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Hass headed to Gotham

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Wide receiver Mike Hass will have a tryout with the New York Giants on Friday.

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Why's he going to Gotham? All the Jokers(Angelo, Lovie, Babich, Turner) are right here in Chi-twon.

they never used him.

"Why's he going to Gotham? All the Jokers(Angelo, Lovie, Babich, Turner) are right here in Chi-twon."

hahaha Classic!

They should've given Hass a chance, this one will comwe back to haunt the Bears who need a reciever like him!

I think he's a better fit with the Giants. The Bears have an abundance of receivers just like Hass -- small, okay to good speed -- but most can't catch the ball as consistently. The Giants have big receivers on the outside who can run, catch and score, but need a possession receiver for the inside. Hass can fill that role.

I hope he does well.

What killed Hass here is not playing special teams. You can't be a 4th or 5th WR, and not contribute in the special teams game. Rashied Davis does what Hass does, and is a return man. Why waste a roster spot on a guy who is only on the field 5-7 snaps a game, and can't help you in other phases of the game? I think he will struggle to find a spot on any roster for the same reason.

The Giants need to replace Toomer long term, but I don't think they will put Hass on the team this year for that. Steve Smith, Plax, and Sinorice Moss are their other guys, and Hass probably won't beat any of them for a job.

Great possession receiver, but doesn't bring anything else to the table. The free agent market is littered with guys just like him.


Do you even know who Mike Hass is? I wouldn't say 6'1" is small, and this guy has GREAT, not good, but GREAT hands.

They must not be too serious about him if he has to wait that long. Joe, my man, you keep hitting those assessment right out the park. Great as always. I'm a fan.

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