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Wednesday injury report

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Here are the Bears who were OUT today:

WR Marty Booker -- personal
DE Alex Brown -- ankle
DT Tommie Harris -- left knee (interestingly, Harris was in full pads during stretching which he participated in)
WR Devin Hester -- ribs
CB Nathan Vasher -- shoulder


LB Lance Briggs -- foot
FS Mike Brown -- rest
LB Brian Urlacher -- rest
OT Chris Williams -- back

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What's going on with Hester? He was a game-time decision last week and he is still on the injury report this Wednesday. The guy is easily the most important player on the team, but so far this year he has only a few catches and that's about it. Coming in, I was really looking forward to seeing him make an impact on offense and obviously special teams. Now it looks like the rib injury might become a lingering issue. Not good news for a team that needs all the help it can get. This weeks game is make or break for the beloved. If they can pull off an upset, we have three winnable games in a row and can be looking at a good record come the bye week. If we lose, it might another bad season. If Hester can tough it out, he needs to at least play on special teams and just make sure he doesn't take many hits the rib area. We really need him to provide good field position, momentum, and most importantly to get the crowd going.

Biggs I am telling you it's TH's hamstring not his knee, of course the two could be part of the same problem but the main soource of Harris's problems is that hamstring.

I wouldn't play Hester until he is completely healed. Rib injuries are slow to heal, as anyone who's ever had one can tell you. Why risk re-injuring Hester when we have serviceable return
guys active now? We have other receivers as well, get them in the mix, Ron Turner.

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