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Who dat interested in Benson? Saints take a look at ex-Bears back

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INDIANAPOLIS--Nearly three months after the Bears showed the door to Cedric Benson following his second booze-related arrest in five weeks, the running back has sparked some interest. How serious the interest is remains to be seen.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that Benson has been there recently for a workout although no contract offer was extended to the No. 4 pick from the 2005 draft.

Benson is likely to get another shot in the league at some point, although a source close to the player said earlier this summer that it would likely come after his court dealings in Texas are concluded. Depending on how this off-the-field business winds up, he could face discipline from the league office. Benson was arrested for drink boating and charged with resisting arrest and then got popped with a DUI five weeks later. The second arrest was enough for the Bears and they cut ties with the player they spent nearly $14 million on.

The former Texas star also has to prove he is healthy. He broke his leg last season and although he looked to be in the best shape of his career in the spring, he's yet to be tested. It could be he has to sit out the entire year before a team is willing to take a look at him on their roster. Stay tuned.

With Benson departed and Danieal Manning not in a starting role, the Bears are expected to have one top pick from the last seven drafts in the starting lineup Sunday night against the Colts--defensive tackle Tommie Harris. That number would climb to two if the offense opens in a two-tight end set with Greg Olsen.

Here are the top picks from the last seven drafts:

2008--Chris Williams
2007--Greg Olsen
2006--Danieal Manning (second round)
2005--Cedric Benson
2004--Tommie Harris
2003--Michael Haynes
2002--Marc Colombo

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You're not giving any mention to Angelo for all his brilliant moves.

Manning was considered a good pick when he came out. Just goes to show that the intangibles can change very quickly. I don't see Benson playing this year. If he invested wisely he won't ever play again. He won't garner any big money so why would he play any harder for the league minimum?

Bless their hearts for gambling with that fella. They're chancing themselves with Shockey and now possibly with Benson. Go Bears.

The Benson workout was two weeks ago, I here the Texans also looked at him or are going to.

Has anyone been watching the Detroit Atlanta game, Mike the Burner Turner is scorching them, 135 yards in less than 1/2. Sure glad we didn't want that cruddy local guy, who wants a 240 pound power runner on a team that plays power O. Another brilliant move by Angelo. Also of note Ryan looks like a stud and Atlanta looks really good, who knew. We play them this year right? Perfect.

2002 Gone
2003 Gone
2004 Good
2005 Gone
2006 Bad
2007 Ok
2008 Hurt, but we knew he was hurt so we drafted him anyway. Does that make sense? He's on the roster but is medically unfit to play another smart move.

Almost forgot Thomas Jones over the last 4 seasons is rated the #5 most productive RB in the NFL. 5 is good, 5 is real good, what is Benson rated?


I think the larger issue with Manning is how everyone mentions how talented he is and yet he can't stay on the field. He has played more positions than a utility infielder. That implies that he either is not smart enough to stay on the field or coaches are not coaching or both.

Creighton: "2008 Hurt, but we knew he was hurt so we drafted him anyway. Does that make sense?"

Angelo did NOT want to relive that whole Marc Columbo disaster so this year he drafted a tackle that was pre-injured to avoid it. Who says he doesn't learn from his mistakes?!?

Coach I will have you know that if Angelo mad a mistake he would tell us he made a mistake, he said so himself, he also said he would never lie and then his nose got even bigger.

I think all season long I am going to keep a Jones vs. Benson tracker and a Mike Turner vs. Benson tracker.

Benson: 0 yards, zero yd's, average yds per carry 0
Jones: 101 yards 1TD, 4.6 YPC
Turner: 220 yards 2td's, 10.5 YPC

Angelo is a special kind of genius.

actually I think I will compare Forte to Turner all season.

The colts are can be run on so I think it's fair to say Forte should have a good night, so should our DT's starting 3 backups on the colts interior line tonight. Mannings timing should be off somewhat, Freeney may not be 100 percent so tonight is a good messuring stick for the Bears, the Colts are beat up and the Bears are healthy. Thats a big advantage

I want to start off by saying that people are human. Cedric is human. If you look at this arrest record. One incident while at UT for possession of marijuana. Busting into a house at UT to recover a plasma TV that was HIS. One drunken while boating incident as well as one DWI. Yes questionable actions to say the least. Yes his on-the-field production (or lack there of) and work ethic were suspect at best. It did not help for all-of-training-camp holdout his rookie year. Listen folks, nobody ever said he was going to be the next Gale Sayers or Walter Payton. Cedric Benson is a human being like anybody else. As somebody that watched him progress from high school and college stud to pro bust (bust so far) people have to realize that his trangressions were not alot different than many other football players much less other humans get. Cedric fell to the human temptation to rest on his laurels when he got to the pros because of his natural ability. Many people in Illinois or places other than Texas have not seen his best because he simply hasn't given his best. In my opinion he was the greatest high school runner to come out of Texas (I exclude LaDanian Tomlinson because he was not as advanced as Cedric during his own high school days..and yes I know we're talking about JUST high school football in some people's minds. Do yall realize that District 4-5A in Texas is the hardest, smashmouth football in Texas...A district that produced Roy Williams of the Lions..this takes nothing away from LaDanian's pro accomplisments..LT is the best in the business..end of story)People must realize that 8,423 yard in three years of high school (Albeit that was only three years of varsity play..if you had included his freshman team stats..freshman don't play on varsity in Midland,TX.. he would have had over 10,000 yards)is no small stat. This man was criticized from day one in Chitown...I believe the jury (no pun intended with this criminal charges) is still out on Ced and people should stop acting like he killed somebody. People like Lance Briggs of the Bears need to shut up when calling Ced lazy. Briggs needs to keep his mouth shut after his ass was catapulted off a highway. I recall Cedric never got into an accident. People have been hypocrites to Ced and just like Ced's hero Ricky Williams...Cedric deserves a second chance. Unfortunately Cedric is doing the same things that to Ricky's suspensions from the Dolphins at the same age. Ricky said Ced should get a second chance and so should I. NFL...Goodell if you are reading this:REINSTATE CEDRIC BENSON AND GIVE HIM ANOTHER CHANCE!!!!!
A Cedric Benson Fan
A fellow Midland Lee Rebel

