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Play time analysis: Harris stayed on the field vs. Bucs

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We've got the breakdown on play time for Sunday's game against Tampa Bay and we've crunched the numbers for the entire season.

We'll start with the defensive line and go over the offensive numbers at wide receiver and tight end later on this afternoon.

Defensive tackle Tommie Harris tied with end Adewale Ogunleye for the most action on the line with 67 snaps in the 84 plays the defense was on the field.

That brought Harris' play-time percentage for the season up significantly to 72.7. It is interesting to note that 72.7 is ahead of the rate he played at last season--71 percent.

Defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek was on the field less against the Buccaneers and that's probably a function of the fact that Brian Griese passed the ball 67 times more than anything else. That meant more playing time for Israel Idonije.

As coach Lovie Smith said Monday, he wasn't particularly happy with the line, at least when it came to the pressure it generated on Griese. The Bears went without a sack for the first time in 24 regular-season games.

"It does have to be [more accountable],'' Smith said of the line. "It's as simple as that. Everything starts up front with us. They did a good job blocking but we haven't gone many games without a sack around here, I'll just say that. We have a high standard again you have to give them a lot of credit. But that many times throwing, whether it's three-step drop, one-step drop, we need to be able to get to the quarterback."

The numbers vs. Tampa Bay:

Defensive linemen (84 total snaps)

Mark Anderson 39
Alex Brown 62
Dusty Dvoracek 38
Tommie Harris 67
Marcus Harrison 19
Israel Idonije 44
Adewale Ogunleye 67

Cumulative statistics

Defensive linemen

Total snaps through three games: 205

Mark Anderson 34/66, 19/55, 39/84. Play time percentage: 44.9 up from 43.8 last week

Alex Brown 46/66, 44/55, 62/84. Play time percentage: 74.1 down from 74.4 last week

Dusty Dvoracek 33/66, 39/55, 38/84. Play time percentage: 53.7 down from 59.5 last week

Tommie Harris 44/66, 38/55, 67/84. Play time percentage: 72.7 up from 67.8 last week

Marcus Harrison 18/66, 18/55, 19/84. Play time percentage: 26.2 down from 29.8 last week

Israel Idonije 35/66, 16/55, 44/84. Play time percentage: 46.3 up from 42.1 last week

Adewale Ogunleye 50/66, 47/55, 67/84. Play time percentage: 80.0 down from 80.2 last week

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You know I find it curious that Harris' production has been down. I think it has to do with his knee that isn't fully healed yet. Maybe he shouldn't be playing the most snaps just to make sure he hits his playing time incentives for cash. He should be resting to get healthy at the middle to latter part of the season.

Here's the article that was on Profootballtalk near the beginning of the season...

Reading the ST story this morning, I'm sure Lovie's press conference amounted to what might be considered a rant for him. But suckers talk. Let's see some action other than releasing some forlorn defensive lineman from the practice squad as an example of Lovie's get tough scheme.

This guy is missing the boat. His quote in today's ST was priceless "At times when we look at our team, we're playing dominating ball, and I'm one to think that eventually we'll be able to keep that going for four quarters."



Lovie, news flash... the fourth game of the season is looming. You already should have played 4 quarters of dominating football in every game. That's why we pay you.

Lovie is too willing to accept mediocrity.

This guy is the head coach?

This team needs new blood!! Bring in Singletary next year and make the players "practice" in training camp. No more Camp Lovie. These guys are not in condition or they would't be blowing these leads. I'm sick of hearing the defense is on the field too long. That's bull****!!! You never heard that when Ditka was coach. It's funny, but they sure had enough energy to get into that fight in overtime!

Looking at the break down of snaps each D lineman played, why were they tired?

I think it would be interesting to compare the number of snaps played by the Bucs O line. For some reason, O linemen seem to take way more snaps than their d-linemen counterparts, but don't seem to get as tired.

I mean, Kruetz had to take 100 percent of the snaps. He didn't seem tired.

Are we saying that all the running and pulling and blocking that o lineman do is less of a physical hardship that playing d line? Or are our d lineman simply out of shape?


No INJURYS up to this point. Its a give and take world. Choose your poisin wisley

Tommy Harris is hurt and the Bears are not letting him heal. It's not his knee it's his hamstring, it hasn't fully healed and playing is making it worse. He has not been practicing a lot cause they want hm to heal but then they play him and that kills that hamstring. He's hurt just look at him he doesn't look like he is in shape for him, he doesn't look physicaly as good as he did last year. He probably doesn't want to sit cause he doesn't want to hear how he is injury prone and Angelo just gave him a big contract so Angelo doesn't want him to sit cause after Chris Williams he would look like an even bigger mook. I told everyone what was wrong with Williams 3 weeks before the bears did and I am telling you know it's his hammy and he should sit.

If they were in shape, they wouldn't get injured. How many times was Walter Payton injured. He was the best conditioned professional of all time!!!!!

Time to shut Harris down for a couple of weeks he is still hurt and a non-factor. I would move Williams into Hillenmeyers spot and start tranforming Anderson into a linebacker he is getting his lunch handed to him on the line of scrimmage but he has one thing you can't teach that is speed. Why can't Graham or McBride play nickel Manning is clueless but could be viable return man and special teams player. The truth is coming out now when does Booker go and Rideau get promoted? when does Bruenning get to play? The Eagles will destroy this defense if the philosophy does not change this week.

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