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Injury report

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Sept, 5

All five players listed are probable and had full participation in practice:

DE Mark Anderson, right thumb
TE Desmond Clark, right knee
DT Dusty Dvoracek, right calf
DT Tommie Harris, left knee
G Terrence Metcalf, right knee

For Indianapolis, DE Curtis Johnson (shoulder) and WR Pierre Garcon (shoulder) are questionable. Johnson had full participation in practice and Garcon was limited.

QB Peyton Manning had full participation and is probable.

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Brad, didn't you know? These injury updates help the enemy! Right now all sorts of slimy, scummy, bottom-feeding underlings hired by the Colts' front office are scouring every report, story and update on our beloved Bears to try and gain an advantage. As if artificially increasing the noise in their stadium wasn't enough.

Anyway, since "they" are watching, may they feast their eyes on this:

- Coach Dung (correct spelling) looks like a mangy chihuahua.
- Peyton Manning holds numerous records in the NFL. But seldom is it known he also holds the record for largest forehead and flattest nose in all of professional sports. By the way, his commercials suck.
- I hope they enjoyed they're victory in SBXLI. B/c in a conference with both the Patriots and the Chargers, they might not win the big game until the franchise relocates again.
- Marvin Harrison makes Elmer Fudd look like an advocate for gun control.
- This may be the season Gary Brackett finally hits his growth spurt.
- And who's really surprised that Saturday won't show up on sunday?

ChicaGo Bears!!!

Mike how can you hate those commercials, "It's on like Donkey Kong," priceless.

Brad any word on how there interior line is setting up, is Pollak still hurt and is Justice playing Center, what about Johnson?? Actually thats not a bad looking interior.

Howard Mudd is a mad scientist.

Brad, I'm responding to your Sunday morning column about the Bears defense. I actually had a dream last night they came back to form and played superbly against the Colts (don't know who won). I'm gonna go off on a limb here and say they have a storng year; four reasons why;

1) They're all there; all the main pieces, and if they stay healthy they play well together.

2) Forte and Jones are going to be big surprises and help Orton and the 'O' keep the 'D' much fresher this year.

3) Babich has a year under his belt. I'm still a little leery about this guy but I'm hoping he uses his full stable of horses to the best of their abilities.

4) The preseason defense was the most bland defense I've ever seen the Bears play. Shoot, I had to stop myself from throwing salt and pepper at the tube a few times there. I have a funny feeling about their scheme this year; I hope I'm right!

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