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In two words: Impressive effort

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We're packing up the car and pointing it north on Interstate 65. After we catch some rest, we'll work on recapping some of the things that went into the 29-13 victory.

There wasn't much that went wrong for the Bears and it was a thorough beating.

Check back Monday during the day when we tackle some of the issues with you.

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I agree Brad, coaching job was solid this week on both sides of the ball. The BEARS are also confident as a team right now, you might not have seen urlacher response after the game whenAndrea Mitchell said it was an upset, Brian looked incredulous, and clearly stated they felt they would win the that attitiude in a leader...We all know watching the team this summer that the defense did not look good, and we had showed improvement Offensivly even though we wanted to see it in a real game, but for an opening game on the road against a tough opponent BEARS looked good. Offensive play calling was solid also as Forte and Jones ran well, Kyle did nice job in the pocket....looking forward to next week!......

I've been a bears fan since i was 5 years old and i'm ashamed to say that i did not think the bears had a chance tonight. I know i'm a a**hole! But as i sit back looking at this team from lastyear there is one glaring think that comes back,"injuries". We sucked lastyear because of all the injuries and a qb named rex. Tonight we were healthy and with a more effective qb and a running game there is no reason, barring injuries, that we can't win this division. We will know more tomorrow when the packers and vikings clash but detroit will not compete again this year. I can't wait for carolina nextweek to see how we respond to this great win. GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kyle Orton deserves enormous credit for keeping up his faith for the last few years, and coming out this season in great physical shape and with his pro QB head ready for the game. So long as the line gives him some protection, he's going to be a real leader and performer for this team. And, Matt Forte, thanks for showing us how a solid RB can change a game, again.

To Jerry and Angelo and Lovie: 1000 demerits. Thanks for making us wait (and suffer) years to see two solid performances from two solid players.

Please now take some of the money you're paying Rex for 2008, and give it to Kyle.

Wow. Just wow. For all of the Kyle Orton detractors, that's gotta hurt. For guys - like myself - who wanted Mendenhall, Forte looked like the real deal and hopefully is. It's amazing what an offense can accomplish when your RB doesn't trip over the line of scrimmage every play.

What went wrong:
Devin. DEVIN! Do not try to "okey-doke" the coverage again! They've seen your missed FG return. EVERYONE at home or in the NFL has seen it. NO! BAD DEVIN! :-)

The "Holy Crap we must protect Peyton" phantom roughing call on Brian Urlacher. You think if that was Rex or Kyle Chicago would have got that penalty??? Give me a break refs.

Speaking of refs, how does a guy fumble, Wolfe recovers and they say "The ruling on the field stands" despite the fact that it was an obvious fumble. That was complete and utter BS. I know what they said was the ruling but you play the game to the whistle and Chicago got JOBBED!

Still looking to see why Kevin Payne is starting. On the Colts TD drive he missed a tackle and then got beat for the TD on back-to-back plays. Give me McGowan.

It's "Victory Monday" at DCODC's house as I take the day off after opening day each year usually to recover from drinking myself into a coma following a Bear loss. Today, no hangover, a positive outlook on the season, and ready to watch all the talking heads on the Eastern Seaboard Programming Network spin this as a Colts implosion rather than a Bear victory.

Note to Orton:

Keep throwing to your tight ends. Olsen creates more mismatches for opponents than any other Bears receiver, including Hester. Linebackers can't stay with him. Cornerbacks are too small to cover him. He runs like a gazelle, catches the ball and if you squint your eyes, I swear he even leaps tall buildings in a single bound.

The tight ends will save your butt this season, so continue using them.

Oh, and use that Forte kid, too. He won't be as productive in every game as he was against the Colts, but even 75 yards per game is a huge upgrade from last year. And his potential is very high.

In 3 words "I totally agree".

Now I bet there are a few people really curious about what I have to say about this game. However unlike the experts I made my call for the game last night on this blog an hour before the game started. It's under the latest Benson blog and I am very proud to have out called every expert in the country as I gave the Bears the advantage for the game. I was not surprised at all by the outcome. Here is a copy and double check if you would like.

By Creighton on September 7, 2008 5:49 PM
actually I think I will compare Forte to Turner all season.

