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Former 2nd round pick Bradley reaches end of the line

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Another high pick from the Bears' 2005 draft class is history.

Wide receiver Mark Bradley was waived this afternoon to make room for cornerback Marcus Hamilton.

Bradley was a second-round pick from Oklahoma in the same draft that produced running back Cedric Benson in the first round. He came on in his rookie season before a torn ACL in the middle of the year derailed him. Bradley never recovered and spent much of last season in the doghouse. He was hailed as a starter after Bernard Berrian escaped via free agency and veteran Muhsin Muhammad was released, but Bradley required arthroscopic knee surgery in May and was essentially never seen from again. He appeared on the field for one offensive snap in three games.

He departs to make room for Hamilton, who made his NFL debut Sunday for Tampa Bay. A seventh-round pick out of Virginia in 2007, Hamilton spent all last season on the practice squad.

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He should have never made the roster in the first place.

Is this the extent of the "shake up" that Lovie is going to make?

Wow. He knows how to make a real impact.

Mike Hass should have made the team in front of Bradley anyway

Man I am on fire this year, HE GONE.

Ok Bradley fans crawl on out from the shadows whine about this guy.

Brando your boy Angelo just got rid of another one of his high draft picks and you loved this guy too, he was gonna be the number one the Bears have never had.

Lets get rid of some more Angelo draft picks, it can only help the team.

It must be Bradley, yeah thats it, the losses where all his fault. Hahahahaha. Oh god keep running this franchise into the grown Angelo, with your great draft picks.

Hey Kevin A this was one of your boys too right?

Ya'll never listen, I keep telling you but you never listen.

Bradley had potential, but there is only so many knee surgeries a WR can have without losing it, I always say.

Free Brandon Rideau!!!!

This is a perfect time for Rideau who outscored any other WR in the league in the preseason

and did hamilton seriously out perform bowman in the preseason?

Yes Creighton, I did expect big things out of Mark Bradley, and he did let the team down. I know the knee injuries had something to do with Bradleys downfall, but there is stuff that goes on behind the scene that we as fans never get to know about. Maybe Bradley was a bad practice player who got on the wrong side of the coaching staff, who knows? The thing that surprises me is who they replaced Bradley with, I would have figured Brandon Rideau. Maybe they wavied Bradley to send a message to the other receivers. Maybe Mr. Davis might not want to drop any more third down passes? See Creighton, I can cut down the Bears players like you, only difference is, I wait till they actually play to criticize them, unlike you, who bash every single player on the roster, no matter what, again, so when one fails, you can look right.
See Creighton, its like the great Kevin Bumstead once said, "if a weatherman calls for rain every single day, one of these days its gonna actually rain, and he will look like he knew what he was talking about." GO BEARS!!
P.S. Creighton, I still think Earl Bennett is gonna be a good receiver, maybe not this season, but eventually, you can hold me to this, I know you will. again GO BEARS!!

mark bradley, a CB in college, was drafted in the 2nd round to turn into a WR, and they keep this bust on the roster for what..4 years... never suit him, never get anything from him, and now they get rid of him to make place for a ...nother corner? we have one of the best secondaries in the league, can we please get a WR who can actually play? (no offense to the Illinois kid, he looked great vs. tampa.) WAKE UP JERRY ! And Lovie better start admitting that these busts have to stop. I'm sick of this crap. I WANT TO WATCH A REAL OFFENSE FOR ONCE!

howdee ya'll! its me, cowboy crap-ton! well partner looks like im right again. bradly is gone and i said he was a bad player. so look, he gone! man i am always right. not like stoopid kevin or filthy brando. they shouldnt even be talking to mebecause i am seated at the right hand of god. its tru sense i only give facts. anyway the bears lost again so iam in a good mood. (maybe ill go outside for once in my life???) but unfortunalty the packers lost :( so i thimk ill stay here and get fatter sense im already 400 pounds.

did i menton brando is ugly?

Dead on seedy backlash, he never should have made the roster over hass or rideau. Smith and Angelo have no clue as to evaluating offensive players. And the way thier million dollar defense has played the last two weeks, they don't win any prizes for that either.

This is good news for the fans who can still have a sliver of faith in the org. This shows that they can swallow SOME of their ego and release the mistakes they chose. I'm glad they chose to pick up another D player to back up our already skilled D. I hope that the release of Bradley shows the players that if you don't produce you will get the shovel. GO BEARS!!!!!

