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Initial thoughts: Griese's performance a disaster for more than Bears' D

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This was the last thing the front office and coaching staff wanted to see happen.

Brian Griese did not come into Soldier Field with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and get a victory. He came in and single-handedly directed an improbable comeback by setting a record against the Bears with 67 pass attempts. The quarterback that wasn't good enough to compete for the starting job here has to be a frontrunner for the NFC offensive player player of the week award at the expense of the defense he used to go against in practice all the time.

There were three years remaining on Griese's deal but a personality clash with the coaches, above all else, led the club to push the eject button. It's not like the Bears didn't know he was capable of this. They saw it first-hand last season when he rallied the offense 97 yards for a game-winning touchdown at Philadelphia.

"You know what, I don't know,'' Griese said when asked if he expected to be back with the Bears. "I was traded. Obviously, they didn't need me.''

And that's exactly what the Bears are going to keep telling themselves, that they didn't need Griese. The Bucs sure are glad to have him. They're calling him "Top Gun" in Tampa today.

From the For What It's Worth Department ... J.T. O'Sullivan tossed two touchdown passes Sunday in San Francisco's win over Detroit to raise the 49ers to 2-1.

Count the Bears thankful Kyle Orton was sharp with the exception of one misguided pass straight to defense end Gaines Adams that was returned 45 yards for a touchdown. Orton made some tough throws and show grit and determination running out of the pocket and collecting 21 yards rushing. We might have been writing about his game-winning drive had Rashied Davis not had a perfect pass over the middle hit off his hands, his second drop on third down in two weeks.

*** Speaking of Davis, there is an issue with the No. 2 wide receiver right now. Davis simply has not been productive in three games with the kind of playing time it took him three months to get last season. It's not like Devin Hester was proving to be a breakthrough at the position either before his injury. Brandon Lloyd is stepping up just fine and is making his former college coach Ron Turner look pretty wise.

It could not have been an accident that Turner was the one put on a conference call following Lloyd on the day he was signed. That clearly signaled the addition of Lloyd, who had troubles in San Francisco and Washington, was squarely on Turner and not general manager Jerry Angelo or coach Lovie Smith.

The question is what to do across from Lloyd? Veteran Marty Booker at least deserves a look. If he's not going to get one, why is he on the roster? Clearly rookie third-round pick Earl Bennett hasn't shown a lot of improvement since the end of preseason because he remains down on gameday. Mark Bradley didn't get any chances on the field against the Bucs.

Can Brandon Rideau, the practice squad player, be any worse? Maybe it's something that needs to be explored sooner rather than later.

*** I'm still not sure how you explain Griese's clean uniform after the game. For those who talked about him being an immobile pocket passer, the Bears did nothing with it. Griese dropped back to pass 68 times and was not sacked once, this with a rookie guard Jeremy Zuttah filling in. Zuttah, by the way, was taken 13 picks after Bennett in the third round.

The Bears explained that the Bucs went max protect an awful lot. If that was the case, it probably should have given the Bears a better chance to cover on the occasions Tampa sent only two or three receivers out in the pattern.

"I think they were getting rid of the ball quick,'' defensive coordinator Bob Babich said. "We had some guys come clean on pressures and they were able to get rid of it. They did a good job. I give them a lot of credit. They kept hammering away and they ended up getting a lot of yards in the passing game."

The bottom line is the Bears never rattled Griese. Without doing so, is it a surprise he picked them apart?

*** We'll see what the stats show when coaches finish reviewing them, but press box numbers credited defensive tackle Tommie Harris with one stop. He had one through the first two games. Harris was on the field a lot against the Bucs. We'll have play-time statistics to review later in the week.

*** Has defensive end Mark Anderson lost more than his starting job? None of the linemen covered themselves in glory on Sunday, but Anderson has been conspicuously quiet through three games.

*** Robbie Gould is continuing to do a solid job on kickoffs. He got another touchback and the Bucs' average starting field position on kickoffs was their own 22, eight yards worse than the Bears.

*** The more you see running back Matt Forte as a receiver out of the backfield the more it's apparent the Bears need to look for him in mismatches every week. He had linebacker Barrett Ruud beat on the interception in the end zone but Orton's pass hung up a little bit. Still, Forte either had to catch the pass or make sure Ruud did not catch it.

According to the Bears PR staff, Forte trails only San Francisco's Frank Gore in yards from scrimmage. That was going into the night tilt in Green Bay. It's solid evidence Forte is the complete back the Bears billed him to be.

*** Corey Graham was credited with two tackles on special teams and is quickly emerging as one of the top cover men for Dave Toub.