The colts are can be run on so I think it's fair to say Forte should have a good night, so should our DT's starting 3 backups on the colts interior line tonight. Mannings timing should be off somewhat, Freeney may not be 100 percent so tonight is a good messuring stick for the Bears, the Colts are beat up and the Bears are healthy. Thats a big advantage

Now as for the game it's funny nobody seems to realize that the game plan the Bears used last night is the exact same game plan teams use to beat the Bears. My big concers are still LT, the QB and the recievers. The offense scored 20 points but given the amount of damage Forte was doing the score should have been higher. The Defense looked good but there is a concern, they rushed 7 and 8 men all night and came away with 2 sacks. While they did apply preasure all night I did expect more from the DT's they were going against a makeshift interior line starting 2 3rd stringers and a backup plus they lost Clark early. Were was Harris?? The 13 points the defense held the Colts to was very good but again I look at Mannings condition and how many dropped passes did his recievers have? The effort from the defense was nice to see as it hasn't showed up in 19 months. The real test for the Bears is yet to come, the next three games will tell you what the Bears have.

Both Carolina and the Eagles can pound the ball and will not be sending up a makeshift oline and a 260 pound dline, they have big lines and two solid coaches who will be looking at this game film, now they know what Orton can do and it hasn't changed much, there gonna force Orton to pass more next week and close down the running game by stacking the box. I think Miller said it best last night when he said the Bears will find out if Forte is the real deal next week. I agree with him, the Panthers will throw stunts all day at the Bears line and there defense is not small, Peppers looks to be back to form and they, just like Bears came off a big upset. However they beat a better team than the Bears and are at home. The Colts were a perfect match up for the Bears this week, Carolina is a real bad matchup for them.

The good from last night

Defensive intensity
8 man fronts(I fainted)
7 man fronts(I almost fainted)
Stopped the run(Fainted again)
Tillman(Like I said he should stay at corner were he belongs)
Lachs interview
Lachs Old Spice commercial (lmao)
Des Clark
Special teams
Good Game plan
Dusty(yes I said Dusty someone give Kevin the smelling salt)
Keeping Mike Brown away from the line
Alex Brown (never gets enough credit)
Detroit looks brutal (if we loose one game to that team this year, I will loose like you cannot imagine)

The Bad
Orton 150 yards 0tds(no int's is good and lucky the colts dropped that one, 13 completions?? thats like 3 a quarter, now teams are gonna stack the box again)
The WR's
John St. Clair
Olin(stop holding people)
Hester(What were you thinking)
R Davis Interview (you bragged about catching 2 balls for 10 yards?)
Tommy Harris(did you play?)
Colts only rushed 4 most of the night(made it easier to run)
Not enough Pressure considering what the colts had for a line and what the Bears brought.
Briggs Cherry Picken(that TD was all Tillman)
Atlanta looks real good(not a team I was expecting much from)

Closing thoughts
It doesn't matter how beat up the colts were a win is a win and this was a big win, I was very impressed(ok go nuts now). To me this team still has a lot to prove and like I said you will know in the next 3 weeks if they are the real deal or if this was an abarition.

I Picked the Bears for 5 wins this season, I will upgrade to 6 in honor of this victory

Impressive YES! What was more impressive then the players play was Turner and Babich. They simply out coached the Colts. The Blitz packages were wonderful, movement on the D-Line was super, and The offensive play calling was right on. I knew Mr.Turner had it in him.
When A.P. and Orton came in last year the play calling got better well... now that for one game Turner had a running game, he was able to mix up his play calling. Turner was not predictable and called the right plays at the right time. Thumbs up Turner keep it up.

One negitive that could have been a positive was Hester 4 yard return at the begining of the 3rd quarter. If he would have took it the distanse well thats Hester for ya. Well he didnt and Im not going to ponder on that.

Seems the Bears had a nice hibernation and now they seem awake and ready to make some noise boys.

Almost forgot did you all see how little of the Tampa Two the Bears played last night, that system is done also Lach had some interesting things to say, Doug B talked about it on the radio as well, we have to play fast(aka Blitz and bring pressure) Tillman said basically the same thing, you don't need a zone when your good enough to play man. Lets see if they stick with it. Bend don't break is garbage.

