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It will be interesting to see how Bears attack Carolina's offense

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Couple notes and quotes here to start off the day ...

Panthers coach John Fox on his impressions of the Bears defense against Indianapolis:

"They ran a lot more one deep than I have seen them run in a long time," Fox said. "They were very aggressive in how they disguised their fronts and the number of people they had up in the box and they played very, very fast, for sure."

That will be one of the real interesting things, to see how Bob Babich mixes things up this week to go against the Panthers. Jake Delhomme doesn't have the shiny statistics Peyton Manning does, but he's still a savvy performer. You would think the Bears can gamble and be more aggressive than usual against Carolina with Steve Smith not in the lineup.

*** Delhomme on a few topics:


"Extremely fast, especially on that turf. Just quick, flying to the ball, ballhawks, creating turnovers. When you watch [Lance] Briggs and [Brian] Urlacher, they're so good of football players and they've been together for so many years and they play so well together, and seeing Mike Brown back, and you have two Pro Bowl-caliber corners, Nathan [Vasher] and certainly Charles [Tillman]. That's just the back end. That's not counting the front end with Adewale [Ogunleye] and Alex [Brown], it looks like they've gotten quicker and quicker over the years. Tommie Harris, nothing needs to be said about him, how good he is. They're good."


"It's a process. Kyle certainly was able to play a ton as a rookie so he was able to do something that I didn't even come remotely close to doing in playing as a rookie. I played two games in my third year late in the season and we weren't a very good football team. So he had the opportunity to play and win games and obviously he can get it done. You know what, the good thing is Kyle really has kind of kept his mouth shut. He's never whined. He's never complained and he's just worked. And one, that earns the respect of your teammates right off the bat, and two, you're just absorbing what's going on. And obviously he's done well this preseason and certainly was efficient the other night in the game."


"One, we don't have 89, Steve Smith. He did extremely well in the playoff game. We don't have Ricky Proehl. We don't have our tight end Kris Mangum. We're a different team. I don't think there is any doubt. Now, the Bears defense, they're still good. They were good then and they're still good now. We're a new team with a bunch of new linemen. I think we only had two of the linemen we have now, the running backs are different, so it is a pretty big difference for us."

*** Tight end Dante Rosario isn't just becoming a hot pickup in fantasy football leagues, he's an offensive weapon the Bears need to familiarize themselves with.

*** Chris Harris wants to give his former team hell come Sunday.

*** Rhys Lloyd, the kickoff specialist the Panthers employ, said when it comes to bringing down Devin Hester he might just have to go with a slide tackle, cleats up. Lloyd is from England and has a soccer background. He was joking.

*** Adam Schefter of the NFL Network has reported that wide receiver Mike Hass worked out for Seattle. He already had a workout with the New York Giants.

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Both teams are going to come out, and run the ball outright. So many other similarities. Both teams beat AFC powerhouses SD and Indy on the road in week one against many "expert" opinions. Both teams feature a power running game, and are thin at receiver (at least for this game with Smith being out). Both teams feature multiple pro-bowlers on defense.

This is why the Bears are slight underdogs.
1. Delhomme is better than Orton (at least until proven otherwise).
2. Carolina is at Home (but that didn't matter last week).
3. The Carolina Defense is better than the Colt's D.

This is why the Bears have a chance.
1. Bear's D is at least as good as Carolina's (there is no way that SD's offense is more explosive than the Colt's offense).
- allowed only 53 rushing yards
- applied plenty of pressure
- hit very hard (see Joseph Addai early in 4th quarter get knocked out by Briggs)
2. The Bear's running game (183 yards on 39 carries).
-O-line run blocked well (and nasty too ... see Garza pummel some linebacker on Forte's 50 yard run)
- Forte is awesome! There is not one thing that this guy cannot do so far. He can run with power, speed, and shiftiness. He can pass block well. He has tremendous hands, and can catch anything thrown his way. He is excellent on the screen pass as well.
-I wonder if he can throw? Hmmm.
3. Orton may be just as good, if not better than Delhomme (MAYBE).
- He seemed to usually throw the ball to the right guy
- He has plenty of arm strength
- He has good touch
- He is tough and a good leader (did you see that run on 3rd down in the 2nd quarter to get the Bears into Gould's range?)
- He CALLS THE PROTECTIONS!!! Kreutz was calling the protections out when Wrecks was the QB. It must be nice when the QB has everything under control.
- He might be good enough to win a game when his team needs him to.