*** Looks like the Bears have a chance of catching Philadelphia without at least one key player. Running back Brian Westbrook reportedly left the stadium in Philly Sunday night on crutches after spraining his ankle. He's one of the most explosive players in the conference and any time he misses will be tough for the Eagles, who count on Correll Buckhalter as a top replacement.

*** We'll how the accusation by Tampa Bay right tackle Jeremy Trueblood that a Bears player grabbed his groin in a tussle on the field goes over today when the locker room is open to media. It's not an uncommon accusation but it's one no one takes lightly.

*** And finally, with the Packers' loss to Dallas in the night game, the Bears remain tied with Minnesota just a game behind front-running Green Bay (2-1). Of course, Detroit and St. Louis are the only other NFC teams with more than one loss in conference to this point.

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The Bears never rattled Griese? You don't need sacks to do that. I think for the better part of the game he was under constant pressure. How else do you account four interceptions and the penalty for intentional downing? I doubt those are mistakes he would make if he had all the time in the world to throw.

How do the Refs let 3-4 players take cheapshots at each other, then only call a Bear??? Tillman was like the 4th player involved and nothing called on Tampa? Our D let them come right down the field,but if official isn't examining his own prostate...we get the ball on the 50 in OT

please don't say Griese looked great yesterday. He threw three picks and should have had one more when Vasher dropped the ball. He put the ball up 67 times and his line gave him tons of time. The D-line didn't put much pressure on him, the team had to keep coming with blitzes and DManning was the best pass rusher on the field yesterday. Griese read the blitzes and hit his hot reads. Quick short passes always give this team fits.

Vasher looks slow and stiff.

do you think we can talk Greise into coming back to chicago to take Turner's job? He obviously has a better offensuve mind than TurnerM not that it takes much...

We can only pray that this brain trust, from Angelo to Lovie, Babich and Turner are shown the door after this season. The pain has only started. I predict the last home stand will look like a GB home game with the number of unloaded season tickets purchased by our friends up north.. This is not lack of fan loyality, just a prudent financial decision - $25 parking, $5 hot dogs and $7 beer. Not on my budget for this product.

All I know is that we should be 3-0 right now. Blowing solid 4th quarter leads is about the worst possible way to lose games in the NFL. Something needs to happen this week to instill some urgency in this team. By "something" I mean somebody(s) moves up the depth chart, or some key position loses reps in practice. Something like this happens once, OK @#! happens. When it happens twice in a row somethings gotta give. A couple ideas.

* Defending slants is heavily dependent on safety play. I love the guy, but we are not hearing Mike Brown's number a lot, and everybody says Payne is playing OK?
* Twice we needed one first down for a win, twice we have failed. Orton won out in large part because, for whatever intangible reason, guys made more plays on offense while he was QB. It ain't happening now.
* Again I love the guy, but 'Sheed is not getting it done.
* The d-line wore down again. Is Tommy Harris hurt, or not? We have too deep a line to play somebody hurt.

I can't believe our offense is actually scoring points and the let down is on D. What type of bizarro world do we live in? Davis needs to not be a starter any more. Can they at least give Bradley a shot? D needs to learn how to finish games and not put 8 in the box when Tampa is clearly passing the whole 4th quater and OT. Babich needs to learn how to adjust at halftime.

bears coaching absolutely sucks.

we need a new gm immediately. we need a person that knows anything at all about offense. then, he can assess the personnel and go get us the linemen, wr and qb we desperately need. unless we have a potential qb in hanie, so, please play him now!!!

the entire draft, with the exception of maybe drafting one safety, has to go into the offense. if we had a good o line, forte would look even more spectacular.

all three coaches need to be shown the door. watching the deer in the headlights that is lovie smith is just painful. no matter what the outcome of the play, he has the same stupid look on his face. and neither babich nor turner adjusts their gameplan at halftime...

these losses could be good if it means we get a top 10 draft pick next year, but only if angelo gets canned now. i cannot "bear" to see timmy tebow or some other crap (injured offensive lineman) in a bears jersey next year.

also, get tommie harris off the field now. he is either injured or is carrying his heavy new wallet around with him on gamedays

get smart about something other than your wallets mccaskeys!!!!!

A victory over Philly would help take the bad tastes out of fans' mouths after the last two games, but that victory is not likely to happen even if both Westbrook and Donovan M. were out.I would predict that the Bears' offensive line will be swinging doors to the charging Eagle defensive line.I hope to be leasantly shocked but am not holding my breath. I think if I were Orton I'd develop dtomach flu next week.

