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Snap to it: Davis, Lloyd rarely leave field

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Rashied Davis and Brandon Lloyd sat out eight plays each against Tampa Bay on Sunday and it will be interesting to see what happens with Davis' play time Sunday night when Philadelphia comes calling at Soldier Field. Here's a breakdown of the offensive play time:

The numbers vs. Tampa Bay

Wide receivers & Tight ends (74 total snaps)

Marty Booker 25
Mark Bradley 0
Rashied Davis 66
Devin Hester DNP
Brandon Lloyd 66
Desmond Clark 56
Kellen Davis 0
Greg Olsen 43

Cumulative statistics

Wide receivers

Total snaps through 3 games: 196 (does not count spike in Week 1 and kneel down in Week 2)

Earl Bennett DNP, DNP, DNP. Play time percentage: NA

Marty Booker 7/61, 23/61, 25/74. Play time percentage: 28.1 up from 24.6 last week

Mark Bradley DNP, 1/61, DNP. Play time percentage: 0.0 same as 0.0 last week

Rashied Davis 48/61, 49/61, 66/74. Play time percentage: 83.2 up from 79.5 last week

Devin Hester 21/61, 12/61, DNP. Play time percentage: 27.0 same as 27.0 last week

Brandon Lloyd 39/61, 43/61, 66/74. Play time percentage: 75.5 up from 67.2 last week

Tight ends

Total snaps through 3 games: 196 (does not count spike in Week 1 and kneel down in Week 2)

Desmond Clark 48/61, 49/61. Play time percentage: 78.1 down from 79.5

Kellen Davis 2/61, 3/61, DNP. Play time percentage: 0.0 same as 0.0

Greg Olsen 45/61, 34/61. Play time percentage: 62.2 down from 64.8

*** Say what you want about reports coming out of Philadelphia on Monday, but the Eagles have not ruled running back Brian Westbrook in for that game yet.

Westbrook said on his radio show Monday night that it's close to being a dreaded high-ankle sprain. Stay tuned on this one.

*** For entertainment purposes only, the Eagles opened as a 3.5-point favorite.

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What's worse than letting Berrian and Mooose go? When the only WR you resigned blows .

No doubt we'll waste another first rounder to get one

Let's hope they don't use it on a WR. We have greater needs on the aging OL. Football is still won on the line of scrimmage and we need help there first. Not that we don't have needs at WR. But there are greater needs along the Offensive Line.

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