The point being, Mark had a Heck uva lot of potential that was never realized, injuries can do that to a WR. Although , I am seeing a pattern here, alot of players the Bears think will make it, don't. However the gloating over players not making it really is unbelievable, I mean if they make it it means the Bears are a good team if they don't it means the Bears are gonna be bad for awhile, so I am thinking only Pack fans should gloat over a Bears player getting cut, right?? right??

Bear down- sorry to burst your bubble, but a secondary that gives up over 400 yards to Brian Griese shouldn't be considered great.

Angelo is just the bestest and wonderfulest GM in all the NFL. Genius, friggin' Wile E. Coyote caliber GENIUS.

Mark Bradley was a reason the Bears cut Biletnikoff Award winner Mike Hass. Hass was from the same mold as Steve Largent and Jerry Rice, non-speed demon guys who ran disciplined routes, got open and caught the ball. Hass ran a faster 40 than Rice and if the ball was in his area code, he would catch it.
Browns quarterback Derek Anderson, Hass’ college quarterback, currently throws to Pro Bowl receiver Braylon Edwards, the Biletnikoff Award winner the year before Hass. Anderson said Hass is the best receiver he ever threw to. He can’t believe Hass isn’t a Bears regular. Hub Arkush, publisher of Pro Football Weekly, says Hass was one of the Bears best receivers since joining the team and was the best receiver in camp this year. He can’t understand why Hass isn’t a regular NFL receiver.
I could maybe see Hass being cut by the Patriots or the Colts. However, 1985 Bear Dennis McKinnon, nearly 50 years old, would probably push the Bears current receiver corps for playing time.
The NFL operates by formulae like the hapless former Bears coach Dave Wannstedt used. Receivers in the league need to be fast. Brandon Rideau runs disciplined routes, gets open and catches the ball, but he isn’t fast so the practice squad is all he can seem to hope for. Rideau should be on the field on Sundays. Speed is more important to the Bears than running a good route. Speed is more important to the Bears than actually CATCHING THE BALL!!!
There seems to be more to the equation, though. Despite the success of Wes Welker and Mike Furrey, conference or league leading receivers, white guys have as much chance to play receiver in the 21st century NFL as black guys had to play quarterback in the late 1970s NFL.
Imagine if the Bears had Vince Young, a Heisman runner-up, or David Garrard and never put them on the field, then cut them to keep Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman. Would that be a personnel screw up? Would we hear cries of “racism” from the black community? You bet your life!
Mark Bradley will play again in the NFL. He has physical talent and speed. I wish him well.
What about Hass? Can anyone honestly say the Bears currently have three or even two better receivers than Hass? If so, name them,

Glad to see Bradley gone.
Now that I said that, I'll start taking bets that he finds himself on another team and becomes the #1 starter.

Still waiting for Lovie to release Lovie. Now that would be a huge improvement.

Maybe Brad could shed some light on this one?

As much as we would like to throw Angelo under the bus for the 2005 draft, the ugly truth is that Benson and Bradley had about average production for that class. Maybe above average. The 2005 class, especially the front half, has to go down as one of the worst in NFL history. If you look at the players taken right after Benson, you can find some that make him look like a Hall of Famer. It takes a microscope to go down the first 60 picks of 2005 and find a name you recognize.

It was just the Bears luck to have high picks in that particular draft. Truth is They did get some decent value in the back of the draft.

If you love the little guy so much you should probably work a little harder at spelling his name right. It's HAAS.

That is all.

2005 was a horrible draft not just for the bears but for just about every team.

of the 31 wide outs selected that year can you name one that is really good? braylon edwards? matt jones? jerome mathais?

2 maybe 3 ammount to anything and that's out of 31

look at the facts, that entire draft sucked

seriously people need get off this mike hass love fest

he got cut for the following reasons
1. he wasn't fast enough to play special teams
2. he was barely fast enough to get open against 3rd stringers in the preseason.

yeah sure he has great hands but i'm sorry he's too slow to get off coverage, plain and simple. mark bradley has talent but he couldn't stay healthy and that's too bad but that's just the way things are.

Guess who's the next Bears draft pick at WR to start for another team. Bradley is the next Bobby Wade or Justin Gage. Why can't our coaches develop our WRs like other teams seem to be able to?

Creighton, it's easy to say everyone sucks and they will be cut, because eventually they all will leave the team. Take a look at other team's draft successes and failures. It's not a can't miss process for anyone. Maybe the Lions should hire you, genius. On second thought, they would probably be better off with Millen than you.

Mr. Angelo, if we are dumping all the unproductive personal, when are you and Lovie leaving?

How soon we forget.

Bobby Wade got cut because he was the 4th or 5th WR and was fumbling the ball every time he got on the field. I seem to remember 2 or 3 or more second chances and then he would do it again. Fumblitis is like the original sin of the NFL.