While the safety is key in preventing a slant from becoming a big gain, there is really no way for the back 2 to defend the slant pattern. When we read pass, the OLBs need to flare out immediately, and maybe that will cause some shrunken passing lanes, and prevent that from being the recipe to beat the Bears. If done correctly, Bill Walsh said that was an impossible pass to defend, but we have to do a better job. But if we creep Brown and Payne into the slant zone, then we lose deep half coverage. An alternative would be to swap the coverage zones, and bail Vasher and Tillman to deep half, and let the safeties run slant to flat in their zones. Could be a useful new look occasionally, but we couldn't use it too often or teams would throw the 7-10 yard stop in between zones all day long, and that would be the new slant.
We are predictable on defense, and teams can pick us apart when we don't put pressure on the QB.

The other big problem we have is we get too basic when teams go no-huddle. Vasher, Tillman, Payne, Hillenmeyer, Manning, Graham, and anybody else we stick out there are having trouble staying with their man when we play man coverage. Passes are being completed all over the field, and we are counting on strips and bad hands by the WRs to defend the pass. When we don't have time to run the "mug-up" front, teams don't have to wonder where the pressure is coming from, and they can adjust protection. Manning was our most effective blitzer, and Briggs did ok on the inside, but we need to get pressure with the front 4. Philly is strong on the OL, so we will need to dial up blitzes against them. Lord knows we will see plenty of blitzes from them, so we should return the favor.

When it’s 3rd and short with the game on the line do not let Kyle Orton audible … Incomplete pass. Failed QB scramble. Matt Forte should have had the ball in his hands two weeks in a row to close out the game.

How much longer until Lovie and Jerry acknowledge the letting go of Ron Rivera for Bob Babich was a colossal mistake and fire Babich? How many more 4th quarter meltdowns by our defense are we going to have to endure?

For a team built around defense and special teams, 24 points should be plenty of offense.

Kyle Orton saved his job with his 2nd-half performance. I turned on the Rex Grossman watch at halftime, but Orton came out and played well. Last week he was overthrowing the deep ball, this week he was underthrowing it but finally found some success.

It’s nice to see Brandon Lloyd playing well and he looks like a legitimate threat.

Can we find another wide receiver now? Rashied Davis has looked awful; Earl Bennett can’t even sniff the field; Marty Booker and Mark Bradley might as well joined Hester on the inactive list. Can you tell me that Brandon Rideau would fair any worse than this clown car of non-factors?

Tommie Harris needs to shut his damn mouth and play the game. Sixty-seven(67) pass attempts and not a single sack to a team playing with a rookie at guard and giving up 2 sacks a game to the likes of Atlanta and New Orleans. Face it Tommie, you and the rest of the d-line got your arses handed to your out there.

The penalty on Tillman was absolutely brutal. No excuse. NONE. It’s overtime and you let yourself get baited into a fight? Absolutely BRUTAL.

Special teams was solid, the offense was good enough to win, but our vaunted defense has more holes than an OJ alibi.

Chicago is now 3-0 in the first 56 minutes of games but 1-2 when it counts. You’re doing a heckuva a job, Bobby!

Memo to Bears coaches: The NFL has figured out your defense! In fact, they've had it figured out since the Super Bowl two years ago. I guess finishing 28th in defense last year wasn't enough for you to realize it, but maybe blowing two 4th quarter leads this year will wake you up. You've got the talent, do something different with them!

Memo #2 to Bears coaches: Your team is soft and unmotivated. They've all got their big long term contracts and they're phoning it in. Something needs to be done. Cut Rashied Davis now!! Pull a Jimmy Johnson and cut him the moment he shows up for work. Do it in front of everybody. Wake this team up and remind them that this is cutthroat and they better perform. Give Bennet or Rideau a chance to drop crucial 3rd down passes. At least they'll have the excuse of being rookies (well, pretty much a rookie in the case of Rideau).

The Bears & Jerry Angelo need to rethink this whole reward your own w/ new contract thing. It has not worked who has produced since getting a new contract including Lovie ? maybe Lance Briggs other than that the hunger that embodied 2006 is missing and this I believe is the root of the cause. Look @ the successful business models of the Eagles and Patriots they allow FA to leave and bring in hungry players looking to prove something and they are two of the most succesful franchises this decade !

"Buddy" Bob has no businees as a NFL coordinator he was not qualified when he got the job and has done nothing to earn it
time to show him the door promote a subordinate that will not happen in the coaching fraternity would it ? case in point Brian Billick & Jim Fassel... would prove otherwise time for Lovie to take control of the defense and justify his new contract too !


Have Harris split time equally with Idonije.

Bring up Rideau and start him. He is young, fast and showed real promise. Let's see what he can really do.

Have Rashied return kicks. Vasher is not himself, maybe he is too tired from returning kicks.

Let Jones run more in the 3rd. qtr. Forte is going to be an old man real fast at the rate they are using him.

