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League will not fine Briggs for hit on Delhomme

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Lance Briggs looked through the mail in his locker and didn't see any correspondences from the NFL.

That's because the league deemed his hit on Carolina quarterback Jake Delhomme to be legal. Delhomme scrambled out of the pocket on a third down in the third quarter and ran downfield before sliding late. Briggs popped him as his slide was beginning and no penalty was called even though the Panthers complained loudly.

"Lance Briggs will not be fined,'' a league spokesman said. "It was a legal hit and there was no penalty called on the play. The quarterback slid late and Briggs had already committed. It was not a foul."

Briggs was joking as he picked up a parcel in his locker.

"Any FedEx [envelopes]?'' he said. "Yeah, I had a nice little package from my mother. There was a check that I hadn't picked up during the summer that I have to hurry up and cash before it expires. Any others? No, not at all. I think there was a FedEx around here somewhere. Oh, wait, it's UPS. Does the league send UPS? It must be from Delhomme. I don't know [about opening it], I'm sending this one back to him.''

*** Rookie safety Craig Steltz was held out of practice with a sprained right ankle. Defensive tackle Tommie Harris (left knee) had limited participation.

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I for one think this is a strong statement by the league. Carolina did a lot of whineing about the hit, but anyone watching the game could see that Delholmme had no intention of going down until he saw Briggs closing to bust-em up.Then his act of bravado got his team riled up as they came back for the victory. Now we have some solid bulleting board material against them if we meet in the playoffs. Harris also said they used the hit to rally with during a game the BEARS had under control. I do not like teams taking cheap shots at our players and calling them dirty after some of the things I have seen done to Chicago players over the years. Aggressive play is part of the BEARS personna and to get unwarranted fines by the league would hurt the defense's ability to intimidate and create turnovers, we desperately need to help win ballgames. GO BEARS

Sorry Jake "I never owned a slip 'n' slide" Delhomme, maybe now you can try running around and pounding your chest in front of Commi$$ioner Goodell and see if he cares.

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