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Strong safety Kevin Payne was credited with a team-high 13 tackles by coaches Monday when they finished review of game film. He's now leading the team with 18.

Dusty Dvoracek
made nine tackles, a lot for a defensive tackle. That was a product of the Bears doing a pretty solid job of bottling up the run until late in the third quarter.

Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs were each given five tackles.

Here are the season leaders:

Payne 18
Urlacher 14
Briggs 14
Tillman 13
Dvoracek 12
Vasher 9
M. Brown 9
Ogunleye 5
McGowan 5
Harrison 5
A. Brown 4
Idonije 2
Hillenmeyer 2
Anderson 1
Harris 1

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Can you give us the breakdown on snaps for each defensive lineman.

I believe the key now is for Idonije to get way more snaps - he is on his way to the Pro Bowl!

Did Harris play? Did he even get one tackle the whole game?

I was at the carolina game and harris has a brace on his knee. He wasnt in for 50% of the snaps I dont think. Is his knee still bad form the scope he had in camp?

Guys I think you are right, Tommie has not looked like himself and by the way only made 1 tackle in the game that I saw. For a guy who is making so much money and is supposidly this dominating force at the 3 technique tackle why would he not be in for more snaps. Obviously the coaching staff likes Harrison more out on the field right now, and that tells me that Tommie is not full go. I know he joked about never being 100% when you play in the NFL, but come on I just don't see the big plays being made for such a key guy. I still like Tommie but he has never been a great run stopper, and now we hardly ever see him after the QB. I do still hold out hope for Tommie this season, and being a positive guy I believe he will be dominate once again. GO BEARS!!

C'mon .......... Hillenmeyer !!!
2 tackles so far for God's sake........that's a lonely tackle per game! Special team players get more than that in a game....

The Bears are not what everybody says they are, and apparently, not what they believed themselves to be either. They're not the "studs" that they gave us Bears fans hope they would be this year and they're not as bad as the implosion that we witnessed Sunday. Unfortunately, they're somewhere in between. I am bleeding blue and orange, and as a fan, sick of the mediocrity that continues to plague this once PROUD franchise. I'm hopeful that by some grace of the football gods, we find ourselves back with an opportunity to rectify the events that should have taken place, two years ago. Remember Bears fans, as one who knows, we can only HOPE!!! Go Bears!!!!!!

Our defence is NOT the issue. Yes, Tommie is still slow to recover from the knee issue but as a whole, they've shown us that there may still be hope for this season. Dusty D. looks to be the guy that they thought he would be and Marcus Harrison was a steal! Combine that with the fact that "Issy" is developing into an ideal fit to play inside or end and to that I say YEAH! Bob Babich is showing some much needed aggression that's been sorely lacking when it comes to play calling and predictability. As long as health does not take us out of it, I see no reason to believe that this couldn't be a productive year. Yes, maybe a shot at redemption. (Remember, sip, don't gulp the Kool-aid!) GO BEARS!!!!


You are correct about the comparison of Hunter to special teams but if Brad put up the plays for him vs the nickel back (either McGowan or Manning) you will probably see Hillenmeyer is not on the field all that much because he only plays in the base 4-3. Second point as the SAM (Strong side LB) his job in many cases is to take on the TE or strong side of the offensive formation and contain the play so Urlacher, Briggs and the safeties can clean up.

The defense is not the problem. Orton is!!!! Without the threat of the deep ball, opposing defenses will keep everything in front of them and keep us out of the endzone. Bring back Rex!!!

Orton is the problem. No deep threat, no points!! Bring back Rex!!!

Mark Anderson on the field 43% and 1 tackle in 2 games; great end? or total waste ?

Hadji: welcome to the forum, sorry to disagree with you about Orton who gives us a chance to win most games we play. The problem is receivers not picking up yards after the catch, he has shown an ability to read a blitz, move in the pocket, and spread the ball around, so what are you crying about, the last time we had someone do that was Kramer at QB. Orton out thunk himself on the audible on sunday, its a learning experience for him, but as I say you give the ball to your best back and if we get beat that way we get beat, its harder when at the end of the game you see Forte standing their watching to play. BEARS have shown improved football so far this season, and with more iprovement and health may give us a playoff run, withOrton as the QB.

Orton's inability to complete a pass of more than 15 yards is a sign he is not an NFL quarterback. Rex with a running game equals wins (i.e. Superbowl season). Forte is making Orton look better than he is, and he still does not look good. Go Bears!

On the Bears defense that is way too many tackles for the safety and not nearly enough for the linebackers. The linebackers are missing too many tackles. Even against Indy they didn't tackle well. The first guy was missing Addai on nearly every run, but the pursuit was so good it didn't matter.

If Grossman would have had this running game last year, the QB competition this year would have been between Orton and Hanie for backup.