Chicago's coordinators, both defense and offense, have been under heavy scrutiny this off-season, especially Bob Babich. To me, the jurys still out on Babich, I didn't think last season was a fair season to properly evaluate Babich, because of all the injuries on defense. Yesterdays game was a step in the right direction. If Babich wanted to impress, beating one of the best offensive units in the NFL, is a great start, especially on their own home turf.
Babich did the right thing, he just kept bringing the heat, this is how you beat Peyton Manning. San Diego showed the whole world this a couple seasons back when they beat the Colts and ended their winning streak, also, why do you think the Texans took Mario Williams over Reggie Bush back during the 2006 draft, because they knew the only way to beat Manning is with pressure. Babich probably knew his front four would not be enough to pressure Manning, so up came Briggs and Urlacher, this was a great strategy, but it could not have been possible without the great play from Chicagos corners, Tillman and Vasher. You can't take nothing away from these guys, I think they are underrated. Last night Tillman and Vasher proved even going against the best triple threat set of receivers in the game, Harrison, Wayne, and Gonzalez, they can get the job done. Impressive effort is dead on. GO BEARS!!

I thought it was an inspired effort for 3 quarters on defense. The first quarter had me worried that we would be in for a long night.

A few things to note: 1) our receivers still look very slow, but when Orton has time, they can get open. 2)Olsen and Clark need to be the focus of this offense in the passing game, which most of us have been screaming for since the end of last season. 3) We are going to be in trouble if they use the nickel back to show blitz. McGowan and Manning were not good enough in coverage to get back and not leave their man wide open. Lock him in on the slot, and let them at least have a chance. 4)the youngsters can play a little ....Forte, Beekman, Olsen, Dvoracek, Harrison, Payne, and decent special teams play by the new core of young guys asked to step up in Ayanbadejo's absence. 5) Outside of being in on a couple of special teams plays, did Garrett Wolfe play at all? If Jones continues to be healthy, I say he needs to be inactive to prevent us being shorthanded on the D-line (Toeaina and Adams being inactive scares me a bit). Forte can do all the things Wolfe can do, and obviously do them better if you ask me. You can't blitz protect with a kicker (actually, I think Gould is bigger than Wolfe), so let the kid stay in and be the 3 down back we all hope he is.

All in all, a pretty solid effort, but I would really like it if we covered someone, and broke up a pass instead of hoping for Tillman to come up with a strip.





Well Like Mike I(and I know Brando and Kevin are drooling right now) may have been wrong. May have been. It's only one game and Forte looked really really good. Angelo still sucks, but Lovie and Babich have taken a step forward in book, outside of Forte though the offense is not much to look at. I will continue say Angelo sucks and is the worst drafter in the NFL until he actually starts drafting players who are here.

I still say the Next three games are perfect to tell you how good this team is. Carolina is a running team that can stop the run, Tampa is a team the Bears should beat and the Eagles look to be one of the better teams, win two out of three and there good, win 3 out of three and there contenders, win 1 game though and there bad, loose alll three and you know what today was. I will wait till after the Carolina game and just so everyone knows I am picking the Panthers. Nothing against last night but I don't seethem as a legit playoff team yet.

Team played good solid BEAR football last night, Brian's comment after the game to NBC said a lot of how the team feels about itself, they went in thinking they could win the game and they did....Babich had a nice game plan in week 1 also, what will he do next week to shut down Carlina...They also try to run up the middle, so a similiar game plan might be effective....Moose will be ready to have a solid game, but I expect to see him get punished a bit if he makes catches over the middle, most of the stuff he caught yesterday were on the have two healthy teams going at it next week currently under the radar in the NFC, although Carolina gets more recognition than the BEARS right now by the pundits....Still would like to see another run after the catch receiver on the field with Orton, they expect this from Devin, but one more palyer like that would really help, especially as teams try to crowd the box and take away the short passing game when they get more tape on Kyle..what do you think Da Coach?

Line play was solid on o-line, wonder if they will be able to do this against a manmouth interior like Minnesota's bemouths in the middle when we play them....Madden turned into a believer during the game also, the BEARS served notice last night to the rest of the league if they still healthy they will be heard from... 9 more wins to get to the playoffs....

Dreams do come true.

Excellent, well thought out script.

