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McNabb practices for first time this week

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Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb practiced for the first time this week on Friday. We'll see where he's listed on the injury report with his bruised chest. The bottom line is that it's expected that he will start Sunday night.

Running back Brian Westbrook (ankle) and tight end L.J. Smith (back) were present but did not practice. That means it looks more and more likely that Correll Buckhalter will have to replace Westbrook with Lorenzo Booker getting some opportunities as well.

Guard Shawn Andrews (back) was not present for practice and looks like he will miss his second consecutive game.

We'll chime in with Bears updates when they are available as well as the official injury report later on.

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If Griese can beat us, does it matter who QB's against that out of shape, overpaid group we call defense???

If you recall Griese did those same things against the vaunted Eagles defense, against Minnesota's defense, against Green Bay's defense etc. when he was here. Could it maybe be that some credit should go to him for being so proficient in comeback, crunch time?

While we're at it, doesn't DelHomme have the best stats out of all QBs in the 4th quarter?

Mike I believe you are mistaken, Griese never did anything against all those teams, it was all Turner. Didn't you see the press confrence.

In reality there is one problem with McNabb, Griese comparison; McNabb tends to play a lot better than Griese in the other three quarters. If Griese can drive a mediocre Bucs team down the field for 80 yards and a TD in the first half using Grudens ultra conservative offense, then I am sure McNabb will have a shot at it too.

Oops, my bad Creighton. That's right. Griese apologized to Turner a few days later. Yes, I remember. And God bless Mr. Turner for all he has done and continues to do here. How dare Brian Griese try and ruin his good name.

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