I also had the privelege of watching Benson play in high school.
He truly was a man among boys. By college, the level of play had caught up to him, but he still had a decent career at UT.
The Ricky Williams comparison is valid. So much talent, but a definite lack of focus. Chicago gave him a fair chance. He's a young man and his future is still in his own hands. We wish him luck.

What is "drink boating"? Also you want to be Hemingway, i.e. the indiscriminate use of coordinating conjunctions in "Benson was arrested for drink boating and charged with resisting arrest and then got popped with a DUI five weeks later"? Do folks at the Sometimes now have free license to end sentences with prepositions, as in "The second arrest was enough for the Bears and they cut ties with the player they spent nearly $14 million on"? Please take the time and at least appear to try to want to maybe perhaps write in something similar to Standard Written English, okay?

Creighton, hows that tracker thing going now? Matt Forte looks like the real deal, and don't give me that the Colts defense was banged up thing, because they weren't. Face it Creighton, Forte is going to be a good running back....and Angelo drafted him. Yeah, Turner had a hell of a game, but it was against the Lions, I say again, "the Lions!". And as far as Jones, who cares, he is getting old, at least with Forte we have some kind of a future with him, Jones probably won't be around that much longer, he is on the wrong side of 30. Creighton, you might as well come to grips with the Bears, they are gonna be good, and with Jerry Angelo. And Creighton, I think you were wrong about the Bears defense, they didn't look like they lost a step to me??? I tell you again, "don't put to much stock into what happend during the pre-season." Bottom line Creighton, the Bears defense is healthy, and now have a legit running back to make Turners offense work. When Chris Williams returns, this team is only going to get better. Speaking of the Bears o-line, they didn't look that bad, other than a few penalties. After all, they did block for over 100 yards rushing, and for the most part, gave Orton time to throw. Once Williams returns, along with Beekman, who might mess around and keep the left guard spot, this o-line will have three players that the Bears drafted starting on it, don't leave out the possibility Kirk Barton could end up starting. I can see this happening if St. Clair continues to struggle, he seems to be the weak link. I can see the Bears moving Tait to the left side, then moving Barton into the right tackle spot.
Creighton, I guess Kevin Bumstead was right, the Bears were really going to beat the Colts, who would of knew???????? GO BEARS!!

Creighton in your world compare Turner to Forte. Fine with all of us. If the Bears did sign Turner for that 40+ million the Bears would have had to make a choise. Sign one of the Best clutch kickers and the NFLs all time best returner or sign Turner. Hmmmm and that Huge Tommy Harris deal. I would go for the players that have been a proven in their own system. Also another tidbit Turner is NOT that good of a blocker and at times has stone hands.

I am very content with what the Bears have. I wish though the O-Line looked better on paper but thats just paper. They sure did good last night.

Hey Creighton your boy Mendenhall had 10 car. for 28 yard. lets do the math 2.8 yards per car..
Now with your rants about any other player but a Bears player Turner was probably rushing against the WORST run D in the NFL. The Lions stink at Run D now they lost Rogers. No inside help for the Lions.

I didn't dis Forte Brando and if the Bears had, had there way Benson would be starting over him. However Or return man isn't looking all that great, but it's early and we play the Lions twice that team that beat us twice last year.

Kevin I gave the Bears there props and I picked them to win, so what is the problem. It's one game and we will see how they do.

Kevin did you read what I wrote, I picked the bears to and said Forte would have a good night. Were where you.

Brando: "Hey Creighton your boy Mendenhall had 10 car. for 28 yard. lets do the math 2.8 yards per car.."

Hey Brando, if you can remember back to those posts, Creighton and I both had the same idea: Draft Mendenhall, go offensive line in the 2nd round. Chris Williams played 0 minutes and had 0 blocks ... he also gave up 0 sacks so I guess that's a win, huh?!?

Get your sh!t straight if you're going to rag on people. At no point did I say Forte was going to be a bust or anything else. I highly doubt Creighton said that either. I said Angelo would take Williams with his first pick (and that would be a mistake) and then reach for Forte with his second pick ... he did. Forte was a reach. Regardless of how good Forte is - and believe me he looks DARN GOOD - I will still believe Angelo screwed up by taking the pre-injured Williams and then pulling the trigger on Forte too early.

If I am wrong - or was wrong- explain how exactly? Forte had a great game, but you and I outplayed Chicago's 1st-round draft pick!

DCofDC sorry I hit a bad note there with ya.

Hear it here first. Mendenhall is going to be the first busted running back taken in the first round. Thats my thoughts, opinion dont take that away from me just elaberate on it.

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