As far as I'm concerned, Babich was the best man out there. That was mountainous strides from last years scheme.

Forte has excellent vision to go with his skills. Tough.

good game not great:
ORTON: looked OK. but guys just because he didn't throw a int. doesn't make him montana. only bears fans get so excited about such vanilla qb play. he is a NFL qb he should be doing more.
FORTE: great game for a rookie opener. but takeaway the long run and he avg. 3.3 yds a carry. he looked confident and ran hard but lets not give him the rookie of the year just yet.
WR'S: two cathes is the most by a wr. harrison and wayne had 18 total. GET OPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
te: thank god we have two excellent and i mean that excellent te. i can't count how many times over the years these guys have made the passing game a threat. if i coached against the bears i'd put the corners on them and the outside linebackers on the wrs lol jk
OLINE: very impressive. everybody was worried about this group and i think we still should be but for this week very very good.
DLINE: Not impressive. Two sacks on a line with three olineman just starting. where was tommie harris did he make the trip?
DB's: i love the agressive play but i think vasher is a little to heavy this year and it is affecting his speed. should i mention "QUICK SLANT"? i just can't talk about it, this has been such a problem for years that it makes me sick.
COACHES: LOVED THE GAME PLAN. i think they made a average team better lastnight with the way they coached and planed.

I am surprised as all hell that the Bears dominated the Colts. Was surprised they were in the game after the first, stoked at the half, and beside myself in the 4th (kinda scared in the 3rd).

I thought they would be anywhere from 6-10 to 10-6. Thought they would be closer to 6-10 before the game, and now the answer is obvious.

This game was insanely important. The game wasn't near as close as the 16 point margin of victory. 2 bad calls by the refs went the Colt's way (The obvious fumble on the KO return, and the Phantom Urlacher illegal QB hit). Other wise add 3 more points to the Bears, and 3 less points to the Colts. That equals 32-10 at the very least.

Liked the hitting by both the defense and the O-line. Forte can do it all. Period. Pass block, catch, and run with power and speed. And he is tough. I wonder if he can throw too? Orton does not make mistakes, and was under pressure everytime he dropped back.

And I will go against Creighton's prediction of a Panther's win. THere is no way Delhomme is better than Manning. There is no way that the Carolina Defense is better than the Colt's D (which was 3rd overall last year and first in points allowed). The only was Bears lose is if they screw it up themselves. If neither team made any mistakes, Bears win hands down. Bears know Panthers like to run and will make them pass. Likewise for the Panther's D. But Orton has more weapons than Delhomme in Olson, Clark, and Hester (and add Forte to that list). Brandon Lloyd looked OK too (but just OK).


That was a great game. I am actually shocked at how well the offense played. HOWEVER, I need to call some of you clowns OUT about gushing over Kyle Orton and hating on Rex Grossman.

It is easy to play QB when you have 180 rushing yards and ferocious defense. Obsessing over quarterback play is counterproductive for the team and the players. Neither Bears QB is above average.

Unless your blind and stupid, you know the Bears have to make a run at Alex Smith, one of Cleveland's guys, Kurt Warner, or a draft pick next year...or they're screwed and the opportunity window WILL CLOSE.

That said, I'm cheering for whoever starts, and praying for the OL, RB, and D to stay healthy and strong.

Let's see what happens next week. That was one game.

Come on estevenj? What Orton did (zero mistakes, making necessary third down conversions) is exactly what this team needs. Be it unexciting or unspectacular, it works. And it's not like he had to make 50yd bombs in this situation or pass, pass, pass. He did what he needed to. Hey, and how about that scramble where he plowed over Kelvin "One-Eye" Hayden?

Grossman for sure would have panicked and made mistakes that we can't afford. Defenses know how to beat him by blitzing whenever he's in.

True, we'll get a better idea in the coming weeks of where this team is, but so far, so good.


I am not a Rex fan and I don't hate him either, but Rex couldn't have pulled this one off.

The difference between Orton and Grossman is two words (to keep to this post's theme): Pocket presence. Orton has it. Rex doesn't.

There were times in this game where Orton calmly side stepped an oncoming rusher or blitzer and made a play. Grossman too often ran backwards and would take a huge loss.

