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Hester, McGowan hobbled following loss

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You cannot judge a player's injury by how he moves in the locker room after a game, but know this much about returner and wide receiver Devin Hester--he was moving very gingerly after leaving the game midway through the third quarter with what was called a rib injury.

Hester was hurt at the end of a kickoff return when he was tackled by rookie Dan Connor.

The Bears had Hester dress in the training room and he was not available for comment. His absence meant more playing time in the second half for veteran Marty Booker.

Meanwhile, nickel back Brandon McGowan was also lost with a sprained left ankle. He was outfitted in a walking boot and had crutches at his locker following the game. McGowan's replacement would likely be Danieal Manning.

So there was more pain coming out of this 20-17 loss than the knowledge the Bears had blown a 17-3 lead.

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At least we don,t have to listen to Mariotti after this loss

No loss in loosing McGowan, unless you miss stupid penalties !! Manning looked good returning , as did Vasher. Hester has'nt shown much this year anyway, and teams game plan to neutralize him. Perhaps manning will surprise some teams

Amen, Bob!

Here we go again...stack the box against Orton, shut down the run and short passing game, and Orton can't do diddly squat. Put Rex in. At least he can complete a pass downfield.

Orton is horrible. He can't throw the ball deep. I'd rather have Grossman in there at least he can get the ball to the receiver down field.Why the heck did Mckie get the ball on the 3rd and 1 play?

orton is not horrible but he should be a back-up qb not starter and mckie didn't get the ball on 3rd and 1 they passed that down he got it on 4th and 1 which made it even worse. Mcgowan should be cut he brings absolutly nothing to this team but headaches. Devin will be missed if he should be out for sometime. but as far a devin as a receiver dont blame him blame the "einstein" in the box named turner hes horrible. the dude should be in a lower level college getting the water.This hole run first and pass second was a good philosophy was good in the 60's, 70's, and 80's but not know in this pass freindly and happy times. It will work for aliitle while but would hold up when your behind in a game like today. Guys Grossman belongs on the bench, yes he can throw the bomb but thats it hes a one phase qb and should be third string behind hanie.

You guys are right about Orton. He is not an NFL caliber starter and should be on the bench.

He's not a bad player. He doesn't make mistakes. He doesn't make plays either.


Um, Orton AND Grossman are one phase QB's. Orton can only throw short passes over the line and has ZERO accuracy downfield and in pressure situations. Grossman is the opposite.

Hey Armstead, how'd you like your boy missing open recievers in key situations? Admit it! Neckbeard cracked under the pressure. Admit it!

All said, it's not all Orton's fault. He is who we thought he was. There was some horrific playcalling at the end of the game. I don't know the exact number, but, I believe the Bears dialed up the pass on something like eight of their last ten plays.

The offensive line was getting beat, but, if you wanna hang your hat on the run, you gotta pound it on third and short.

I think it's obvious the Offense has some work to do....

They need to practice the basics more and learn each other tendancies, that can only come with time. Many predicted an 0-2 road trip for the Beloved Bears and coming away 1-1 is not that bad. It just sucks to lose a game like that but it happens and as this teams grows together those mental mistakes will get cut down. Play calling very suspect in the 2'nd half Offensively but the biggest problem as the silly penalties, dropped passes and turnovers.

The Colts game was a nice surprise but we have a lot of new faces that need time to gel together. Forte had another solid game, if not for Mckie's (2) stupid holding calls Forte would easily have reached 100 yards on his 23 carries. Orton took a step back but his receivers did little to help him by dropping (4) catchable balls.

The Defense was left out on a limb in the 2'nd half to bake in the heat and humidity. Great effort but having an Offense net (89) yards and only 12:24 of possession time in the 2'nd half won't get the job done...

Olson's (2) fumbles were HUGE in this game. His first took a Robbie Gould FG attempt off the board and set up a Carolina TD in the 2'nd half that swayed any momentum back to the Panthers...

Tough loss but we can regroup at home and hopefully take care of buisness against the Bucs.

Blame Orton all you want but it was something like 17-3 starting the second half. If our D which was supposed to be the best this year can not hold onot a lead then we are hurting all year..

right on BP from Zion were doing well the offense is suspect as usual......

I am a lifelong fan of the NFL , Chicago Bears , some 47 yrs.. Friends a grim more stark reality is seeping into the consiceness of our great game.. Have you really broke down the game Sunday Panthers vs Bears..? The out come ..? The score..? Predetermined..? Did you see what happened in the Denver vs San Diego game..? Last week how the Panthers managed to win vs San Diego with the Chargers at home..? I'm worried everybody..! Please tell me that I don't know what I'm talking about and that I am dead wrong..? The Vegas money is ever so powerful my friends.. The flags that were thrown against the Bears were so , curious.. Dave Toub special teams flagged how many times..? Very CRITICAL flags.. BTW did you know the spread on the Bears game Sunday..? 3

Palm Springs Patrick,

The hold call on Rashied was sorta strange also.

Hey estevenj, how do you like your boy Alex Simth....oh wait, he isn't even starting???? [he is injured...yet again??] Admit it, he is a bust!! Admit it!!
estevenj, its only week two, your acting like it is week 12. First of all, Kyle Orton had to rotate in and out of the starting lineup during camp, this did not help his cause any. Orton needs time to build a rapport with his receivers. Yes, I admit Orton isn't exactly going to put up 300 yds a game, if you want this from your QB, get another team. I still have confidence in Orton, give the guy time to get in sync with his receivers. Like I said, "it isn't week 12 yet." I say give Orton time, old neckbeard won't let us down. The sad thing about all of this estevenj, is you actually sound happy that Orton missed, thats not a good thing coming from a Bear fan????????? Im not saying you have to be a Orton fan to be a Bear fan, but you sound more happy about being right, than you are about the Bears doing well. Like Orton or not, he is your QB, at least attempt to support the guy. GO ORTON!! GO BEARS!!

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