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New FB Davis was close to starting role in Philly

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Not only did the Bears get a fullback who is familiar with Ron Turner's offense when they signed Jason Davis to the practice squad, they got a starting-caliber player.

At least that is the way the Philadelphia Eagles viewed him before making the Illinois product one of their final cuts. Davis had been at the top of the depth chart for the entire offseason and preseason before a move was made in mid-August to try running back Tony Hunt, Penn State's all-time leader in carries, at the position. Hunt won out and Davis was forced to look elsewhere.

"I don't think they wanted a true fullback," Davis said. "It's nice to get this opportunity for a fresh start with new faces and a new system. I'm wiping the slate clean and I've gotten another opportunity."

Plus it helps he has a good understanding of the scheme like wide receiver Brandon Lloyd did when he arrived. The Eagles still have a sledge hammer for short yardage situations if they want. Dan Klecko has done some fullback work in the past.

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I'm not sure how good Jason Davis is or can be, but, he comes from one of the years which led to Ron Turner's firing at Illinois. And, Turner's ability to judge talent, make game adjustments, and plug in the right players with the right plays at the pro level has been poor at best.

Besides, if the Eagles cut Davis, it seeems they would rather have a defensive lineman block than him. So, I think people can understand why I'm not 'jumping for joy' over his signing.

Plus, Bears O-line coach Harry Hiestand and Brandon Lloyd were on those bad Illini teams as well. Great! Weren't Oliver Williams, Tony Eason, Tim Brewster, Mark Dennis, and Cap Boso available?

you do know that they won the big ten several yrs while he was done there and basically had as many outstanding yrs as horrific ones...

im by no means a ron turner fan but fair is cant tell the bad w/o telling the good as well

Justincredible: No Turner did not have many good years down there.

His record was 42-61 at Illinois, and he had 2 winning seasons, thats it. He did have six loosing seasons there so if by just as many you mean not even close you are right. His confrence record was 20-44. He won, 1 confrence title in 8 years.

Maybe you should hang on the board were people only believe what the Bears tell them.

Looks like Turner is trying to put together a college offense that lost a lot of games in college, I am sure it will do much better in the NFL though.

I'll tell you what I know about Davis, he doesn't matter, have you seen how much the Bears yse there FB? You probably haven't because they don't use there fullback. DOesn't matter he is a practice squad guy.

Now Justincredible if you don't know fact I suggest you look them up before making those kinds of statments, Ok. Good

crieghton, get off your high horse. You're nothing special, talking like you own this board. By the way, there is a difference between "there FB" and "thier FB". You did it twice. Yet you criticize others. Please. Go Bears!

Wade: while I agree with your sentiments, there is a difference between "thier FB" and "their FB"...

Gosh sorry Wade I thought we were talking footballl not having a spelling be. Which as Tommy pointed out you screwed up. Just tell me was I wrong about turner or did some guy make something up and I caught him doing it. Maybe you like to give people mis-imformation as well. Cause that guy lied and Idon't like liers. Heck Wade why don't you tell me were I was wrong.

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