Of course there were other things, but for me it was always about who seemed to have command when on the field. Grossman plays like a deer caught in the headlights -- skittish, impulsive, and not the best decision maker at those times.

I've been saying the Bears will have 10 or 11 wins this season. With Grossman at the controls, cut that total in half. That's how big a difference I think Orton makes to this team given its approach to how it plays the game.

chitownbear: "Still would like to see another run after the catch receiver on the field with Orton, they expect this from Devin, but one more palyer like that would really help, especially as teams try to crowd the box and take away the short passing game when they get more tape on Kyle..what do you think Da Coach?"

I concur. I know that's what Hester is out there for, but it looks like our receivers are very average to below average at this point. That may be why Chicago has kept Bradley around for so long hoping he can fill that void but I just don't see it.

Right now, the vertical focal point should be on Olsen and Clark. These two form one of the best TE tandems in the NFL and with a running game, we can live with average receivers. I would like to see someone emerge as a deep threat in place of Berrian so the offense can stretch the field. Between Forte's home run threat and Olsen and Clark creating mismatches, a bonafide deep threat would solidify this offense.

The entire team including o-line looked leaps and bounds better but it's still another 15 games to go. I have a chart I created for this season predicting a 9-7 finish. Last night was supposed to be a loss, so 10-6 anyone? Probably a bit too optimistic right now, but we'll see what happens at Carolina next Sunday.

Tight ends are our best option.

Opposing Ds can not match up with Olsen. Too fast for a linebacker, too tall for anyone else. He might be our best deep threat, too.

Clark should be roaming the 7-15 yard passing lanes, while Olsen goes another 10 yards farther. Keep the other receivers off to the sides.

Outside of no burners as receivers, I'm also concerned that we don't have receivers (I'm not including the TEs in this group) willing to fight for the ball. They seem too inclined to "let the ball fall where it may" instead of going and getting it (maybe with the possible exception of Booker, but he's not the solution).

Watching the Packers and Vikings play last night, both teams have size, speed and desire at wide receiver and it showed during the game.

We need more of that or we need to be willing to throw to our TEs a lot. The TEs are good enough to produce, but we have to view them as a major focal point of the offense. That hasn't been the case for the past few years. They always seemed to be option 2 or 3.

Da Coach says"
Right now, the vertical focal point should be on Olsen and Clark. These two form one of the best TE tandems in the NFL and with a running game, we can live with average receivers. I would like to see someone emerge as a deep threat in place of Berrian so the offense can stretch the field. Between Forte's home run threat and Olsen and Clark creating mismatches, a bonafide deep threat would solidify this offense.

good point Da Coach, this role you talked about is why I wanted to keep Rideau on the 53 man, he has some size also and would allow the BEARS to use the lob fade in the red zone, right now they try that play with Olsen when they can get a shot at it, but we will see if the receivers can still make the catches when the ball comes there way this year. Orton does spread it around, so not having a true No#1 may not be as critical for this team.
I made no prediction on wins, each week will depend on injuries and game plans, 9-10 wins this year would make me happy to start, and take some pressure off the front office. Carolina is tough, saw them this week, but they can be beaten, if so a 2-0 start would shock Chicago....Go BEARS

I see you see the same thing Da Coach and I see at WR. it could be a long term problem this season if BEARS are not careful, but I think they will probably bring Bennett on the roster after a few games go by, he is still a very young man as well as young receiver, and has not shown the hands in pre-season they thought he had coming out of college. He showed on punt retun he does have some speed, I still think Rideau is our man, they just have to give him a chance on the field...

Great things about the game:

1) 3rd down conversions. Outstanding, both passing and rushing, we moved the chains unlike last year.

2) Defense was everywhere, that was great to see. Bears were physical and you could clearly see the colts weren't even on the same page as far as being agressive and attacking.

3) 3 pass plays of 20+ yards. Outstanding, and these were also at critical times. This is what keeps them from crowding the line, and will in the future also.

4) OL play and Orton moving in the pocket. He avoided sacks instead of just standing there like a statue, the run on 3rd down didn't get the first down but was the reason they got a FG.