I disagree about Orton as well, yes he did not play that well against Carolina but the D did not hold a 14 point lead in the 3rd Q.
A 14 point lead is supposed to win a game, with a team that depends on the run and Defense, it does not matter how that 14 point spread was put there - it was there and it was lost. Yes, our Offense should have run the ball and kept the D off the field, did not see that happen either so lets get off Orton and place the blame where it lays - The entire Team/Coaches etc...
We better do well against Tampa or it will be a long season guy's

Orton is a problem but Rex isn't the answer. They both are nfl back-up QB's. Rex does have some upside on the longball but Orton is more of the "DONT F*$K UP AND LOSE THE GAME FOR US" QB. The only big issue i have with Orton at QB over Rex is when the Bears get down late in the game. Orton won't be able to bring us back. Rex on the other hand does have the potential of the big play.We as Bears fans have the misfortune of having a coach and GM that beleive in a philosophy thats been outdated since the 80's. The run first;pass second; hope our defense doesn't break and just hold your breath till the rides over. Its not Orton its the coaches, I never was a big Lovie"show no emotion"Smith. I need toothpicks on my eyelids to stay awake when we are on offense. The other problem with the passing game (if you want to call it a passing game lol) is the receivers are all second rate. They are the misfits that we picked up on misfits island. So Orton's not the only one to blame.

How is Hunter Hillenmeyer still starting on this defense. It blows my mind that year after year this guy is still out there. He IS the worst pass defending linebacker in the league. The dude couldn't cover his own shadow. I have to get off this issue i'm getting nauseous! Yep I just threw up in my mouth.

This week was a tough one to swallow. Bears had the game in hand but crawled into shell and hoped the clock would tick faster. But I kind of just new that Olsen's first fumble was going to bite back, obviosly the secong one did. The first was in scoring postion and just didn't sit right in my gut. I actually told my wife when it happen,not they she cared :-), that Olsens' fumble will mean something at the end.

Now this: RON TURNER IS AND I WILL TELL HIM THIS TO HIS FACE "THE WORST OFFENSIVE COORDINATER IN THE NFL". This guy should be calling plays at a lower level college. There is a list longer then the Great Wall of China of bonehead, vanilla play calls. He is a complete moron and should be fire yesterday. THE CHICAGO BEARS LOST TO THE CAROLINA PANTHERS BECAUSE A MAN NAMED RONALD TURNER WAS CALLING THE PLAYS. Lovie needs to open his eyes and see that this guy would cut it the canadian leauge. Now this indignation isn't just due to the last couple of plays, it didn't help but its been this way for years.

Don't sweat this game for long fans. The feeling you have in the pit of your stomach, the dreadful week at work after a Bears loss will end. This weekend will be a blow out. Chicago has something to prove, just not to themselves but the fans, media, and future opponents. Greise will be starting and it couldn't be a better situation. We know every tendency he has and we will adjust to expose the flaws. I only hope that maybe Turner took his head out of his arss and Lovie acts like a headcoach and supervises this butthole(you kniow what i mean). Chicago 38 Tampa 10

All you Rex fans come crawling out after two games at this point last year Rex was in self-destruct mode but it's you idiots and Angelo that keep the turnover machine plugged in, Grossman was going at a record turnover pace. And why was Greise the flavor of the week when he came in? See you Grossman fans have no clue, the past is the past Grossman is turnover prone, mechanically unsound (bad footwork), poor decision maker and stares down recievers, Hadji must be sniffing too much curry. Orton is a good NFL back-up and Grossman is NOT AN NFL QUARTERBACK. and the draft looks bleak for this year unless you are blinded enough by Tebow who is another Florida QB with great COLLEGE numbers they donot translate into a NFL QB. Alex Smith is a Urban Meyer product nuff said. This QB arguement is a waste of time the offensive line needs desperately to be addressed and until it is no QB will be very good. Hey just wait when Alex Smith heal want to bet Angelo will be sniffing around him. If Angelo would have taken a QB in the 4th or 5th round this year we would have two being groomed but instead we got a bunch of players fresh out of the OR (operating room) and lost a OL when he waived a good prospect and who picked him up a good GM named Parcells. So fans you can cry for GROSSman all you want be careful what you ask for you just might get it.

You're simply a hater "DeputyDawg." I would like to see you try and throw a football over five yards atleast but you'd probably snap your weak wrist or break a nail or somthing. Rex is 10X the man you are and has done more than you can even dream of doing.

With the run game we have, Rex can work his magic and make defenses pay for stacking the line. He is our best option right now. Open your eyes DeputyDumb!

I am so SICK of the bring back Rex thing....

Jesus people, didn't you all see enough of the good Rex / bad Rex experiment by now ?????????

Grossman with a ground game = wins ???

Just look at the 2006 season, Rex did have a ground game, a solid ground game that gained 2100 yards that year !!!!! Yet he still had those annoying and painfuly God awful ratings of 10.2, 36.8, 23.7, 1.3 and 0.0 in 2006... After the Arizona debacle, Rex had (10) TD's vs (7) INT's. He finished the season throwing (13) TD's and (13) INT's and has not been able to get it together since...

Look how he did vs the Seahawks this pre-season, he had no pocket presence and was totaly shell shocked by the blitz. Rex is done, he won't do any better then Kyle Orton because once Rex steps onto the field the oppossing DC will know exactly how to shut him down.

its not good when your ss leads in tackles

THANK YOU BP Zion IL. That is the best Grossman post in weeks

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