Most of you are right! the Bears should be 3-0.But because of bad coaching and bad player mistakes we suck!Ron Turner did a whole lot better with play calling tho.He did alot with Forte!and the defense was great up till the 8 min mark in the 3rd Quart.Kyle Orton dose not impress me with his arm tho.He either throws them past the rec,or behind them.thier o-line needs help.And i thought Tommie Harris STUNK!.Remember last yr and the yr before he got right up on the line and timed the count just right and terrorized o-lines? NOT THIS YEAR!Also Klye and his WR have no bond.only B.Lloyd has acrobatically caught his over or under passes. hopefully they get the rust out or bears are DOOMED!

This game came down to our winded defense getting it's butt kicked for the second straight game.

Why were they so tired? That's what I want to know. They weren't on the field that much in the 3rd and 4th quarters, but still looked winded.

No conditioning?

How much did we invest in Tommie Harris to make one play per game?

Seems like the Bears D is more focused on reading what the press writes about them than on playing the game.

They got embarrassed last week by Stewart and this week by Griese (who didn't have his best receiver).

Orton played quite well in the second half. I think he was 12-15 for 160 yards and 2TDs. At least he showed up, rallied the Bears to a 10 point lead and then watched Lovie's weak-kneed defense give it all away in less than 10 minutes.

So much for our so called "elite" D.


Here are my initial thoughts.

Last week I pointed out the Bears defense would be vulnerable to counters and quick slants.

Stop calling it the mug up D, it's a single saftie defense. How do you beat a highly aggressive single saftie defense? Max protect and quick slants, if you bring 8-9 men then your DB's are in single coverage and can get burned, if you have 8 men on the line then nobody is in the middle of the field, so guess were your vulnerable.

Single saftie is great at taking away the run, but garbage against the pass once you know it is comming and can protect against it.

The Bears can't pass block.

The Bears struggle to run on 3rd and short.

Gruden is one of the most conservative play callers in the game.

Turner is also one of the most conservative play callers in the game

Both like to sit on leads.

Both teams play soft prevent style d's once they get a lead.

Kyle Orton do the world a favor and do not ever run another naked boot leg again.

Brian Griese put up 400 yards passing on a defense using a conservative passing offense and once again a team that did not have it's best reciever.

Orton underthrows almost everything

The middle of the bears oline lacks power and size

Matt Forte will end the season in a body bag.

If you overload the Bears right side you can get to the QB easly and they won't adjust to it.

Here come the Eagles, looks like Westbrook is gonna be fine.

Ron Turner did you really call those plays at the end of that Eagles game last year or was it Griese, to me it looks like Turner lied and humiliated a player to make himself look good. Karma can be a real kick in the nuts. Didn't Harris also talk about how he was gonna beat Zuttah all day?

The Eagles have the number one run defense in the league and they are great at bringing pressure, they also have 3 really good DB's oh and have you seen the size of that Oline, there huge. There also loaded with talent at almost every position

The Good and the Bad

The Bad: The Bears are a mediocre team

There playing the Eagles this week, a really good team who has a mean streak.

Andy Ried is not a conservative coach

The Bears are 1-2

The Bears look like idiots and can't keep it together for 4 quarters.

The Bears can devote there offense to taking away the run but they become weak against the pass or the can devote there defense to taking away the pass but become vulnerable to the run. Pick your poison cause they can't do both at same time.

They Bragged about beating a crippled Colts team

The Vikings just beat the Panthers,

The Good:

We play the Lions twice and the Rams once, thats 3 wins, Wooo Hooo.

The Bears can brag about beating the Lions and the Rams, then when they play real teams they can whine about how they don't understand why they are loosing.

The Bears have a weak schedual they could go 7-9 again with a little luck.

We can all look forward to Angelo drafting a DT or DE in the first round of the 09 draft Followed by LB picks and and DB picks in the 7th round we will take a RT. Yeah fun time.

Brad did you say Zuttah was drafted after Bennett, gasp really? But the Bears didn't need Oline help so why would they have taken him, they already had Chris Williams he can be the whole line by himself and they did draft Barton. How is he doing again? Oh my Bad sorry thats an awkward question isnt it? Thwy do have Drive killer Miller now though. Yeah Angelo. How did Olsen play this week? The Bears sure don't seem to use him and Clark that much.

Well I think I'll stick with the pick I made last week and go with the Eagles, but hey maybe the Eagles will get in a plane crash and then the Bears can be like Yeah they was affraid to play us, King Kong ain't got nothing on us.

Oh I would like to take this moment of my weekly rant to say Kevin A was right about Matt Forte everyone. Everyone Kevin was right about Matt Forte, Yeah Kevin A, nice pick Kevin A. Matt Forte all the Way, yeah Matt Forte. Party time. Oh does everyone know Kevin was right about Forte, well he was. God forbid he admits to anyone else that they were right about like 1 or 30 different things he was wrong about but hey not here to judge the guy who jumped all over a certain person after a colts game and that person admited he was wrong about Forte.

