Rex, but if he was as good as you think he is, don't you think he would have won the QB derby this summer? Rex had his chance, its Kyle Orton's time now. As a Bear fan you should support whoever they have at QB. Chuck, yes, Grossman did not have Matt Forte, but he did have Thomas Jones. Also Chuck, you can go on about all the interceptions that were dropped, but what about all the dropped passes by the Bear receivers, some of them TD's?? Bottom line Chuck, Kyle Orton is coming on, like it or not. Orton is second in td passes the last three weeks, Orton can make the big play. The Chicago Bears haven't had a decent QB in some time, don't sit there and bash Orton, just because your so hung up on Grossman. As a Bear fan you should support whoever they have at QB, they are the Chicago BEARS not the Chicago GROSSMANS. Don't end up the bitter fan who hated on Kyle Orton, especially since Orton might be the QB the Bears have been searching for. After all Chuck, you don't want to eat your words if Orton does become the Bears franchise QB. BEAR DOWN

I agree - the man tried and is trying to be a Bear! leave him the f alone!
Can't believe I am trying to trade Mushin for Orton on my fantasy team lol

I have been a supporter of Rex more than I have for Orton, but I have to say that Orton deserves the recognition for what he is currently doing.

Yes he has fumbled a lot and even contributed to losing a game with an interception returned for a TD, but Orton also now seems to have started to come into his own with the Bears and the players are very much supporting him as a fiery leader.

Orton reacts quicker with the 3 and 5 step drops, the pass russ seems to not bother Orton as much as it did Grossman. Orton also is a better at running the ball to get out of trouble. The rap about Orton's inability to go deep seems to be unfounded at least at this time.

I think it is great for the Bears to have two quarterbacks Rex and Kyle that can play well in the NFL. Not too many teams have a backup situation where there would not be that big of a dropoff in porduction.

The Bears are lucky to have both quarterbacks, I say lets quit ripping on them and support them both, you never know who may rescue the boat when the ship is sinking?

I'm one of the few bear fans that stuck up for Rex. But at this point of the season I'm impressed with the job Orton has done. But living in Missouri I hate when people tell me the Bears finally found a quarterback. I think we finally have a pretty good running game, The o-line has been a huge suprise, and Turner has been a "little" more creative. In no way do I hope for anything to change(i don't like Grossman that much) but if anything were to happen, I think we would be alright. What kills me, is how we went all those years with terrible quarterbacks, we should be greatfull we have these 2 guy's(on the cheap) but hope this coaching staff can learn how to call the game with a lead........Detroit don't count...... GO BEARS!!!!!


Orton hasn't won a playoff game in his career, let's leave it at that, as far as the dropped balls, he has missed as many receivers as the receivers have dropped passes. I wanna see Orton win some playoff games, not after week 5. You say manipulate the schedule, lay off the semantics, you know completely what I mean, he hasn't won a playoff game, started a playoff game, or came remotely close to leading a team back in the playoffs. Let this season play out before you call him the next Jim McMahon. As I posted on Full Court Press, Orton's the Starter, Rex's the backup, as long as the Bears are winning I'm fine with that. Just don't make him out to be the best QB since Tom Brady, he's not that good. You guys are baciking him now, but the real test is to back him when he has 3 bad games in a row(it's bound to happen.) Orton's still inaccurate and turnover prone, it plays itself out over the whole season, but I do hope he does win the SB, I give less than a damn about what you fans think, I just want the Bears to win the SB.

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