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Wednesday wrapup: Bears charting plan to replace McGowan

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No word yet on what the Bears will do with their open roster spot now that Brandon McGowan is done for the season.

This late in the week, it wouldn't be a surprise if they took their time through the weekend to get a better handle on what direction they want to go. No one they signed today or Thursday would be active on Sunday. Coach Lovie Smith would not provide insight as to whether or not the 53rd man will come from the practice squad or outside the building.

"We keep all of our options open, always,'' Smith said.

Rookie fifth-round pick Zack Bowman is the only defensive back on the practice squad. He got some extra work in special teams drills following practice Wednesday. He made the initial cut to 53 but was then cut loose to make room for guard Dan Buenning when he was acquired from Tampa in a trade.

General manager Jerry Angelo had success plucking players off other practice squads last season. The Bears nabbed linebacker Nick Roach from San Diego and defensive tackle Matt Toeaina from Cincinnati. If the Bears were to sign a player from another team's practice squad, he would have to remain on the 53-man roster for a minimum of three weeks. That rule is to prevent clubs from poaching players just for the sake of disrupting another team's roster.

*** Just a hunch, but it wouldn't be a surprise if defensive tackle Anthony Adams or Toeaina is active for this game. The Buccaneers are going to come in with a plan to move the ball on the ground and some additional depth on the line cannot hurt. We'll see how this shakes out on gameday.

*** Doing some extra conditioning work on the field after practice was running back Kevin Jones.

*** News that Cedric Benson was going to sign with the Detroit Lions this morning spread on the Internet but that didn't happen.

Benson remains a man without a team. Don't be surprised if he hits the workout circuit as teams curious to see if the fourth pick from the 2005 draft has some skills remaining. High picks usually don't disappear without getting a second and even third chance.

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Benson's not a wide receiver! So what the hell would Matt Millen want from him? Hmmm...

Then again, the Lions philosophy of self-destructing like an overloaded clown car (keep in mind the clowns at least have long arms and good hands) wiping out on the expressway in a horrific, fiery and yes, tragic crash could get stability in that department from ole' Ced.

If Zack Bowman did get some work with the special teams wednesday, to me, this might be a tell tail sign that Bowman is going to be promoted to the 53 man roster.
If the word on the street is that the tampons are gonna come in trying to run, chances are, get ready for a heavy dose of short passes, especially with old Brian Griese at the helm. The short passing game is his strong suit.
Oh yeah, darn it, come on Detroit, give the old entertainer a chance...seriously...come on, sign him. GO BEARS!!

If Angelo is pretty good at plucking players from other team's practice squads, then he should make a habbit at doing this to build up the team. He surely doesn't do well at drafting.
Looking forward to what he plucks up this time. We can't afford to loose many at the safty position with the make up of this defense.
Having no safties on the Bears practice squad, makes this scenario a strong possibility.
Does anyone know of any web site that lists all of the practice squad players in the league?

I am big fan of Lovie but....

This "We keep all of our options open" is really getting old. I am so tired of the cloak and dagger stuff. JUST TELL US WHAT YOUR PLAN IS LOVIE! I get more from my 2 yr. old daughter about the Bears than I get from Lovie or Angelo.

Maybe I'll go ask her what the Bears are going to do. I'll ask her about the status of Hester as well and let you know.


I think they wait until after the game to add someone to their 53 man roster. Here's why: 1) someone who is added on Thursday won't be ready to play in three days, new G Buenning has yet to suit up. Now learning the OL position is tougher than a react position such as DB. 2) If they need a special teamer, which is one of the roles of McGowan, this might mean that Peterson comes back to take that role. 2) They could instead activate Steltz giving them another Safety where they are now thin. Steltz can also play special teams. 3) If they take someone from their practice squad Bowman is the logical addition. But Bowman was dropped from the 53 squad because he is not a special teamer. 4) Bring back Leonard Peters. He is both a safety and a special teamer. 5) None of this matters if they do as Brad Biggs thinks that they will just activate another DT either Adams or Toeania to give DL strength.

So my best guesses are: 2 or 5 for Sunday. Choice 4 for a longer term. Choice 3 is the fall back to bringing back Peters.

Mom had a bit of an unpleasant surprise as she read the latest Bears injury report. Another safety, yes even the previously inactive Steltz, missing practice due to leg/ankle injury this week is mildly unamusing. If he ends up unavailable this Sunday, Mom will choose MDKevin's choice 5 and activate Adams. Mom also believes those who like to wager on these wonderful games will see that the Bears will do much better than expected this weekend.


I like the idea of bringing back Peters. He's familiar with the Bears defense and he is a hard hitter.
I too was thinking about what the Bears have up their sleeve in filling the empty position on the 53 man squad. I don't think they will fill it with anything other than another safty.
I thought they might take a good look to see what is available on all of the practice squads and find another diamond in the ruff. But Peters sounds like a good choice. Someone that can play for you sooner rather than later.

What about picking up John Lynch? John Lynch at SS and Mike Brown at FS WOW! Look out.

Sean, Lovie already addressed the John Lynch question when he was a FA. He said that Lynch is intelligent, tough and a hard hitter...but that the Bears were going to go in a "different direction." Go figure.

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