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Panthers beat the heat in white

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With game-time temperatures expected to be in the low 90's, the Panthers are wearing their white jerseys meaning the Bears will be in their typical home navy tops.

Dehydration could be a key issue. Carolina is used to these conditions. It was rarely this warm even during training camp for the Bears.

Saw safety Chris Harris at the team hotel the Bears are using last night. Also spotted former Bears fullback Thump Belton.

Harris has been visiting with former teammates on the field during warmups as has wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad.

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CONGRATULATIONS !! Today we saw the REAL weak armed , inaccurate Kyle Orton we are going to see all season. All you Rex haters got your wish, now live with it !!! 1 for 9 on passes over 15 yds.

3rd and 1 and we run a pass play followed by a handoff to our FARKING fullback. Gee, if only we had a stud RB to give it to who could pickup one FARKING yard. FOr those who give me crap, please tell me how smart Ron Turner is. One FARKING yard and we run a pass and FB option instead of Matt Forte' ... ONE FARKING YARD with the game on the line and a FG to press it to OT. RETARDED absolutely FARKING RETARDED PERIOD!!!!

That was Chicago's game to lose ... and they LOST it!

Could not have said it any better, Mrmick...Kyle Orton can 'manage' a game, but when it is on the line, he CANT make big plays.

At least with Rex, he CAN make the throws...when did we ever see REX lose a 14 point lead, NEVER, because if he was up, he would at least TRY to stick in a dagger to the opposition.

And Ron Turner is a moron.

If only I were a starting quarterback in the NFL; alas, I am merely a fan. It seems to me the Bears will never win consistently with a "game manager." The Bears need an experienced quarterback who knows how to run a two-minute offense, especially in hostile territory.
I recently read a Sun-Times article stating that Rex Grossman may have kept his job, if only he had learned to minimize/eliminate his mistakes and been more of a game manager (I am paraphrasing here). While I agree for the most part, Rex had the capability to strike downfield and be aggressive in his approach to the game. He made quite a few mistakes, however, I hope he returns (and that he read the same article).
I wouldn't blame the loss on Ron Turner.

Lovie Smith says we are a running team we are running getting off the bus. so on 3rd and 1 we throw?? and then on fourth and 1 we give to the fullback ?? Don't we have a rb that ran for 100 plus yards just the week before? This loss I blame on RON TURNER! game on the line,we need 1 yard in 2 plays and can't get it you think rex could have thrown w/accuracy over 10 yards? greg olson 2 fumbles really hurt.I remember a guy named bobby wade that was released for fumbling,just saying. why do bears continue to get outcoached at halftime w/adjustments? frustrated loyal bears fan

Things to know for next week


Counter trey

Draw Play

Quick Hitch

Things from this week

Orton has a butter arm

Orton Sucks, 0 tds in two games

Orton almost threw two INt's but the DB's were a little too excited

Throwing into triple coverage????

Orton is only playing because he gets rid of the ball quickly, the Bears line does not last long in pass protection.

St. Clair got away with mugging Peppers all day

The Bears high Pressure defense can be exposed by the for plays listed above

Stewart is a Stud

So is Forte

Bears offense is still one demesional, but now they can't throw deep.

Fox out coached Smith

10 points on offense

Olsen is suspect

Chris Harris is a stud, just ask Garza.

Hester is Hurt, and Hester has stunk as a reciever

Things to know for the next game

Gruden will out coach Smith and build on what Fox was doing in the second half.

Expect the Bears to play more Tampa two in this game.

Expect the offense to continue it's decline

The middle of the Bears Oline gets it's first real test this week in Hovan and Haye

Bucs will win this game at Soilder

Orton throws at least one pick and zero TD's.

You know what I think I will go ahead and pick the Eagles two weeks from now as well. Unless of course they loose a lot of players too injury.

But hey bring on Detroit after that, well show them.

See you all after the Igles game.

Garza shopuld be embarrassed to show up this week. He got knocked on his butt by Harris and nearly nocked over again by a linebacker. That's the weaked O-lineman I have ever seen.

Orton, 1-10 when throwing over 15 yards.... Come on, we knew that already, or at least those of us not drinking Orton koolaid did.....

Glad they named him Captain, he can go down with the ship.

Defense = great.
Running back/game = pretty good
O-line = good with blocking, bad with holding and false starts.

Even with the 14 penalties for 96 yards, Bears still woulda won if Olson doesn't fumble either one of the times. I figure his fumbles cost the Bears 13 net points at the least. Field goal in the first quarter was a formality till Olson's first fumble (no big hit on the play). They Bears were driving again with a 17-6 cushion (shoulda been 20 - 6 ), and one their way to the 3rd 1st down of the drive. When Olson fumbled again. These plays lost the game for the Bears.

On to other matters, The bad:
1. Some penalties are OK, but 14 of them is too many. At least 50 yards for Forte were taken back by some stupid holding call. This is NOT just the line. There were plenty of false starts, illegal procedures, illegal formations, and holds from the FB and WR positions. It was a full team effort. They can have maybe 5 penalties per game, NOT 14.

2. Orton was 1-9 on deep balls, and 2 were into triple coverage. Yikes!! He just simply has to be slightly more efficient in this area. If he hits one(1, I) of those deep throws (especially when Booker was WIDE OPEN down the left sideline in the 4th), then Carolina's D is scared. They didn't respect it the whole game, and it paid off for them.

3. Not that they should've even been in the position, but play calling with the game on the line. They went conservative after the 2nd Olson fumble to allow Carolina back into it. Have no idea why we didn't just run on 2nd or 3rd down with Forte on last drive. Who knows what would happen if they get that first down, but it sure looked like they could have gotten it easy with 2 more runs. The offense has an identity right now, but they went away from it on the last drive. They have to run that ball there, it is their strength.

The good:
1. Defense. It was dominant and great. Got kinda tired from the end of 3rd quarter on, but was overall dominant (look at the stats).

2. Running game. Bears didn't run enough, but were good when they did. Averaged 4.0 ypc.

3. For all we know, Carolina might be the contender for the NFC crown. Delhomme looks pretty good. The Bears barely lost to a potentially great team on the road despite many miscues, and questionable play calling at the end. The Bears will still win 10 games this year.

Unfortunately, Orton still has NOT won a game yet when it all counted on him. He couldn't make any game changing plays to put his team over the top. That is why the max amount this team can win is 10. There will be other games where he has to win for the Bears.

I do predict a Bear's win next week.
Bears: 21 TB: 10

I agree, Garza should just retire now and get it over with.

You pull down the line, turn up field and looking for a block and you get Lit the "F" up by a Safety ??? Not once but Twice ???

Chris Harris is known to be a big hitter and all but Dang, Garza had a good 90+ pounds on him and Harris made Garza look like a pee-wee player on those plays.......

Hopefully Dan Buenning can catch up on his homework soon so we can get a legit NFL Gaurd on the right side of the O-line....

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