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NFL issues first fine in Bears-Bucs affair

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FedEx has delivered at least one letter to Halas Hall from the league office.

It was addressed to Jamar Williams. The linebacker said he picked up a $7,500 fine for the chippy affair Sunday between the Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Soldier Field.

The NFL came down on Williams for taunting, saying he stood over Dexter Jackson following a kickoff return in the first quarter and a tackle by Nick Roach. Williams was surprised by the unwanted delivery.

"I didn't know I would get that,'' Williams said. "I'm going to try to appeal it and we'll see what happens with that. For them to fine me for something when they don't even know what I am saying, and I'm just really congratulating my teammate and I am just excited about the play, that's just crazy.

"I was like, `Good job!' I was just so hyped. For them not to know what I am saying, they were just going off my gestures. I was congratulating my teammate after a big play.''

The league's dip into Williams' wallet is expected to be just one of at least a few fines that will come out of the contest. The Bears are adamant that Tampa Bay right tackle Jeremy Trueblood be disciplined for his role in the skirmish in overtime that ended with an unnecessary roughness penalty against Charles Tillman. That could come in the form of a fine. Trueblood took a swing at defensive end Adewale Ogunleye with his left arm and used his right arm as an arm bar across Ogunlye's neck, replays showed.

"That goes without saying,'' Ogunleye said when asked if Trueblood should have drawn a flag on the play. "If I retaliate then I get flagged. I was trapped under a pile and Tommie [Harris] and another lineman's on top of me and this guy is hitting me, and you're not going to flag that guy? And then you flag Peanut for a guy coming at him, and he does what he does. I think it was unfair."

Typically, fines are announced by the league on Fridays. Stay tuned.

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Who is making all these poor draft picks for the Bears. The clown should be fired. I think lovie is definitely over rated as a pro football head coach, watch him during game time and he looks like he is watching his house on fire.....he doesnt have a clue.

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