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Snap to it: In examining play time, Dvoracek took advantage of more reps

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Had an opportunity to go over the play-time statistics from Week 2 and combine them with the numbers from Week 1.

Dusty Dvoracek had the most snaps at tackle with 39, one more than Tommie Harris, and he proved he was deserving by leading the linemen with nine tackles. The player who lost out in the rotation was Israel Idonije. After getting 35 plays at Indianapolis, he fell to 16 and that can be attributed to the fact that the Bears used far less nickel to defend the Panthers than they did Peyton Manning and the Colts.

Mark Anderson's snaps also dipped at Carolina. He was on the field for 34 plays against the Colts and had 19 vs. the Panthers.

As far as the receivers and tight ends go, the only real fluctuation was with Devin Hester and Marty Booker and that's directly related to Hester's rib injury which kept him off the field on offense during the second half. Hester went from 21 to 12 and Booker's play rose from seven to 23. The plan was to get Booker more time though.

One thing that is evident is the Bears are going to have to get improved production out of Rashied Davis, who started at Carolina. Davis had a drop on a third down pass and his holding penalty in the fourth quarter wiped out a big run by Matt Forte that would have gotten the offense close to midfield. Davis has been on the field for 79.5 percent of the offensive plays through two games (tops among receivers) and has five receptions for 21 yards with a long of five. His biggest play at Carolina was a 17-yard end around which was a creative way to get the ball to him in the open field.

The numbers from Carolina:

Defensive linemen (55 total snaps)

Mark Anderson 19
Alex Brown 44
Dusty Dvoracek 39
Tommie Harris 38
Marcus Harrison 18
Israel Idonije 16
Adewale Ogunleye 47

Wide receivers & Tight ends (61 snaps not counting kneel down)

Marty Booker 23
Mark Bradley 1
Rashied Davis 49
Devin Hester 12
Brandon Lloyd 43
Desmond Clark 49
Kellen Davis 3
Greg Olsen 34

Cumulative statistics

Defensive linemen

Total snaps through two games: 121

Mark Anderson 34/66, 19/55. Play time percentage: 43.8

Alex Brown 46/66, 44/55. Play time percentage: 74.4

Dusty Dvoracek 33/66, 39/55. Play time percentage: 59.5

Tommie Harris 44/66, 38/55. Play time percentage: 67.8

Marcus Harrison 18/66, 18/55. Play time percentage: 29.8

Israel Idonije 35/66, 16/55. Play time percentage: 42.1

Adewale Ogunleye 50/66, 47/55. Play time percentage: 80.2

Wide receivers

Total snaps through 2 games: 122 (does not count spike in Week 1 and kneel down in Week 2)

Earl Bennett DNP, DNP. Play time percentage: NA

Marty Booker 7/61, 23/61. Play time percentage: 24.6

Mark Bradley DNP, 1/61. Play time percentage: 0.0

Rashied Davis 48/61, 49/61. Play time percentage: 79.5

Devin Hester 21/61, 12/61. Play time percentage: 27.0

Brandon Lloyd 39/61, 43/61. Play time percentage: 67.2

Tight ends

Total snaps through 2 games: 122 (does not count spike in Week 1 and kneel down in Week 2)

Desmond Clark 48/61, 49/61. Play time percentage: 79.5

Kellen Davis 2/61, 3/61. Play time percentage: 0.0

Greg Olsen 45/61, 34/61. Play time percentage: 64.8

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Mark Anderson Who? He actually played in 35 plays; did he do anything? I don't recall hearing his name once.

It's about time! we've only waited three years to see Dusty and fellow Sooner Tommie Harris suite up together. Although it hasn't exactly worked out ideally, he shows what they've been missing in their interior line play. He's someone who tackles and disrupts line schemes and that should enable his teammates to flourish as well. Thanks Dusty and to the other guys up front! As long as they stay healthy and provide consistent pressure, positive plays (defensively) can only result from it. Go Bears!

Amen to the defense!

The defense is awesome. I know they gave up 17 points in the second half, but the offense couldn't give em a rest. Also, 1 TD was a short 30 yard field (after Olson's fumble), and the field goal was off a good punt return to the Bear's 30 yard line. They really only gave up one legitimate drive (the last TD drive).

The D will be the reason the Bears win 10 games this year. They already have one score, and a safety. They lost last game, but they gave up only 216 yards (293 in first game). They have created pressure, and play extremely hard.

The D Tackles are awesome this year. Odonije and Harrison create a lot of havoc for back ups. Harris is the ultimate "quick first step" tackle, and Dvoracek is a great power/bull rushing force. All of them get thru one on one match-ups. Consequently, the ends have been free a lot.

I think Carolina will challenge for the conference crown. They are easily the best in the south right now. The Bears are going to be fine. You figure they will beat Detroit twice, Atlanta, St. L, and Houston as probable victories. That brings em to 6 wins. But I believe they are tough enough to go 4-5 against the rest of the "tough" opponents.


Rashied Davis certainly needs to step it up, not only was the holding penalty that took away the long run from Matt Forte a drive killer, it denied Forte from his second 100 yard performance. And that drop on third down was unacceptable, Davis simply needs to make them catches, especially on third down.
On the bright side, Dusty Dvoracek looks to be good as advertised. I remember hearing Brian Urlacher say last season, "Dusty's injury killed our defense, his ability to be disruptive up front helps the defense." If Dvoracek can stay healthy, he might be the nose tackle the Bears have been missing for awhile. Kevin Payne is another pleasant surprise, now we all know why Lovie wanted Kevin Payne in the starting lineup, Payne might also be something special. GO BEARS!!
P.S Brad, please get rid of the Captcha thing....please GO BEARS!!

Its nice to see Dvoracek back and making plays. I really thought that after the adversity he faced with all the injuries he wouldn't be a factor this year. The big question I have, "where is Tommie Harris"? He gets the big money and disappears, Angelo should call the "po po" and report a theft, A.P.B. perp Tommie Harris. Also Mark Anderson is a huge disappointment afetr his rookie year. Alex Brown shouldn't have lost his starting spot lastyear to this poser. I'm looking forward to the tampa game to see if Harris and Anderson make it to the statium and earn a paycheck.

Sorry fellas but I agree with BEARIT.....Im still waiting on Tommie to show up. Dont worry we will hear it later that he was injured after all. They have lied and said he was okay. Why would he have the knee brace. I would wear a diaper only if I whizzed my pants. Yes mark Anderson is in IRAQ because he sure has nt been at the games. Idonije has been though....that guy is making 1/2 of Tommie harris money but has made 3 times the plays. Im sure liking the rookie DT...oh well its only a matter of time. Can this team even touch Philly or dallas?

what do you mean can they touch philly or dallas? did you see that game? neither one of those teams played defense that game. whenever they put pressure on romo he choked, same goes for mcnabb too but not as bad.

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