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Hester expects to play vs. Bucs

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The first injury report of the week is not due until 3 p.m., and the best guess is that Devin Hester will appear on it in some form with the fluke rib injury he suffered Sunday at Carolina.

But the receiver/returner has a good chance of playing this week against Tampa Bay. He has said that he is feeling fine and expects to play.

Hester had an MRI Tuesday on the area to determine what was wrong and sources said Monday morning that he was not ailing from broken or bruised ribs.

Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden was asked what his plan was with Hester, if he would kick to Hester:

"That probably wouldn't be very smart on our part," Gruden said. "I've kind of seen over the years, this guy is very dangerous. We'll have to be very selective and be careful of how we kick to him. He's certainly one of the very best to ever play back there at that position so we'll have to be very careful and use real good judgment when we do kick to him."

The Buccaneers were tied for seventh in the league in special teams last season. They've been solid on kickoff coverage through two games and have been breached for one long punt return.

So, we'll see what light the team sheds on Hester this afternoon and whether or not he is made available. The Bears must reveal whether he participates in practice or not. But know this much, he's letting people know that he's fine.

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This is good news, but if in fact he is injured I would hope the team would hold him out so he doesn't miss a significant amount of games. We really need his skills vs Philly next week.

So we know that Hester has an ego problem and faked an injury because he wasn't getting the job done. I have lost a ton of respect for him.

Geno.....don't be stupid. Hester has no reason to fake an injury and was clearly hurting. I've lost a ton of respect for your intelligence.

Hester has the type of injury they can "numb".I doubt he would fake being hurt.They will numb the hell out of it and go from there.

I agree w/ dk - I'm surprised that they didn't shoot him right up in the locker room and send him back out on the field - but in agreement w/ tomk4054, I'd also hold him out while he's deemed good to go against our more stronger opponents than to send him out with a hope and a prayer that he doesn't aggravate his condition.

On another note, it's been a bit of a drag to not see him work his magic on the punts and kickoffs with all the opponents kicking the ball to the side or waaay up high and shallow...hopefully Devin develops as a WR where he can pose a double threat in addition to special teams.

dk & indy. We dont even know what his injury is. How do you know they can numb it? There can be a number of different problems in that area. Shooting him up isnt the best idea.

From another source.
He has tissue tear in, on, or within ribcage area, most likely muscle. MRI was delayed to let fluid swelling, most likely blood, drain from area. MRI was taken wednesday morning and bears arent releasing any details. Doctor interviewed by ___ said an injection in the area is hard to block the nerves completely and that even after an injection there will be pain that affects breathing and most movements. No practice today, not scheduled to practice thursday, lovie smith wont rule him out of the game until the very last minute.

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