Justin Gage got cut because he couldn't beat out Mark Bradley.

Actually Bradley beat our Berrian his rookie year.

And I say again, if Chicago is where receivers go to die, why are we having this conversation? And how do you explain Brandon Lloyd?

By MSBearsFan on September 24, 2008 1:58 PM

And I say again, if Chicago is where receivers go to die, why are we having this conversation? And how do you explain Brandon Lloyd?

What would you like explained about Lloyd? What he had one good game, let me guess you think he is now the best reciever ever. Well I got to tell you he will get around 600-700 yards on the season and arond 6 TD's. He had a good matchup last week. Explain his parcipitation in the Colts game or Davis or Booker.

Booker 2 rec for 11 yards

Bennett 0 stats

Bradley 0 stats

Clark 6 rec for 75 yards

Kellen Davis 0 stats

R Davis 8 rec 58 yards

Devin Hester 2 rec for 13 yards

Lloyd 13 rec for 216 yards and 1 TD

Olsen 6 Rec for 59 yards

So this impresses you??

1 TD in 3 games for the entire WR and TE group

Llyod was averaging 40 yards a game until this week when he had a good game, do you think he will put up those numbers every week? Dream on.

Just looking at those numbers I think I will agree with Moose this is where recievers go to die. The Bears entire recieving group is averaging 127 yards a game. Not to mention you have been noticing the fumbles and drops right?

You want to know why we are having this conversation? How should I know you brought it up, you actually started the conversation. You think those are good numbers or something, simple things must impress you.

Creighton I'm glad you asked. Asking questions is a real positive step for you. Remember the only stupid question is the one you don't ask.

When I asked "why are we having this conversation", it was because certain youthful bloggers are talking about receivers like Bobby Wade and Justin Gage. These players are succeeding on other teams after having been cut by the Bears. They were implying that this means that there is something wrong with the Bears. My comment was meant to point out that these players went elsewhere because they clearly were not good enough to make the Chicago Bear roster. The fact that a player is not good enough to make one team, and then succeeds on another, is strong evidence that the first team has pretty good players, not the other way around.

Moose also implied that the Bears are a bad team because receiver who go there "die". My comment about Brandon Lloyd was because Lloyd was essentially "dead" when he got here. The numbers you give for him for the first 3 games are roughly half his production for the last three YEARS. He essentially replaced Moose and has a lot more yards than Moose has this year, even though Carolina was playing without Steve Smith.

In other words if you look at Lloyd's production, Moose was wrong. Chicago can be a good place for receivers. If you look at Moose's production after he leaves here compared to the production of the guy who took his place, maybe part of the problem was Moose?

No I don't expect Lloyd to keep up this pace. But if he produces even the numbers you predict, we are talking Hines Ward type production. That is not bad for a minimum-wage guy off the waiver wire.

My point is that the Bears have a lot better receivers and coaches than you are giving them credit for. They are currently 17 in the league in passing. Not good enough, but for a running team, that's not Fort Apache.

They do have problems in the red zone that need fixing, and like you said, need to quit with the drops and the fumbles. Those problems are correctable.

If you get confused again, please don't hesitate to ask. That was being a good example. Seedy needs to be as smart as you about asking.

MS , dude the recievers suck here, what they do on a different team means nothing other than they are now in a different system with different coaches.

If you look at or current roster for this season our recievers once again suck. Llyod having a good game does not mean he now has a good career, it was a good game thats it. Whatever reason you want to claim is fine but it does not change the fact that our recievers are bad. Have you not watched a single game this year, it's like a butterfinger commercial. For whatever reason recievers in Chicago do not do well, for whatever reason, coaching, scheme, QB. Whatever it is, bad is still bad and our recievers are real bad.

MS yes they are in the bottom middle in recieving, now take out Forte's yards 105 and they are in the bottom twentie. This is for recievers not Running Backs. Also we have a very good running back, in fact we have an excellent running back. A good team would use the run to set up the pass. The Bears are not doing that. Give credit to the coaches you say, Lovie blew challenge this week, he also failed to use a timeout to rest his defense that was struggling against Bucs. In fact he didn't use a timeout the whole game. Two fourth quarter collapses and you want me to give credit to the coaches. Orton runs a nacked bootleg on 3rd and 2 and you want me to give credit. Tell me what they have done well. We can't draft, our defense which in 2005 was ranked number one is now 28th against the pass and 14th in points, and the offense with edition of Matt Forte is ranked 16th. If going backwards is your idea of good than this is your team. How about that defense, the defense that has all the money invested in it, is below average. Wow what genius came up with this idea. What was I thinking not appreiciating these guys. Oh and this is with a healthy team, this is how good they are with little to no injuries. Wait till guys get hurt, then I am sure things will really improve.

