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Injury report

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Friday, Sept. 12

DT Tommie Harris, ankle. Harris was limited in his participation in practice and is probable.

LB Lance Briggs, ankle. Briggs had full participation in practice and is probable.

CB Nathan Vasher, shoulder/back. Vasher had limited participation in practice and the team added back to his list of ailments. He is probable.

WR-KR-PR Devin Hester, foot. Hester had full participation in practice and is probable.

LT John Tait, groin. Tait had full participation in practice and is probable.

RB Matt Forte, ankle. Forte had limited participation in practice and is probable.

For the Panthers, WR Ryne Robinson (knee) and G Travelle Wharton (knee) are doubtful and did not practice. LB Na'il Diggs (shoulder), CB Chris Gamble (arm) and TE Dante Rosario (foot) are questionable. They all had limited participation in practice.

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There are two injuries that worry me in particular. First, Nathan Vasher, I just hope the game isn't starting to catch up to him and his small frame i.e. Mike Brown. Vashers top attribute is his ability to play the ball, but another part of Vashers game that is sometimes overlooked, is his ability to play the run. Vasher is most certainly one of the more physical corners. Its going to be difficult to protect Vasher coming from his corner back position. Unlike Mike Brown, at safety, who the Bears can drop back away from the line as a free safety. The Bears are not going to be able to do this with Vasher in their cover two scheme, to make this defense work, the corners have to be able to come up and play the run. The sad thing about Brown back at free safety, is it takes away his ability to use his instincts to come up and make a play. After all, Brown made the pro bowl at strong safety, this is when Mike Brown was at his best, coming up and making plays at the line vs the run. Mike Brown was like a fourth linebacker at strong safety. But Brown simply does not have the frame to hold up playing a more physical position strong safety. I just hope the same thing isn't happening to Vasher.
The next injury that caught my eye was tackle John Tait, if Tait goes down, the Bears are in big trouble. A groin injury can be very painful [ask any guy that ever had one] lets just hope Tait can play through the pain, if not, Cody Balogh might be getting a premature promotion. Hopefully everything works out for the best for the Bears GO BEARS!!

Oh yeah, almost forgot, Biggs, you do realize you have John Tait listed at LT, and have for the last couple of injury reports. Is this a typo, or a sign of things to come? GO BEARS!!

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