I think it's funny that just about everyone who has been mocked by haters and defended by some fans all summer redeemed theirselves in this game. Lovie showed emotion, Turner and Babich had game plans and both sides of the ball played above anything they showed during the preseason. If you know you stood by players and coaches you should pat yourself on the back. If you didn't you should start pushing the bandwagon. Hop on and stay on the whole season and I won't think you are fickle fans. And Devin made you mad with that FG return but if he busted out you would've been cheering like you did whenever there was a good play. As long as he doesn't make it a habit I will give him a pass. And the main reason I hate Sunday Night games is that the announcers always seem to be rooting against us and are disappointed when their favorite players lose.

Hiya boys!
its me, creigh, er, crap-ton! i now what your all thinking. thats i was wrong on the bears, wrong on angelo, wrong on smith, wrong on babich, wrong on turner..wroong on everything.

well let me tel you something. the colts were missing starters on the line, peyton manning wasnt ready to play and thr colts defense was rusty. also, take away fortes runs and how many yards does he have? thats right: 0. take way ortons completd passes and the fact that he should have been intercepoted and his rating is, thats right:0. so yea, the bears ar still bad this seeson and wil loose all the rest of there games. they just got lucky on sunday.

feelas, im not trying to be negitive. i just give facts and tell it like it is. you now me, old crap-ton.

P.S. --> im naked!

estevenj says: "Unless your blind and stupid, you know the Bears have to make a run at Alex Smith" wait wait, stop right there, estevenj, you weren't serious....were you?? You have obviously forgot about the fiasco that was, the Rick Mirer trade back in 1997, didn't you?? estevenj, I can guarantee Orton is a better QB than Alex Smith. At least Orton is starting, can't say the same thing for mr. number one overall pick Alex Smith. estevenj, bottom line, Smith is a bust, who has had more than enough time to come on, thinking a change of scenery will help Smith come on, is a sure fire way to set a franchise back [just ask the 97 Bears].
Kyle Orton is a good QB. Yes, he does not put up [pretty] numbers, but like you said, "it is easy to play QB when you have 180 rushing yards and a ferocious defense," your right. The Bears win games with their defense and running game, this is just how the Bears are built. Part of the reason Orton does not put up [pretty] numbers is, the Bears are a run based team. One example: take first down, the easiest down to pass on, because teams will generally be in their base defense. Being a run first team, the Bears will usually run on first, if the Bears fail to gain a good amount of yards running on first down, this puts them in 2nd-3rd and long situations, thus making it more difficult to pass. So the fact the Bears are a run first team is probably part of the reason Ortons numbers won't always be pretty. I say, "who cares, as long as the Bears are winning" GO BEARS!!

All of you:

Kyle played a good game. I said that. He's average at best.

Seedy Backlash:

You really think Kyle Orton makes a 5-6 game difference for the Bears?!? You're crazy. The healthy defense and good running game make the 5-6 game difference. Last I checked, Grossman took them to the Superbowl with a healthy defense and a good running game...right?


I'm from the bay area and when it comes to Alex Smith, you don't know what the f*ck you're talking about. The 49ers, and I've heard this directly from an NFL scout, are probably the WORST team in the NFL when it comes to talent top to bottom. If you talk to any insider, or really, ANY scout in the league, they'll tell you with the right circumstance, he can be VERY GOOD.

Don't just take portions of my sentences ya jerk. I simply listed all of the potentially available QB's that Angelo can afford, are highly touted by scouts and haven't had an opportunity to succeed in the NFL.

For the record:

I'm cheering for Kyle Orton. But it's like Madden said Monday Night: "If you're being called a game manager, it probably means you can't play."

He also said he was impressed with Orton, but come on, he ain't that good.

I'm not saying he can't play. I'm saying he's average. So is Rex.

Wake up!

In regards to Smith:

I don't know the guy. I just follow the Niners as closely as I do the Bears. Don't compare the guy to Mirer...that's a joke. Mirer was an undersized pocket passer with a questionable arm. Smith is tall, fast, throws out of the pocket, and has a huge arm. He's had a different offensive coordinater every year he's been in the league, an unhealthy RB, and the worst OLine in the history of the NFL. Just ask JT Osullivan.

Google what Norv Turner thinks about Smith.

Better yet, do your own research about what EVERY NFL Scout thinks about Smith.

I'm not saying hand him a starting job in the offseason.

