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Safety in numbers: Bears have turnover in defensive backfield

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Had the Inside the Bears staff construct a chart on Bears safeties when putting together the gameday column earlier this week.

The Bears had one of the best combinations in the league with Mike Brown and Tony Parrish, who teamed on the 2001 NFC Central Division champion club.

The Bears had an abundance of free agents at the time, and Parrish was one of the few players not targeted by general manager Jerry Angelo. He went after some positions where they were even bigger questions at the time, and the move made sense. The Bears didn't want to commit $3 million and more per season to Parrish when they felt Brown was their best safety. Of course, Parrish went on to be a Pro Bowl performer for the 49ers.

At any rate, here is how the organization has juggled the positions since with games started in parentheses. You'll notice only three times has a safety made it through an entire season without missing a start.


Strong: Kevin Payne (1-2)
Free: Mike Brown (1-2)


Strong: Adam Archuleta (1-3), Brandon McGowan (4), Archuleta (5-11), McGowan (12-16)
Free: Brown (1), Danieal Manning (2-4), McGowan (5-6), Manning (7-16)


Strong: Brown (1-6), Todd Johnson (7-11), Chris Harris (12-16)
Free: Harris (1-2), Manning (3-16)


Strong: Brown (1-12), Johnson (13), Mike Green (14), McGowan (15-16)
Free: Green (1), Harris (2-11), Green (12), McGowan (13), Harris (15-16)


Strong: Green (1-16)
Free: Brown (1-2), Johnson (3-11), R.W. McQuarters (12-15), Johnson (16)


Strong: Green (1-6), Bobby Gray (7-8), Green (9-11), Gray (12-16)
Free: Brown (1-16)


Strong: Green (1-16)
Free: Brown (1-12), Damon Moore (13), Brown (14-16)

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