My bet is the Bear's D and running game is too much to handle for the Panthers. Bears 23 Panthers 10 (bears get 4 sacks and 3 TO's)

Go Bears!

shut up already. i can tell your an neckbeard homer. you rambled on how the bears had a chance to win to be delusional that orton was better than delhomme.

Orton seemed to hit the right guy well hmmm normally when you 3 step drop your throwing the ball so it's one read

when you run playaction the way the bears do it's simple high low situation (if you know what that means) just in case you don't let me explain.

Playaction pass right if the te is covered you checkdown (what orton loves to do) to the fullback.

pocket presence- orton if he's not waiting to get hit because he takes too long to read coverage or because is slow release he's being sacked or stripped.

orton arm is strong in the middle of the field but not on the outside throws. i ask you did you see the throw to olsen he had slow down and come inward towards the ball.

we have no chance if this becomes a shoot out for points. yes we have a good defense but i'm not to sure about legit running game. the colts abandoned there run to pass but carolina has two rb's both under 5'10 that can run like the wind. just like you saw last week a good running game can force 8 in the box and set up all sorts of passing attacks. the problem is i trust delhomme with the ball in his hand i just don't trust orton.

Thanks Jersey little boy.

You probably trust Delhomme more because he has more years under his belt. He also threw an interception last week.

My fantasy football team name is the NEckbeards, but that is just a cool name.

What was your point about play action? You trying to say that the defense and running game made it easy for Orton? You are right, but so did Dehomme's running game and defense.

You want to be negative all the time? You get a little high off of being negative? Good for you. I feel sorry for you. GO be a Cubs fan if you want to be negative and have your heart broken.

You may or may not be a Bears fan, but you should just go be a fan somewhere else.


Goodness gracious, it's Jerseyboy... :[ I think I speak for all of us when I kindly request that you please slither back to whatever gutter, manhole and/or crack in the ground from whence you came.

Still not over Grossman's demotion huh? Weren't you saying he was going to Hawaii this season? Hey, even the other Rex supporters on this blog are OK with it since we beat Indy and Orton showed a solid performance. He wasn't spectacular but he didn't have to do much with the way the run game and defense showed up. All Kyle had to do was protect the ball and limit his maistakes. He did. We won.

But look at the bright side, now that Rexy's on the sidelines, he may have more time to read your poems and love letters.

Two words as far as how we need to slow down Carolina's offense: press man...Tillman needs to follow Muhammed, who as we all know gets very testy when he isn't in the game early on. If Tillman can frustrate him and get him out of the game early, we can stack the box and gang up on the run. Rosario will be a potential threat, but without Steve Smith, the rest of the passing game is a mild concern at best. We should be able to stay in base defense or nickel most of the game, and be able to use some bigger bodies in defense of a dynamic running back combo in Williams and Stewart.

We all knnow Delhomme can take a hit, and will stand in the pocket and deliver the ball. But when we played them a couple of years ago, we abused him all day long (six or seven sacks), and he wasn't able to blink in the backfield. Otah against Ogunleye? We should win that all day long. Gross against Brown? We should win that more than we lose it.

I wouldn't mind seeing a couple of corner blitzes, since Delhomme seems to not look that far to the edges when reading blitz. Especially if we show the same kinds of looks we gave Manning, where the OLBs and safeties creep up and show blitz. Vasher can wreak some havoc in the backfield if we use him properly.

Carolina is a physical team with somewhat of a chip on their shoulder....sounds a lot like us. We have to deliver a big blow early in the game to get the crowd out of it. Whether that is a big return, a turnover, or Orton going deep, we need something big in the first quarter, and we can go on the attack. It's when we are playing even or behind that we have to go into the "bend but don't break" mode, and we keep the Panthers and the crowd in the game.

this is big game for the Bears, as the Vikes and Lions are chasing us, and the Pack has a gimme with SF this week. We need to stay in the hunt early and hope we continue to get better on offense before the division games start, and we can push for the division in October and November.

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