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Metcalf to return to practice today

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Terrence Metcalf, who underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee 27 days ago, is expected to return to practice this afternoon for the first time since suffering swelling in his knee in training camp.

Metcalf missed the entire preseason and could be out of the running to start at left guard Sunday at Indianapolis. He had hoped to get some action last Thursday at Cleveland but could not return in time.

Practice begins in about 20 minutes and we'll have some updates as the afternoon goes on. The Bears will not have to release an injury report until Wednesday.

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Did you hear that Colts!!!??? Terrence Metcalf is coming back! Oh yeah, I know you're trembling Dwight Freeney, I know you're shaking Bob Sanders and I know you wet yourself Gary Brackett. In fact, I don't think there's room on the scoreboard for the points we'll be putting up on offense now that Metcalf has finally returned.

Hopefully the Bears kept Metcalf around for depth, and only depth. To be an effective starter on an NFL offensive line, or any position for that matter, you got to be able to stay on the field. Continuity is key for success on the offensive line, Metcalf can not help us in that department. I say stick with Josh Beekman, he is younger and has more upside. Metcalf should be able to provide the Bears with depth inside, but simply doesn't have durability, the guy has never went an entire season fully healthy. What Metcalf is, is a good backup guard, who knows the offense, and can come in if another injury occurs. GO BEARS!!

What's the possibility of the Bears signing Willie Anderson, OT released from the Bengles?

Say what Kevin? Metcalf stinks! By the way I need a new turnstyle for my business. I hope Terrance Metcalf would stop by because hye certainly does a good job at letting people go by him.

Metcalf will be starting by game 5 at the latest.

Kevin he wasn't on the team for depth this year, he was the starter and he got hurt, Beekman never beat him out of the job and I 'm sure the Bears are hoping he will be ready to play in a couple of weeks.And Metcalf is not a good anything I m sorry but when you are so bad that you get benched in favor of an aged and injured Brown, then you really suck.

The Bears offensive line is going to be the punching bag of the nfl. Teams are gonna blitz the left side all day. My god when teams actually start blitzing there safties against this line I can't imagine how bad it will be. Bad defensive lines where beating this line with for man fronts, the Browns beat it with 3 men rushing.

Paul, I said, "Metcalf is a good BACKUP guard," I never said anything about Metcalf being a good STARTER. The fact Metcalf knows the offense makes him a good asset to have, and what else are the Bears suppose to do. Sign another guard off the street who a.] will need to learn our offense and b.] is probably on the street for a reason??
Now Creighton, no kidding Metcalf was originally the starter, my point is, now that he still has durability problems, keep him as a reserve. Again, continuity is the only way to develope an offensive line, and having an injury prone player in at left guard, isn't going to help the Bears do this. But you seem to think so????????? Also, Creighton, I think Biggs has a little more inside knowledge than me or you, and even Biggs said above, "Metcalf is probably out of the running to start at left guard."
P.S The immortal Creighton said: "Metcalf will be starting by game 5 at the latest." Guy, you can bet Im gonna hold you to that statement.. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! GO BEARS!!

uh, the Patriots signed that `street guy' already. I guess he can learn a winning teams playbook? probably alot easier than learning all the Bears many plays.
a. run away
b. run way away
c. walk away
d. get off the bus Metcalf

dude I live in Indy the Indy Star just had a extra article about Bracket wetting himself, read all about it!

The only thing...we did not get a decent blitz on Orton all preseason, I am worried about that as well. I don't have a problem developing Beekman or Barton I feel thats a great idea but get Metcalf/Miller out and sign someone off waivers that can actually help in an injury situation.

