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Praise all the way around from Lovie

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Lovie Smith just wrapped up his Monday afternoon press conference and recapped the action Sunday night:

*** There are no significant injuries to report. He said there are some normal bumps and bruises and everyone should check out OK.

*** He preaches scoring on defense first and the unit responded by putting nine points on the board.

*** Obviously, the running game was praised but Smith pointed out the production on third down where the Bears were 10-for-16.

*** On running back Matt Forte ... "he's been patted on the back quite a bit today."

*** Smith was happy with the performance by John St. Clair at left tackle vs. Julius Peppers.

*** He praised the work of rookie defensive tackle Marcus Harrison, whose strong start allowed the team to keep Tommie Harris fresh and limit his reps somewhat.

*** Smith confirmed DT Anthony Adams, who was inactive Sunday, was a healthy scratch. Adams was the starter at nose tackle for four preseason games.

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I think you meant Dwight Freeney, instead of Julius Peppers? But yeah, he was solid.

I am very happy with the Bears perfomance last night. I truly thought they would need to pass the ball a bit more to open up running lanes for Forte, but the offensive line responded with a good game. I'm not sure if the Colts were aggressive enough with their run blitzing. I didn't notice consistent 7-8 man fronts which is unusual for a Bears opponent. Then again, maybe Ron Turner's play calling kept them off balance. Bob Babich did a very nice job himself disguising blitzes and employing creative formations to stop the run and get pressure on Manning. Overall, really nice coaching job all around. My only question is, why didn't Devin Hester touch the ball more often on offense? We need to make him a weapon opponents gameplan for. Between him, Forte and our tight ends, that offense could turn out to be more explosive than any one thought.

it still early but an impressive start none the less for Chicago. This week will be a physical game with two under the radar teams trying to re-establish themselves as contenders this season, at first glance at the schdule this season, I had penciled this one in as a must win to avoid going 0-2, but now it looks like it can be a catalyst for a playoff run for the winner. What would the blog think if we start out 2-0 on the raod for a team noone felt would win more than 6 games all year. Lovie and Angelo do have a plan, they have missed on some players, but they at least know what they are looking for and how they want to try to win games....
Key is staying relatively healthy all season to contend for playoff spot and good seed. I also see where the Pats are taking a look at Simms, I hope they don't sign him, questions is now we will really see how good the Pats are without their main guy.... Go BEARS

guys just hold on aliitle while. lastnight was a great game to start the season but by no means is it a trip to the playoffs. the colts were not the "COLTS". Manning was rusty, the oline was make shift, the game plan was terrible. Yes the bears won and thats awesome but i'm still alittle stand offish on getting to excited. Forte had a ok game, take away the big run and he avg. 3.3yds a carry. orton looked vanilla and thats ok for a game or two but not all season. bears fans get too excited about a qb just because he didn't throw a interception lol. Vasher is going to have problems this year. you can see it on his bump and run and soft cover. thanks to peanuts strip or this game could have been alot different. Also when in the h**l are the bears going to learn how top cover a quick slant. Manning could have ran that all night. listen i love the bears good or bad but i think the fans and some media are getting ahead of them selves and thinking this is 2006.

While celebrating Fortes first game, which was big, nobody should forget Kevin Jones. He had some nice runs filling in for Forte.

This could become a succesful duo a la Drew-Jones/Taylor in Jacksonville and if the offense line can keep up their good job, good things can be expected from this offense.

cane89 makes a good point. Jones looked good and definitely helped. Obviously he o line was doing a great job of opening holes, but the backs and Orton helped them look good by finding openings when things were clogged up.

justholdon; I only know of one way to stop a quick slant and that is to punish the receiver's when they catch the ball over the middle. Every team in the league runs that play to move the chains and keep possesion of the football, when you run what the BEARS run cover two the LB's drop and look for this play to make the hit. When you have a good pass rush and are stuffing the run, offenses run this play to try to stay on the football field. As long as we tackle well I am not too concerned about this play, and it will help to create turnovers, if the pass is tipped at line of scrimage of receiver get a little skittish and fumble the ball or have it stripped out like Tillman did the other night.

As for the pLayoffs that is what you play the season for to get in the tournament, that why I'm watching. Orton's qb play was solid, and quite frankly for most BEARS fans that all we ask for is solid play, we know how we win games and you saw it played out on Sunday night....Let's keep it up fellows, but we have a lot of work ahead to get enough wins to go to the Playoffs, that's for sure...

Come on, where is the Love for Forte and the Bears performance justholdon ??

Take away AP's 34 yard scamper and he averaged a pedestrian 3.8 yards per carry last night.

Take away Turners 66 yard sprint and he averaged a mere 7.3...LOL...

Seriously, Forte had a monster game in regards to recent Bear running back history. It took Forte all of (1) quarter of pro-football to eclipse Cedric Bumson's career long run from scrimage and he did it behind our own make shift O-line. Remember the during plan all post draft OTA's was to have Williams starting at LT with St.Cliare penciled in at LG. Due to injury we had to move St.Claire to LT and Metcalf was slated to start at LG. Metcalf then had a knee scoped and now 2'nd year pro Josh Beekman gets the nod pretty much by default.

Certainly the Colts had issues with Manning being a wee bit rusty and there O-line injuries but the Colts boasted the 2'nd ranked defense from last season and our own make shift O-line, Kyle Orton and a rookie RB made them look second rate in their brand new stadium home opener in prime time....

This was a solid win against a supposed superior opponent on the road given NO chance to compete let alone win the game.

Go ahead and have some Bear-Koolaide, it taste OH so sweet !!

Next week is another tough road game, hopefully the Blue and Orange train can continue to roll, Go Bears......

I agree that Forte had a great game. Didn't he hit 100 before the half? It never fails that someone always come along and throw a little cold water on happiness. I'm not saying that you shouldn't have your opinion but what reason should you want to point out the obvious that you can take away a great play and it lowers an average. That's why you keep on doing your best because after you chip away at something eventually good things can happen. Chicago fans has a tendency to temper their emotions because they are too jaded. We know it can change quick but until it does let the good times roll. I think there a lot of people who read and think something negative and wait until there is something negative to talk about.

Im thinking that some, maybe one, person/people are giving the stat for Forte less the 50 yard run is, The Chicago Bears fans havent seen a RB that can bust one for 50 yards at anytime for sometime.
A-Train busted a handfull of long runs before that its been so long.

I can get use to Fortes play and his vet like attitude towards the game. Steel of the draft maybe not. Maybe so? We will see in the next 15 games if Forte is as good as Im making him out to be.

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