Yes, Estevenj, I do think Orton makes that much of a difference with the Bears given the scheme they play. The critical words are "the scheme they play."

Orton really isn't going to win you too many games if it is completely up to him -- but that is not the Bears' approach. Orton makes better decisions, moves better in the pocket, moves the ball around better to receivers, etc. In short, he doesn't make too many negative plays.

Grossman is not going to win you too many games if it is completely up to him, but he consistently put the Bears in holes from which the defense and special teams could not dig out.

Since the middle of the Bears Super Bowl season, Grossman is basically a .500 quarterback. He put the Bears in too many holes. He sits as a result.

"...they'll tell you with the right circumstance, [Alex Smith] can be VERY GOOD.

Esteven, in the right circumstances that Leprechaun from the Coors Light commercial can be a very good QB. We've heard this same garbage with Grossman. That if he gets an O-line full of pro-bowlers, RBs in the same caliber as LT and AP, and WRs like Moss, T.O., Ocho Cinco and Steve Smith then he will be a good QB. The problem is most teams don't have that luxury and we sure as hell don't.

Saying someone can be "very good" in the right circumstances should raise colorful flags (of the red and yellow variety).


6 wins? At least recognize that you have really maligned this team as having no chance to get it done.

The Bears looked great, the D was great and the O line was effective.

Every team in the NFL has some issue or another if you really look at each team with a microscope.

How about 10 wins, win the division and have the second best record in the NFC, make the playoffs and who knows how far a team will go?

It could be the year!!!

Yeah, Bill I def. noticed the announcers were upping the Colts at every opportunity! I always liked Madden but he was pro Colts untill Da showed them up!
Also agree taht our WR are slow, but Loyd showed alot when he high jumped for that catch, with hands and jumping like that he may be alright after all. Hester showed alot of Run after Catch ability!
Great Job by the Coaches!!!
Carolina will be the answer now, was it Real or was it Memerex?
p.s. I'm not naked

estevenj, sorry if I hit a nerve there guy. But you have to realize something, if you post something on this board, chances are, if someone disagrees, there gonna post there opinion back, like it or not, that is just how this board works, people disagree with me all the time, its just the way it is. I did not mean to cut you down, I just took the portion of you sentence I disagree with and gave my opinion on it, again, sorry if I upset you
estevenj, what did I say that was not the truth? Alex Smith is a bust, what of it. Ask any NFL insider and they will tell you the same thing. As far as Smith, most scouts felt he could of used another year in college. As for having a big arm like you said. I read a scouting report on Smith in a Sporting News draft guide from 2005, it said, "Smith could have used another year in college to add bulk and strength, and he lacks ideal arm strength." I think his mobility and combine numbers got him drafted higher than he should of been. I think Aaron Rogers was more NFL ready than Smith coming out in 2005.
As far as the comparison to Mirer, I did not straight up compare them as far as skill set or size, I compared them as both being bust, which they were, and that it would be a very similar off-season move to bring in a bust to be the QB thinking a change of scenery will help them amazingly become better QB's. But since you mention a comparison, here it is, Mirer 6-2 214 Smith 6-3 208, hmm not far off there, both had the ability [in college] to move around in the pocket, and both lack ideal arm strength. To me, they are pretty compareable. Again, just because a QB is highly touted by scouts coming out, does not mean they are going to be big time NFL QB's
As for your supporting cast theory, why couldn't Smith make it THIS season with, Frank Gore, TE Vernon Davis, and Issac Bruce. Also, the 49ers have a nice young tackle in Joe Staley. Both Orton and Smith have very compareable supporting cast, especially now with Issac Bruce, yes Bruce is getting long in the tooth, but he is still a solid receiver.
I am a die hard Bear fan, I guess I took offense when you were saying you don't think Orton is that good, I do. Also, its just very confusing to me that you say, "I'll support Orton," but yet you name off a bunch of potential replacements, before even giving Orton a chance to play out the season, sorry guy, but that isn't much support. Give Orton time, I think he will be a pleasant surprise GO BEARS!!


I have been a Rex supporter since he started his first game with the Bears. I am now firmly an Orton supporter and admire his game management ability. Rex is a very capable backup and Hanie is a good looking rookie at the position.