I mean if he Kevin A would like to talk about

The Bears offense or defense
the Oline
Chris Williams
John St. Clair
Josh Beekman
Greg Olsen
Super Bowl Calibur teams
1-2 start(not very super bowl contender like)
Making Excuses(which a certain guy not gonna name names, but you know who I am talking about Kevin A)
Tommy Harris
Tampa Two
Football Knowledge
The last 5 Bears drafts
Angelo again

If you want to say something now might be a good time Kev cause I gotta tell you after the Eagles game I will probably be in a bad mood and how do i put this? After the Colts game, you and Brando thought the World was your Oyster at my expense of course.

So I put this little film clip together for you and Brando. Consider it a Metaphore and everyone has a part.

Joe F is the hotel owner

Kevin, Brando, Bad Mike and Jersey Girl(guy) get to be random gun slingers, Brando your the perticularly dumb looking one.

Biggs your the Coffin Maker

And I will be Clint Eastwood (after all the executive producer always gets to pick the best part) It's the perfect part, he even makes a mistake in this clip like I did about Forte, everything else seems to work ok for the character though.

Enjoy the clip, if you can't enjoy this clip on it's own merits there is something wrong with you, which means I am sure Brando hates it. If you can't laugh at this there is something wrong with you.

Oh almost forgot the Mule will be played by my ego.

Kyle played really well in the second half. But I agree with some of you on one point: Don't let that dude audible at the line of scrimmage. Man! Everytime he audibles there's a false start, sack, or a blown-up running back.

I am on the Rex watch. We know he's a head case, but come on, he keeps that eigth man out of the box 'cause everybody's afraid of his play-action business. I'm telling yoy, with a good running game, he gives the Bears a better chance to win.

The Bears D lost this one with Tillman's bonehead penalty and Bears playcalling and formations constantly giving up yards to Gruden's version of the WC offense. I am starting to worry about the Bears defensive coordinator. Rivera had the same guys and they seemed to be a lot more effective under him than they do under Babich. I like Turner but the Bears O has no identity, pass blocking, or creativity. They do have two QB's with opposite skillsets. One's a headcase and the other has a five-cent head.

I like the article Bigsey. And in my FYI department, OSullivan has been sacked 13 times this season. He's on pace for 70+ and he'll probably get dinged a dozen times between the Eagles and Giants.

He won't finish the season.

As painful as this is to write and as little as anyone wants to read it, the key Bear defensive players are not playing at their previously elite levels and probably not capable of doing so any longer due to injuries and, in two cases, age.

Mike Brown and Brian Urlacher are getting old for NFL players and have some medical issues. Brown hasn't played an entire season since five years ago and, while he looked good in the almost complete game he played in San Diego last season, his play this season can best be described as "good," nothing more. Brown used to be an impact player who made game-changing and game-winning plays, and he's not playing anywhere near that level.

Perhaps it's age, perhaps his neck and/or back, perhaps both, but Brian Urlacher is also merely performing at a "good" level so far this season. Again, he is counted on to make game-changing and game-winning impact plays.

Tommie Harris is basically playing on one leg. Whether he's as good as he'll get, which is what he said, or he just needs time to heal is only knowable to him if anyone. He's not old, but his body may be shot.

These are the Bears' best and most important defensive players at each level. Without them playing at an elite level, as they used to play, the defense will not be a top defense. If age and medical problems have lowered the quality of the Bear defense, the only thing the team can do is rebuild with new players, which means "wait till next year."

Hey you making some kind of joke Creighton? I was never much of a Clint Eastwood fan but I did laught not at the clip but more at your poor attempt to try too shoot me down. (rolling my eyes)

Im gonna stick to my guns and say the Bears still have a chance to be 11-5. The D isnt as bad as shown and the Offense has made stride each week. Heck already way way better then last year. How many times can you say the Bears had a 100+ rusher IN ONE GAME, a QB after 3 games with a QB rating over 75 and a wide out that produced a 100+ yard game.

Simple I can answer that.

A.P. vs. Greenbay week 16

Former Bear Brian Griese around a 85 QB rating and ended up with a 75.6 at the end of the season

Banard Berrian vs. Seatle in week 11 had a 99 yard game in week4

The one downside of the Offense from last year to this year has been the bad O-Line play. Thats the only part of the offense that had declined. Heck even Turner has been better at play calling.

I didnt get to watch the game live yesterday because I was at a Golf Outting to help Battered Women I did just get done watching it and I have to say Brandon Lloyd was the offensive MVP for the Bears. Last week He was my Special Teams MVP.

