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No decision yet, but looking good for Hester

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No official word yet as the only two people on the field are the guy cutting the grass and another worker repairing some turf.

But a team spokesman said it looked good for Devin Hester this morning and chances are he will be able to play tonight against Philadelphia.

Getting interesting here with Tampa Bay just kicking a go-ahead field goal against Green Bay with less than three minutes to play down at the Pirate Ship. Minnesota is trailing at Tennessee. If the Packers lose, they will be 2-2 before the Bears (1-2) kick off tonight.

We'll check back when we get some player news in a while.

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If any of you watched the game I started tearing up when Bryant kicked his 3rd field goal and made a kissing gesture with his hand toward heaven. As a father of three I couldn't imagine the pain and anguish anyone feels when losing a child. It made me realize how lucky I am to have three healthy children even if my daughters don't live with me full time.

Also for any of you guys who love football let me suggest reading "A Few Seconds of Panic" by Stefan Fatsis. Absolutely amazing book about the life of an NFL player. Some really great stuff including this little known tidbit:

Todd Sauerbrun is a complete and total douchebag. I mean seriously can you believe that? I mean like epic levels of douchebaggery. Some things really suprise ya. :-)

I hear you Coach, it's absolutely tragic what happened to Bryant and his family. For him to come out and make his kicks, let alone even show up at the game, shows some serious character.

For tonight's game, I'm picking our team to take it over Philly. There's no denying Orton's improvement in that last game, Lloyd's emergence, and Forte is simply something else. And, looks like Devin might be coming back.

This was a week of upsets (Chiefs over Broncos, Bucs over Green Bay ) so anything can happen.

Oh, anybody catch the Jets game? Favre man, wow.

Ha! What does the brass in Green Bay think now...Favre throws 6 and Mr. Rogers can't remember his neigbors name after that hit that knocked him out! What a bunch of losers, the Bears might only need 8 wins to take the North!

Coach I couldn't watch it, as soon has he came out and you saw the look on his face I was like I gotta change the channel.

Mike you are right it is a weak of upsets and the Bears won. Nice call, not sold on them yet, the Eagles were missing to much of there offense to me to be convinced about the D. Plus if the Eagles make 1 of those field goals it's game over. Now I am watching the Bears players say they are really 4 and 0. The never learn, still whining. The next three games should be wins, those teams suck bad. Alex Brown was the man.

Farve was insane, that hit was so dirty though.

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