Creighton, few more things I forgot. First off, I know we are in trouble on the o-line, but I don't think all hope is lost either. The Bears have some young players that will be able to contribute this season. Josh Beekman is one of them, and he is already starting. The next young player who might get his shot is, Kirk Barton, maybe sometime later on in october. Also, Chris Williams will return sometime this season, the Bears would not have kept him on the 53 man roster other wise.
Creighton, a blitz is not necessarily the fault of the o-line, not entirely. The offensive linemen are to take care of the player in front of them, so yes, one on one battles are the fault of the offensive line. But you have to understand, there are 5 offensive linemen, during a blitz, there are usually 6-7 players coming. So to help, the tight ends and running backs have to help, and know their responsibility, as far as blitz pick up. Im confident the Bears tight ends and running backs will improve in this area to help the o-line during blitz situations.
The player that worries me the most is left tackle John St.Clair, he needs to improve, and the Bears need to give him help when facing a quick pass rusher. If he continues to struggle with this, it might be time to place Tait in at left tackle, and see what Barton can do on the right side.
Also, the coaching staff needs to make better adjustments during a game. Example: Take the Seattle game when Seattle kept bringing the blitz on Grossman. If I were the coaching staff, I would of simply put Grossman in the shot gun, especially during a relentless blitz. Grossman would have been more effective back in the shot gun vs up under center, where it is harder for a short QB like Grossman to find passindg lanes during a blitz. Also, Rex would have been able to see the field better, and see the blitz coming. Then Grossman would have had a chance to hit some deep passes and make Seattle pay for bringing up their safeties and linebackers. I guarantee a couple deep passes by Rex, and Seattle would of laid off the blitz. Something as simple as this can help an offensive line. Give this team and its players some time before saying they suck GO BEARS!!

Very good points Kevin, about the RB's and TE as well as St. Clair IS the biggest ?. and the young guys can/should help but I am frustrated that the Bears did not address the Oline during the offseason more and even still are not looking at waivers as other teams are.
I was not trying to belittle your opinion only my frustrations with the team in not going after waivers even when the Pats feel they can help their team, and if you look at it, aren't Miller/Metcalf/St. Clair all bench players? and not very good ones at that as they have had countless chances?
Good Point about the shotgun as well, not sure about that one, but if he goes elsewhere I bet they use that with him more.

The most important player in a blitz pick up is the QB, in this case Kyle Orton.... He has to make the read and hit the hot reciever if it is a pass play or audible out if neccessary to a better play to counter the blitz... It's like a game of chess or cat and mouse. That's what makes Peyton Manning so good and Rex so bad as a QB.. The blitz recognition !!!

The next most improtant thing to protect us from blitz happy teams is Ron Turner.... He needs to run plenty of (2) TE sets early on and call plenty of 3-step drops to take the sting out of the blitzing defense.

Counter plays and cut backs work nice against blitz's as does screens Ron.


Metcalf is back, let's start planning the parade!

I say let them blitz all day long. Orton has already showed more field awareness in the preseason this year than Grossman has showed in 6 years! He understands that there will be one more guy coming than can be blocked, and that guy is his responsibility. He can make his read, and make his throw before he gets there...

St. Clair is a problem, and will continue to be one. But maybe we can help with Clark or Olson on that side, and chip his man before heading into the pattern.

I don't think Orton will get blitzed as much as Grossman. Defenses will still treat him as a marginal player, and he is obviously good enough to be named a team captain. He will surprise a lot of teams in the first few weeks, and will make more big plays than bad ones. Once they adjust to him, we will slow down, and that is where Turner needs to earn his money. We may not be playoff contenders this year, but we will cause some headaches. Our defense scares me more than Orton and the O-line. We can get by with average play on offense if the defense shows up. If they don't, we need a top 10 offense to compete, and we definitely do not have that.

No more "Hangin with the "Moose" [he Musin had to have someone over a barrel to get that much exposure] or Grossman postgame misery.. That in itself has me excited.. Metcalf won't figure in this years scheme so relax.. The O-line will be adaquete enough with 2 TE sets the Bears will incorporate.. Defense is fine.. Why fly around in pre..? Dig..? The big issue will be health as the case with all of the NFL..

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