Now with that said!!!!!!!! Creighton you took Cheap shots below the belt when ripping into Kevin A and how he was or can be wrong but never admits it, well Blogg up Creighton because how wrong were you about Brandon Lloyd? Alot wrong you wanted to have him cut before the pre-season even started. Beside Forte Lloyd has been the one shinning consistent on Offense. My boy Brandon Lloyd.

P.S. Lloyd looks better then Berrian. Brandon doesnt shy going over the middle, doesnt short arm it and most importan Lloyd has been making catches that realy shouldnt be caught. Give him an extension. Joking its only the 3rd game. Extend him after the 5th game.

P.P.S. I switch my role to dumb looking gun slinger to the coffin maker. That dude was the coolest actor of them all.



Keeps the 8th man out of the box?

How soon we forget.

Defenses were blitzing Rex relentlessly last year because they knew he got jumpy. Remember all those sacks that should have been 5 yard losses, but Rex turned them into 15 to 20-yd losses because he scampered backwards?

Kyle will be fine.

I just wish he would throw more to his tight ends. They would make every phase of the offense better and his life easier.

After watching the Eagles dismantle the Steelers o-line, I'm hoping Orton survives next week.

Here's hoping the offense can build on its very strong second half performance.

Sad to think that it is now the Bears "D" that we have to worry about being the weak link (okay, the Bears D AND the coaching staff are tied for being the weak links).

Babich must go
I was on the Rex watch as well, and thought Orton picked it up in the second half, but who is our 2nd/3rd WR again?
Yeah, why is the D so tired in the 4th Q? Well, 3 and outs don't help, maybe a few sprints or laps early in the offseason would help?? maybe you think??
boy, we look bad in the 4th huh? I was pretty excited early in the game but as the game wore on so did the D
All that praise against a injured Colts team huh?
Babich must go.

All the naysayers that keep bashing Babich and praising Rivera need to settle down a bit. Bob is not getting any help when:

1.The Bears O-Line and other players getting multiple flags and drive backwards insted of foward. Leaving Brad to punt near the goal line or worse in the endzone.

2.When Brad Maynard is having his worst start of his career having less then 40 yards net punting.

3.Field possition. I wonder whats the starting field possition in the 4th quarter is for the opposing team.

4. The D making mental mistakes getting dumb flags.

Look Chico couldnt even get a D-cordinantor job. If he was as good as some say shouldnt he be more of a coach then a LB coach? Ron underminded the Bears and then threw some moose dropping bombs on the Bears organization and Rex.

Also one more point in the fist half of games the Bears D stifled opponents, holding them to few yards and few first downs. Guess what Bob doesnt call just the 4th quarter, He calls the whole game.

I wouldnt souly put blame on Bob Babich or the D for late quarter collaps. Its a bigger problem the JUST play calling, the players have to play too.

Bear Keith? Where you at pal? Well I don't expect you to respond but do you see what I mean when I say, and have repeatedly said, that Brian Griese (400+ yards, almost 70 pass attempts, was the ONLY offense) should have been our QB then, now, and in the future!? Sure he makes mistakes, just like every QB that has ever played the game, but anytime the ball is in his hands, he gives his team a chance to win. He's a damn good QB and usually I get really down when we lose but I truly appreciate how Griese stuck it to the coaches and management for letting him go.

As for the Bears, we're a good team so will all you whiners please shut up? Orton's errors finally lit a fire under his ass as he came back back and got his first two touchdown passe; as well as that conversion. Forte was solid as usual and Lloyd...WOW! The pieces are finally falling in to place, players are starting to gel, getting comfy on offense, the defense is great, and Devin Hester's coming back. I saw much more good than bad (minus giving up Griese of course). Anyway, I expect us to give Philly hell on Sunday night. These last two losses were a result of our guys figuring things out early on and the WHOLE team looks ready to make something happen. Playoffs? There's no doubt in my mind. Again, we're a good team and we'll definitely win several games. Bears fans, don't fret!

Go Bears!