Next year there is a very good chance that the Bears will lose Rex to another team. With that in mind it may be in the best interest of the Bears to consider a guy like Alex Smith while Caleb Hanie continues to mature as a QB. Consider the following information on Alex.

Just some food for thought on Alex Smith. He may be a good QB to pick up next year as the niners have already said he will not be brought back to the team. He has a shoulder injury that will keep him our the rest of this year and he had another shoulder injury last year at mid year that took him out.

Here is some facts about Alex Smith. Good enough arm similiar to Orton's for that matter Joe Montana was considered to have only an adequate arm and you know the story about Joe. Alex is an accurate passer with good mobility and smart decision maker.

Alex has had four years with four different offesive coordinators( a huge problem).
As a rookie the Niners had nothing on offense to support Alex's development, his second year he progressed with again very little offensive talent except Gore, the offensive line was porous, Wide outs were a joke and he still did OK. Year 3 the coach is under fire, and Alex plays hurt until mid year when he is declared out for the rest of the year. Last week he had his collar bone broken,out for the year again.

Alex could be a bargain next year after the Niners cut him. He also could back up Orton and allow Caleb Hanie a few more years to develop.

Kevin, I believe that Smith is better than you may think. I do think he will show that to some team in the next few years.

First of all,

Thanks Dahli, you said what I was trying to say. Alex is also hurt and not starting with the "new supporting cast" that includes an old wide reciever, average TE, injury prone back, and no oline.


I'm not saying bench Kyle! I'm saying he's an average QB and the Bears need to bring some guys in with more upside and have shown better command and control of an offense. One of the Cleveland boys, Kurt Warner, Alex Smith, or a high draft pick will be brought in next season to work out and/or compete for the job.

You watch. They will.

And under Norv Turner, Smith had a couple of HUGE games before he got hurt. The 'Niners oline is horrible. O'Sullivan, whom I like, was getting murdered last week. Smith is no bust. The 49ers are.

As for Mike: Ask Steve Young, first ballot HOF thinks about being in the right system with the right personell.

As for Seedy: You're crazy!

Go Bears! And I truly hope Orton proves me wrong and they win the Superbowl this year with him under center.

dahlillama, guy, your just proving my point even more by going on about Alex Smiths injuries, durability is a key to being a legit QB, and now your telling me this guy is hurt again?? Also dahillama, Orton has a way stronger arm than Smith, heck, I think Orton had the strongest arm of all the QB's to come out in the 2005 draft. Orton can make every throw there is, I don't know why people think he does not have a strong arm?? I think Caleb Hanie will be ready to be the 2nd string QB next season also. I say give Kyle Orton a chance, I think he is gonna surprise some people this season GO BEARS!!


You need to watch a couple of Niners games. Watch that offensive line try to pass protect. It's almost funny.

Smith is hurt because he's taken an incredible beating. The same beating O'Sullivan took last week and will take the rest of the year.

For the record, I think Orton has a fine arm. I just haven't seen him complete a single play-action DEEP BALL. Yeah, he's thrown em, and he misses the wide reciever by ten yards either way.

If he can get his accuracy down, I think he can be pretty good. My beef with Kyle is, how many more years is it going to take to settle the accuracy issue?

It's not like the Bears don't have at least a few targets.

estevenj, I think as far as accuracy, Orton's not that far off, after all, he did complete 60% of his passes sunday. I don't think accuracy is an issue with Orton, even as a rookie, there were 6 games where Orton completed 60% of his passes. As far as the deep ball, thats just a timing thing, give Orton some time to work with his receivers, to get in sync, he should only get better going down field. Sunday, there were a couple situations where Orton showed the ability to go down field, once on 2nd & 18, Orton hit Lloyd on a deep left for 18 yds, next on a 3rd & 15, Orton hit Olsen on a deep right for 29yds. I think the fact the Bears were having so much success running the ball, it took away a lot of opportunities to throw, because there was no need. Something else that is key to success to being a QB, is 3rd down conversions, Orton looked very good doing this sunday, he completed a couple passes to convert some 3rd down situations, like the one I mentioned above to Olsen on 3rd & 15, I think overall the Bears were 10-16 for 3rd down conversions, this is key. Im telling you, Orton is only going to get better GO BEARS!!

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