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WR Booker hopeful for more playing time

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CHARLOTTE, N.C.--Veteran wide receiver Marty Booker was seldom used in preseason and that was the case again last Sunday in the opener at Indianapolis.

He got one catch to extend his Bears' record of consecutive games with a reception to 59, but was on the field for just seven snaps.

Wide receivers coach Darryl Drake expects that to change against Carolina, but there are no guarantees. One reason given for Booker's limited role against the Colts is all of a sudden he is being used at the Z, a new position for him in his return to the team. Mark Bradley had been working there a lot and with Bradley and rookie third-round draft pick Earl Bennett inactive in Week 1, someone needed to fill the role.

"I guess I am the interchangeable guy, knowing all three positions and trying to get them all down,'' Booker said. "Now I am trying to get reps in at each position and trying to learn everything in case somebody gets hurt.

"It's all concept. Once you get the concept and know the play and figure out where everyone is going, you know each person has a certain route. It's not bad. I pretty much have it so far. We'll see [if I get more playing time]. Hopefully, I can get out there a little bit more and help contribute.''

Booker played the Z, X and about everything else on offense in his first tour with the Bears.

"They moved me around wherever the ball was going back then," he said.

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Can we just stop the insanity? Booker is not going to be a long term solution for the Bears, and Bennett is a high draft pick with potential to be better than most of the guys on the team already. Inactivate the vet, and let the rookie learn on the job. Bennett can also help on special teams, which Booker does not.

If he isn't starting, he has to be a special team player in my opinion. We can't afford dead space on the roster. Is Bennett better than Booker today? Maybe not, but he can be more useful during a game.

Booker is truly the better receiver he obviously needs more playing time he's a legend in Chicago

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