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Trade completed, Buenning arrives

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Veteran guard Dan Buenning passed his physical this morning to complete the trade with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was getting outfitted with equipment in the locker room before practice, which will start in about 15 minutes.

Buenning will wear No. 72.

He's signed through 2009 and will earn $800,000 this season, a $520,000 base salary and a $280,000 escalator. He's on the books for $545,000 next season.

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Excuse me Brad Biggs,

But can you at least do some reporting on why Bowman was let go of?
After all, he was a 5th round draft choice. I have heard nothing about him not doing well in camp to be let go of. And...when will he have gone thru the waivers to be available for the bears to pick him up for the practice squad? Will the bears pick him up or are they taking it as a loss? If they are so eager to let go of players that can't play, why not let Rex go. He has done nothing for this team in 5 years other than piss off the fans.
What happened to all of the reporting on this event?

Considering the rebuilding mode the O line is in this isn't half bad. This dude wasn't an injury waiting to happen, and so it is that we get a player well over a year and a half rehabed from what is a common injury by today standards and in his prime. Reports on him were good if not great before getting injured. Beekman, Garza, Metcalf (ugh), and Buenning should provide enough until Williams comes back and StClair can go back to being a commodity. OT Kirk Barton, although a rookie, brings in a kind of nastyness that I think & hope translates well into the line for years to come wherever it may be, RT, Swing Tackle, or Off R Guard. Anyway it's a given that Guard will be a priority first day of 2009 Draft. No more old dudes! Get a nasty mauler.

Next step is to sign that Pro Bowl Tackle from the Bengals.
Bears need to overpay sometimes.


If the Bears are at or near the salary cap then they can't go over it. Considering how much we paid for re-signing our players this year (Grossman, Orton, Clark, Ulracher, Briggs, Harris, Gould, Hester, A. Brown, and R. Davis) the cap hits we take for Bensen, Miller and R. Brown and the signing of FA Booker and signing 12 draft picks plus UDFA Hanie there is probably not enough money to sign former Pro Bowl Willie Anderson who was cut from the Bengals because he would not restructure his contract.

But I will leave this to Brad he knows the details better than me.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the final roster sunday. The bears kept 6 defensive tackles for two spots (counting Idonije who played DE when 20 lbs lighter) and only 6 healthy offensive linemen for 5 spots! No backup LT, guards nor backup center! I graded the offensive linemen for the first 3 preseason games and they graded out this way:
LT John St.Clair 95% good technique, avg feet, above avg power.
LG Josh Beekman 91% clone of R.Garza, quick, anchors OK, avg pwr.
C Olin Kreutz 95% great technique, quick, anchors OK, avg pwr.
RG Roberto Garza 90% quick, anchors OK, avg power.
RT John Tait 89% good technique, avg feet, good anchor, avg pwr.
LT Cody Balogh 85% raw technique, below avg feet, OK anchor, avg pwr
LG/C Anthony Oakley 88% below avg feet, good anchor, good power
RG Tyler Reed 83% OK technique and feet, below avg anchor, below avg power. (Why they keep waiting for this guy is beyond me)
RT Kirk Barton 94% good technique, avg feet, good anchor, OK pwr.
RG/LG Chester Adams 84% awful technique, poor feet, good anchor, good power.

So, keeping K. Barton was correct, and the 5 starters all are good enough, (I think Beekman is better now than Metcalf ever was) so keeping Chris Williams and Metcalf I guess makes sense, but picking up Buenning was an absolute must. To make room, if you're not cutting Zack Bowman, who else would you suggest? cutting Grossman is not an option unless they find another QB.

By the way, did anybody notice in the 49ers game, the backup RG Chilo Rachal? Rookie from USC. Excellent size, power, long arms, good pass block technique. He looks like a future all pro to me. Maybe we can swing a deal?

hmmmm......... Haven't heard anymore about the resigning of Fred "False Start" Miller The Drive Killer. I'm guessing that he was trying to hold up the Bears for more money and thankfully the cheapskate Bears didn't blink and instead made the trade with Tampa Bay. For once, Angelo comes off looking like Einstein! Go Bears!

Jeff W. where's the science in your statement? Where do you get your basis for the percentages? This is not rocket science Tait is getting old, Garza was always a tech not a mauler, St.Clair is a professional backup and Angelo is a dolt for not addressing the o-line if you can overdraft linebackers you could have spent higher draft picks on linemen now stop being cheap and get another temp in Willie Anderson and let's go forward but all those so-called %'s are whacked Dr.

You graded the offensive linemen for the preseason games including the backups?!! I'm having a hard time writing because I'm laughing so hard. Even if your percentages actually mean something (95% of what?) I'm thinking you need to get out more often.

Here's my grade for today's bloggers:

Jeff W. 13% ernest but questionable technique, anchored in mom's basement, below average intelligence

Jeff W. normally I would be all over this rating system of yours like white on rice. But I am having a good day, could you perhaps just give us your formula for this rating system. I'm just curious and I will try not to be mean as people have informed me that I am being to mean latly and hurting to many people's feelings on a football blog board. Sensitive men talking about football. Anyway please share.

BRAD SAYS: Excuse me for not covering this earlier.

Bowman didn't prove to be particularly adept at special teams. Unless I missed something, he didn't do a lot on defense in the preseason. That combination can get a fifth-round draft pick cut by any team.

He cleared waivers and, yes, the Bears have signed him to the practice squad. Perhaps you didn't hear more about Bowman because he didn't do a lot to make any news.


Hey Brad maybe you can give a long detailed history of Chester Adams and his amazing run as a bear, or how about Marcus Monk, do your damn job man.

OK, for all you critics, my grading technique is basically giving a lineman a plus for doing his job (with no bonus for pancakes or knockdowns, etc, just add a comment.) I give them a 0 if their man either tackles the RB or hits the QB. I give them a - if they whiff blocking, get knocked on their ass, or they allow a sack of the QB with a continuous move. (I don't penalize them if its a hustle sack after chasing a scrambling QB). Then the method of calculating the percentage is to add up all the plays as the denominator, add up all the plusses as the numerator and subtract an extra number for any minuses from the numerator.
For Example:
+ + + 0 + + - + = 5/8 = 62%

As for defending my waste of time, Let it suffice to say I'm an old draftnik who tries to figure out who the bears should draft. (you should see my database of college seniors and my program for that) After the draft, I then analyze who the bears should keep. I guess that pretty much defines being a die hard bear fan. No? BTW BigBear, I have a nickname too, I'm called Bear, I'm 6'2 220 played college basketball, 23 yrs of chicago 16" softball, and my IQ is about 130 the last time I tested or cared. So if you want to keep these insults going, be my guest. Lets see if you have a life.

Creighton, what's this?

"I will try not to be mean as people have informed me that I am being."

My god man, what are you thinking? Inside the Bears would be snoozeville if not for your doomsday predictions, lengthy rants and routine attacks on other people. Don't hide your inner Creighton, rather let it grow and blossom.

Let me give you some fodder to help you out: Wolfe is the best RB in the NFC. He will rush for 2,000 yds at least.

If you become "nice," just who are we going to rely on for entertainment, Jerseyboy!?!?


Heres some freakin fodder, Turner runs for 146 yds 2 td's (last count) and the Bears didn't pick him up - they draft another RB - We coulda drafted that Olineman we needed and picked up Turner but Noooo, That is the problem I have with JA - no Free Agent Aq's that are really smart and help the franchise for years.

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