Creighton, I never once said, "I was right about Matt Forte," but thanks for pointing that out. And that reminds me, YOU WERE WRONG ABOUT MATT FORTE!!!! ha ha ha ha ha !!!
Creighton, I wouldn't throw a party just yet, its only week 3. As far as Josh Beekman, little reminder, he is still starting, and hasn't looked that bad. So far, Im right about Beekman, and your not. ha ha ha ha!! And Creighton, I know your loving the fact that Chris Williams is hurt [some Bear fan?????] but wait till he actually gets on the field to say he sucks or is a bust, neither one of us are wrong about him just yet. Lets talk Earl Bennett, I never once said, "he would come on as a rookie," I said, "he might not come on till year 2 or 3," like most receivers. Creighton, its starting to look like you were wrong about Brandon Lloyd also, ha ha ha ha !! Creighton, I never once talked up Rashied Davis, if you go back in the archives you will see I didn't even think the Bears were gonna keep him, let alone extend him. Creighton, why in the heck is Griese's name on your list of things I was wrong about, I never mentioned anything about Griese, good or bad???? I think your starting to make things up...again??? Oh yeah, maybe I was wrong about Garza, but Creighton, go to any Bears site, look at their depth chart, and tell me who is the second team RIGHT guard????????????? If Garza keeps playing like he is, Dan Buenning might be the first team right guard.
Creighton, bottom line, its only week three, Chicago could have eaisly won both the Carolina and Tampa Bay games. Hopefully the Bears can straighten things out, see as a BEAR FAN, that is how I think, not wanting them to keep losing so I can look right, make other Bear fans feel bad [because they choose to support their team], and constantly bash the Bears and every single personnel move they make, again for emphasis, EVERY SINGLE PERSONNEL MOVE THEY MAKE, so of course when one of the Bear players fail, I will feel, or think, Im right??? And oh yeah, on top of it all, on a CHICAGO BEARS FAN BLOG!!!!! So a lot of people will argue with me, making me feel or think Im even more right?? Creighton, the only reason Im blogging you back, because if I don't, you will think Im hiding. I did notice during the week after the Bears victory, you were pretty quite....why????? Shouldn't a Bear fan be happy if their team wins a big game???????????????????????????????????? Oh yeah, Creighton, sorry there guy, but Clint Eastwood always plays a GOOD guy, and here on a CHICAGO BEARS fan blog, you are not. Creighton, you might think all the people you mentioned above are arguing with you, but their not, again, they just choose to support the Bears, you don't. This is not a I was right you were not, so na na na, it is a Bear fan blog. Im always going to support the moves the Bears make, if Im wrong, Im wrong, at least no one can ever ever ever ever ever one more time for emphasis, ever, call me a FAIR WEATHER FAN, or BAND WAGON RIDER [someone who supports the team only when things are going right,] Creighton, think about it GO BEARS!!

Creighton, one more thing, I see you put Football Knowledge on your list also. My only question is, weren't you the genius that said, "Chicago should not blitz Manning & the Colts." My friend Kevin Bumstead wanted me to remind you that you said this on a blog before the Colts game???????????????????? GO BEARS!!

Brando: "Field possition. I wonder whats the starting field possition in the 4th quarter is for the opposing team."

The last three scoring drives for Tampa went 63, 79, and 90 yards starting at their own 21, 20 and 7 yard lines respectively.

estevenj: "I am on the Rex watch. We know he's a head case, but come on, he keeps that eigth man out of the box 'cause everybody's afraid of his play-action business. I'm telling yoy, with a good running game, he gives the Bears a better chance to win."

Dude, Rex is not the answer. I wasn't rooting for Rex to come in, I just saw how bad Orton looked in the 1st half. I've said it before that Grossman is too slow of foot and too short to be effective; defenses stack the box where you cannot run and bring pressure right up the middle. Grossman does cannot hit the hot route like Orton and - when rattled - retreats or throws ill-advised passes. The book on him is bring the blitz early and often and restrict his passing lanes which is easy because he can't move in the pocket.


Press cover 2 with the linbackers hugging the line before the snap will not stop this play. Babich needs to move the linebackers off the line,4yds off the ball. Give them the chance to get into the flat or to 12 deep to stop this pass already. I'm sick and tired of wathing opponents gain 8-12yds everytime and hoping peanut strips the receiver before he hits the ground.

Also why,why,why,why,why was Hunter Hillenmeyer in for most of the last drive of regulation. He is TERRIBLE against the pass!!!!!

Coach speaks
'At times when we look at our team, we're playing dominating ball, and I'm one to think that eventually we'll be able to keep that going for four quarters.''

I agree Da Church, I am not saying bring Rex in, but hey I was wondering if they would.

re: Babich: They went right down the field and scored, If it's the players then the Coach needs to get in players that correct this crap, ultimately it falls on the Coach to correct players mistakes, Carolina same thing - D let down the lead, so Babich must correct this for TB and did not.
I did not say bring back Rivera - I never felt he blitzed enough, but something needs to be done about the D - even Coach said as much.
We had field position the entire game, that means win right there usually. Yes, the players have to get it done, but the Coach is responsible.



With a solid running game Rex keeps the eighth man out of the box. HE DOES! Were you a Bears fan in 2006? Did you watch any of those games?

What were the key differences between the teams between 06 and 07?

