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DT Adams inactive for Bears

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Anthony Adams has gone from being a starter on the depth chart to being inactive.

That's the big pregame surprise at this point. No word yet on who will be starting at nose tackle in place of him. The best guess would be Dusty Dvoracek, but that's only a guess at this point.

Wide receiver Mark Bradley, who expressed frustration last week over his role in the offense, is also inactive. He was active for 15 of 16 games last season.

Also down are safety Craig Steltz, guard Dan Buenning, defensive tackle Matt Toeaina and wide receiver Earl Bennett. Caleb Hanie will serve as the third quarterback and of course offensive tackle Chris Williams is inactive.

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What happened to Adams??

The Bears defense looked like they are back to being the Bears defense of 2006, for one simple fact, health. I don't think the Bears defense necessarily sucked last season, as much as they were banged up. Throughout the pre-season, a lot of people thought the Bears defense were done, put a fork in em. Yeah, I agree, the Bears defense had me a little worried, except for two things. One: after 20 plus years of watching professional football, I've learned one thing, never put to much stock into the pre-season. Two: even after the bad outings in the pre-season, the Bears seemed to still have a lot of confidence in themselves, which, could of been good or bad, obviously good. With everyone healthy again, this unit should be one of the leagues best.
As for the offense, its simple, all they needed was a running back, and I think they found one. Matt Forte is going to be a great runner for the Bears. I've always liked him for his ability as a three skill set back. But I never realized Forte had such great vision, and the guy seems to always go forward, if he keeps this up, the Bears are gonna mess around and have the rookie of the year. I like Kevin Jones, but you can notice a drop off when he comes in for Forte. I also liked the play the Bears got from their tight ends. Kyle Orton did what he had to do, simply not turn the ball over, and made the big play when it was there. The only thing that still worries me is that left tackle spot. Hopefully St.Clair can step it up until Chris Williams is ready. GO BEARS!!
P.S Creighton, I really can't wait to hear what you have to say, maybe GO BEARS!!

Kudos to the Coaching staff this week, Lovie and the guys had a great game plan on both sides of the ball, seems as if they learned a lot from the film of the Super Bowl in preparing for the colts. First, the O-line was steady all night and allowed just enough time for Orton to throw the ball, Kreutz who is supposed to be our leader had a lousy game and we still moved the ball on the ground. Hiestand's schemes up front were solid, think they only got one sack on Orton.
Babich stepped up also in game 1, he kept Peyton off balence and loaded up the box to shut down the run, then kept Mike Brown deep so all the Colts could do is dink and dunk and the tackling was solid, they brought the wood and bad intentions when they got to the Colts ball carriers, Harrison #94 destroyed the line of scrimmage twice in the game for key plays(safety, and 4th down stop), if he keeps this up we have our replacement for Tank. Was also pleased with pass rush, hard to sack Manning, but he was under pressure all night. Special teams were okay but I'm not worried about them, we had some new pieces in the game there and they perfomed adequately. Carolina looked good this week also with running game, but same defensive game plan will be more effective against them, delholmme does not seem like he can throw down field right now.....Running game solid, Jones is good compliment to
Forte, and my man Mike Brown did knock the snot out of somebody...GO BEARS

Kevin I am glad you would like to hear what I have to say, I wrote this yesterday over an hour before the game and you can see it posted under the latest Benson thread here on the blog to double check. I do believe I just out called all the experts last night. I will be writing the what I have to say about my thoughts after the game.

By Creighton on September 7, 2008 5:49 PM
actually I think I will compare Forte to Turner all season.

The colts are can be run on so I think it's fair to say Forte should have a good night, so should our DT's starting 3 backups on the colts interior line tonight. Mannings timing should be off somewhat, Freeney may not be 100 percent so tonight is a good messuring stick for the Bears, the Colts are beat up and the Bears are healthy. Thats a big advantage

I wanted to be the first to say, Never pick against MY BEARS! It was an impressive win against a great team... P. Manning looked slow but Hey BEARS got the W! Is it just me, I'm wondering why no one is calling out Olin K.?? Yes he's been a PB'er but I've really noticed that he has a lot of bad plays. Teams kill us up the middle. Not only did he start off the game with a false start (I'm sure Rex had a slight grin on the inside) but he had plays that he just didn't get the job done! For our OL to improve, He needs to step up! Let's hope St. Clair and Tait can handle the ends... our OG looked pretty good! Forte was even better than I thought! I think we have some pretty Good Backs! ( Jone,AP,& Wolfe) someone isn't going to get reps! On Defense... K Payne and D. Manning looked and played losted or 2 step too slow. Even Vasher wasn't on his A Game... more like a C- from him... Tillman, Briggs, & Brown came to Play and brought some hard KO hits! Completely MIA was Hillenmeyer and sorry but Urlacker shouldn't rely on speed alone... His poor tackling is starting to show! DL was good, the Prince, Brown, and the rook' did some good things! Orton played under control, WR's did just ok?? TE's were GREAT! Can someone please speak to Lovie and get Ron T. to please throw more than 1 pass to Hester (minus his foolpa of course; Special teams held court)I Still think Ron T needs a bigger vision with his Play calling and the DCord'r needs to get Nasty and or meaner. Play more to our strengths... maybe even switch Urlacker to Stong Side ( if he's at his best at dropping back into coverage and let Hill get killed by lineman, he's too slo to cover TE's! It looked as if Peyton was going to pick us apart starting out the game! Great game overall... looking forward to a brighter season... GO BEARS

I say send Mark Bradley packing, put Brandon Rideau on the 53-man roster, and sign another offensive lineman to the practice aquad.

Let Bradley text message his complaints to someone who cares. And, the same goes for Terrence Metcalf.


I am wondering what the boo birds such as Creighton have to say too. This fire Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith and everyone on the staff save Toub was tiring. I am not predicting 19-0 but we have the skills to compete, if everything falls into place maybe the playoffs in an open NFC Norris.

I had the Bears winning last night because the production of the D line, esp. the tackles against an inexperienced C and Guards.

I also noticed that the Bears started this game with 14 players drafted by the Bears. Eleven from Angelo and three that pre-dated him. Seven Angelo drafted Bears on the D; four on the O. I guess Jay Mariotti was wrong when he claimed that the Bears would start only six players drafted by Angelo. Whoops.


I think the reason Hillenmeyer was MIA was the package they had did not have him on the field. Kinda of hard to play from the bench without drawing a flag.

Re-read your own post: you mention the play of Payne, M. Brown, Tillman, Vasher and D. Manning. By my count that is 5 DBs and if we had a 4 man front that leaves only 2 LBs: Briggs and Urlacher. Now if the refs let us play with 12 then sure you could see Hillenmeyer on the field.

I have not yelled that much since the Super Bowl. Today I wore my Bears Jersey and stood in front of the guy's cube that did the same to me with a Colts Jersey after the Super Bowl game!! Awsome stuff there guy's! Great D Coaching Bob Babich! (Never thought I would say that) stuffing the line had me worried at times that we would get beat long, but it worked.
Forte impressed but the Oline is what counted all night! We got off the Bus Running!!!!
Agreed Kevin, I noticed the drop off as well, wow Can a Bears RB Rookie be that good?? Got 27 points from the Bears D in my Fantasy League.

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