Almost forgot MS you do realize that there is only 20 yards a game passing seperating the Bears from the Rams who are rated dead last. Thats not exactly a lot in fact had Orton had another 150 yard showing the Bears would be rated dead last in passing.


Biletnikoff Award ??? Does that some how magicaly make him an NFL quality reciever ???

That's like saying that all the Heisman trophy winners must be can't miss prospects !! Yet we see them fail miserably in the NFL all the time. College awards are truly meaningless because these players earn those acculades by playing against college talent that less then (1%) even make to an NFL trinaing camp each year. When you play against the best of the best in the NFL, you might as well use those awards as paper weights because they are not worth much against top line talent.....

The reason you see a wes Welker and a Mike Furrey succeed is because the teams they play for have legit WR threats that opposing teams have to account for every snap, so far the Bears only have Brandon Lloyd who is just now starting to draw attention as a #1 type guy, that still isn;t really saying much and Mike Haas would have been all but invisible on this current Bears team.

Seriouly, if you were a DC, would you pay more attention to Randy Moss, Ben Watson or Wes Welker ?? would you prefer not to beat you deep Roy Williams, Calvin Johnson or Mike Furrey ???

"take out Forte's yards 105 and they are in the bottom twentie. This is for recievers not Running Backs"

Not entirely true, you'd have to do that for the other (31)teams and see where they stack up.

Either way you slice it, the Bears have more passing yards in the first (3) games then New England, Pittsgurgh, Cincinnati, Carolina, Jacksonville, Seattle, Cleveland, Minnesota ect.....

I wonder how Bernard Berrian likes his new team so far ??

Berrian has (6) catches and zero TD's in three games. He is worth every penny of that $42 Million deal...LOL....

I did take out recieving yards by other running backs. Again this is for recievers. With Forte they are ranked 17th and only sit 27 yards a game in passing over St. Louis who are in the bottom 5 and that includes Forte. However they sit 119 yards in passing per game behind Dallas, 120+ behind denver and close to 140 behind the Saints in passing. Again with Forte the team sits in the middle of the pack 17th, 25 to 45 yards a game above the worst passing teams in the NFL. That is after They had there big passing outburst this week if thats what you can call 220+ yards against a team playing the run. The running attack for the Bears is ranked 8th and teams have been staking up against Forte, the Bears recievers are in single coverage all the time and the best they can do is what you just saw. By the way Tampa Bays defense ranks 27th against the pass and 20th against the run. So thats what the Bears offense can do against a pretty bad defense at home on opening day. Please explain to me how this is a good thing. How any of it is good. Lloyd had one good game but his first two games stank. Orton has thrown two TD's in three games and one int for a TD so his net TD's is only 1. In three damn games. Yes we are better than the Pats at passing but then again Brady is out so that helps us just a little. Comparing us to the Bangles is just wrong there one of the worst teams in Football and your bragging that we are better than them. So what we are better than the Rams and Lions too, heck we could even beat the Raiders. The Bears are a mediocre team. If that does it for you than fine but I would actually like them to be better than mediocre.

`If going backwards is your idea of good than this is your team.'
I love reading through the posts here,lots better than the games!
I have to admit, it doesn't look good, unless this Defense picks it up we are doomed this year and next - what? we have younger Defensive players coming in with all those great young Offensive linemen we are going to get? See thats what I meant when before the season some people were already saying wait till next year when we draft more Olinemen and these new players step up! The Defense is already old, we can't say wait till next year EVERY F!@# YEAR! We shoulda added some good FA olineman this year. But if some of you want to wait till next year AGAIN well, thats good cause thats what you got. Am I giving up on this year? nope, but it does not look good, again.....
I admit with a couple plays we could be 3-0 but wish in one hand and poop in the other and see which hand is heavier.

Hub Arkush probably knows more about what it takes to be a stand-out receiver in the NFL then the rest of us combined. Derek Anderson certainly knows. If you won't listen to me, listen to them.
In the current NFL climate Steve Largent and Jerry Rice would be hard pressed to get on the field, not fast enough you know. Mike Hass will excel if given a chance.
My question still stands. Name two Bear receivers better than Hass. Devin Hester runs really fast and has moves but can't run anything except a go route. Marty Booker is resting on his laurels from circa 2000 when he was an elite receiver. Maybe, just maybe, Brandon Lloyd. I'll take Mike Hass and Brandon Rideau.

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