In 07, the Bears had no running game and injuries on both sides of the ball. The lack of a running game NEGATES the play-action pass. Do you understand the concept of play-action? Do you understand that, while Rex had some horrible games in 06, he had some great ones too? And his great games were primarily fueled by his ability to use the play-action pass and beat teams that were stacking against the run?

Did you notice that the Panthers and Bucs were stacking against Forte? Did you note that Kyle couldn't beat them deep? He was either sacked, audibled and killed the drive, or simply missed the reciever.

The Panthers and Bucs just looked at the Indy film (no pun intended) and said: "Let's stack the box, stop the run, and make Kyle Orton beat us."

Newsflash: Kyle hasn't beat anybody. He plays not to lose or he's being coached not to lose.

Creighton: Well done on getting Armstead all worked up. I love it!

Orton Bashers:
The D let the other team score, Orton played well enough to win, I felt he kept his job in the second half of play - many mistakes all across the team.
Wer'e all upset as we should be. Phily will be tough

You know what Kevin wernt we, us fans, gonna get a week to week break down of Matt Forte and Micheal Turner? I havent seen it yet have you?

Creighton Are you unconsiously writing these blogs. Both Kevin and I have a reason to defend ourselves. What you put in your cute blog up there was all faulse aqusitions. I put one blog up after week one and it never once mentioned you! I went back to check out most of Kevin A. blogs and he never realy overhyped Forte at all, if any did it was me. Again not afraid to stick to my guns when saying that the Bears should go 11-5, win their division and have a 1st round bye along with the Giants, Matt Forte as NFC rookie of the year and Orton having(if healthy) the best season since Erik Kramer.
Creighton you need a friend, someone to talk, no argue but talk too.
Also stop ridding in the shaddows of a former Chicago Sports Writer. He is gone and Im am glad not to have to read or hear about his negitive thoughts about Chicago Bears, Bulls and Cubs owners and personal. Tone it down a bit and look on the bright side of things. No need to stress its only week 3 and all these bonehead mistake are fixable. Better to get them out now then later!

estevenj, first of all, me and Creighton always mess with each other, its all in fun, its a fan board. Also, if you notice in my blog back to Creighton, I was laughing most of the time, that wasn't just typing.
But since you mention me, estevenj, you know that Matt Forte is second in the league with yards from scrimmage right, do you know who is first?? FRANK GORE!!! Whats up with that, I thought the 49ers didn't have anybody for poor Alex Smith???? Also, can you please explain to me [make up excuses for] why Alex Smith couldn't make it with the same 49ers offensive line that J.T. O'Sullivan is having a breakout season with??? Oh yeah, go back to your 49ers board with all the Orton bashing sh#t!! Leave the Bears QB alone. GO ORTON!! GO BEARS!!
P.S. hope I didn't get you all worked up?? GO BEARS!!

Was off line for better than a week due to Ike!

Glad to see things are stirred up in Chi-town. Man it was ugly to see the train wreck coming 1/2 way through the Carolina game. Just knew what was coming - then it happens again the next week!
The next peep out of the defense should start with "We're sorry......

It is not time of possession but number of plays that really counts. All those in complete passes stop the clock but that one completion usually brings a fresh set of downs.

The blitzes up the middle were not effective: 3 on 3 with no sacks and two of the three players coming up the middle being highly paid pro-bowlers. Time for a combination: tackle stunts and then a blitz to create some confusion.

Have to admit the offensive line has performe better than anyone but George S Halas could have hoped. Forte is a real pro and it is now time to let Orton loose on first down a little more.

Until the D can prove they really can carry the team the Bears need to act like the rest of the NFL and let the offense carry the load. Can't believe a Bear fan would have to write those words....

Brando, I don't think we are gonna see much of that comparison this season from Creighton. Maybe on a week where Forte has a bad game, then Im sure Creighton will be all over it, but until then, we wait. Also, yeah, I think Creighton wants us to defend ourselves for being Bear fans, at least thats what it seems like?? Oh well, if Chicago wins, don't worry, you won't hear much from Creighton then. I think a big part of Creightons anger for me dates back to the draft, as far as Matt Forte, I wanted Chicago to draft him, Creighton didn't. The only reason I bring it up, is because Creighton did first on the above blog. Also, Creighton, bide your time with Chris Williams, suck up the fact he is injured, because if he comes in and does well....well, you know. GO BEARS!!

As long as your bringing up Turner, I felt the Bears should have picked him up then used the Forte pick on Oline, but knowing the Bears they would have picked another D player lol. I like Forte though he does look good, it's a moot point we have him, he looks like a true RB (finally)and at least we have that. I am getting alot of points off the Bears D in my Fantasy league, they just don't win the real games, come the 4th they seem to wilt after dominating the first half.

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